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February 26, 1997--Present

Compiled by Matt Benaka, Brian Westcott and Earl Oliver
(Additional Information from Andrew Zadarnowski and John Solo)

1."The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith {David Smith}
02/26/97-Berlin, GERMANY-Monday Night Raw
Davey Boy Smith defeated Owen Hart in the final of an eight man tournament to crown the first champion.

Smith held the following title in conjunction with the WWF European Heavyweight Title:

2."The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels {Michael S. Hickenbottom}
09/20/97-Birmingham, ENGLAND-One Night Only
managed by "Ravishing" Rick Rude {Richard E.Rood}until 11/17/97
Member of Degeneration X

3.Hunter Hearst Helmsey {Jean-Paul Levesque}
12/11/97-Lowell, Massachusetts, USA-Monday Night RAW (12/22/97 program)
Michaels was ordered by WWF Commissioner Slaughter to defend the Title against HHH. In a sham match, Michaels laid down and allowed Helmsley to pin him
Member of Degeneration X

4.Owen Hart
01/20/98-Davis, California, USA-Monday Night RAW (01/26/98 program)
Helmsley sent Goldust (Dustin Rhunnels) out to wrestle in his place. Hart won the match and WWF Commissioner Slaughter declared him as the new Champion

5.Hunter Hearst Helmsey (2)
3/9/98-Phoenix, Arizona, USA-Tuesday Night RAW (3/17/98 program)
HHH goaded Owen Hart into an impromptu Title match then placed him into a submission hold after Chyna hit him with a baseball bat. The referee ended the match (although Owen didn't submit) and awarded the title to Helmsley.
Member of Degeneration X

6.D-Lo Brown
7/14/98-Binghamton, New York, USA-Monday Night RAW (7/20 program)
Rocky Maivia entered the ring and put the "Rock Bottom" on HHH to win the match for D-Lo
Member of the Nation of Domination

7.X-Pac (Sean Waltman)
09/15/98-Sacramento, California, USA - Monday Night RAW (9/21 program)
Member of Degeneration X

8.D-Lo Brown [2]
09/29/98-East Lansing, MI-Monday Night RAW (10/2 program)
Member of the Nation of Domination

9.X-Pac [2]
10/18/98-Chicago, Illinois, USA (Rosemont Horizon) - WWF Judgement Day PPV
Member of Degeneration X

10.Shane McMahon
02/15/99-Birmimgham, Alabama (Monday Night RAW)
Pinned X-Pac during a tag team match with an assist from Kane
Member of the Corporation

Title retired
The current Champ Shane McMahon officially retired the title on Sunday Night Heat

11.Mideon (Dennis Knight)
06/21/99-Memphis, TN
Mideon found the belt in Shane McMahon's locker on RAW and asked if he could use it to keep his pants up.
Mideon recently defended the title in Puerto Rico.

12.D-Lo Brown (3)
07/25/99-Buffalo, New York (Marine Midlands Arena)-Fully Loaded PPV

D-Lo Brown also held the following title in conjunction with the WWF European Title

13.Jeff Jarrett
08/22/99-Minneapolis, Minnesotta
SummerSlam PPV
Jeff Jarrett defeats D-Lo Brown in a two title match to become both the European and the Intercontinental Champion

14.Sexual Chocolate (Mark Henry)
08/23/99-Ames, Iowa - Iowa State University (Hilton Coliseum)
Monday Night RAW
Member of Jeff Jarret's team
Jarrett awarded the title, which he won the night before, to Henry

15.D-Lo Brown [4]
09/26/99-Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Coloseum)
Unforgiven PPV

16.The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) (2)
10/26/99-Springfield, MA
WWF SmackDown (10/28 program)

17.Val Venis
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Armageddon PPV)
Pinned the British Bulldog in a Triple Threat match also involving D'Lo Brown.

18.Kurt Angle
02/08/2000-Austin, TX (SmackDown - 2/10 program)

19.Chris Jericho
04/02/2000-Anaheim, CA (The Pond)
WrestleMania 2000
Pinned Chris Benoit in a Three Way Dance.

20. Eddie Guerrero
04/03/2000-Los Angeles (Staples Center)
Raw is War
Chyna sucker punched Jericho and rolled the unconscious Guerrero onto him for the pin.

21.Perry Saturn
07/23/2000-Dallas, TX

22.Al Snow
08/29/2000-Fayetteville, NC

23.William (Steven) Regal
10/16/2000-Detroit, MI

24.Crash Holly
12/02/1000-Sheffield, England
Rebellion PPV

25.William Regal [2]
12/04/2000-Rutherford, NJ (Continental Airlines Arena)
Raw is War

26.Test (Andrew Martin)
01/22/2001-Lafayette, Louisiana (Cajun Dome)
RAW is War

27. Eddie Guerrero [2]
04/01/2001-Houston Texas (Astrodome)
WrestleMania X7 card.

28.Matt Hardy
04/24/2001-Denver, CO (Pepsi Center)
SmackDown (April 26 program)
Lita hit Guerrero with a Frankensteiner to give Hardey the advantage and the pin

29.Hurricane Helms (Gregory Helms)
08/27/2001-Grand Rapids, MI
Monday Night RAW

10/22/2001-Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Monday Night RAW

31.Christian (Jay Reso)
10/30/2001-Cincinnati, OH
WWF Smackdown TV Taping (11/1 program)

32.Diamond Dallas Page
01/29/2002-Norfolk, VA (Norfolk Scope)
SmackDown taping (01/31/2002 program)

33.William Regal [3]
03/19/2002-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Corel Centre)
SmackDown! taping
Christian interefered to give Regal the victory

34.Spike Dudley
04/08/2002-Phoenix, Arizona (America West Arena)
RAW Broadcast
Spike stole Regal's brass knuckles from their hiding place in a corner pad and used them to beat Regal

The World Wrestling Federation changes it's name to World Wrestling Entertainment after losing a trademark suit to the World Wildlife Federation. Henceforth, all WWF Titles will be known as WWE Titles

35.William Regal [4]
05/06/2002-Hartford, CT (Hartford Civic Center)
Monday Night RAW

36.Jeff Hardy
07/08/2002-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (First Union Center)
Monday Night RAW

The WWE European Title unified with the WWE Intercontinental Title when Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy in a unification match on July 21, 2002 on RAW at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Unification was ordered by new RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff

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