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June 6, 1952--1980

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will

1.Bobby Bruns and Lucky Simunovich
06/08/52-Honolulu, HI
First champions.
[Records unclear]

2.Bobby Bruns and John Paul Henning
[Records unclear]

3.Tosh Togo and P.Y. Chang (Tojo Yamamoto)
[Records unclear]

4.Roger Mackay and Don Beitleman

5.Bobby Bruns and Lucky Simunovich (2)
02/20/55-Honolulu, HI

6.Rikidozan and Azumafuji
04/17/55-Honolulu, HI
[Records unclear]

7.Johnny Barend and Sandor Kovacs
[Records unclear]

8.Billy Varga and Sam Steamboat
08/05/56-Honolulu, HI
Defeated Tosh Togo and Ed Gardenia
[Records unclear]

9.Al Lolotai and Lucky Simunovich

10.Lord Athol Layton and Tom Rice
04/28/57-Honolulu, HI
[Records unclear]

11.Lord James Blears and Joe Blanchard
11/02/58-Honolulu, HI
Defeated Stan Kowalski and Tiny Mills

12.Rikidozan and Koukichi Endoh

13.Lord James Blears and Joe Blanchard (2)
04/15/59-Honolulu, HI
[Records unclear]

14.Lord James Blears and Jerry Gordet

15.Harl Boild Haggerty and Bill Savage
01/27/60-Honolulu, HI

16.Lord James Blears and Herb Freeman
03/09/60-Honolulu, HI

17.Harl Boild Haggerty and Butcher Vachon
04/13/60-Honolulu, HI

18.Nick Kozak and Jerry Gordet
05/11/60-Honolulu, HI

19.Shoulders Newman and Hans Schnabel
08/17/60-Honolulu, HI

20.Utica Panther and Bill Wright
09/28/60-Honolulu, HI

21.Shoulders Newman and Tim Rice
11/02/60-Honolulu, HI
Vacated when Rice left the promotion

22.Neff Maivia and Billy White Wolf
06/28/61-Honolulu, HI

23.Shoulders Newman and Ted Travis
07/19/61-Honolulu, HI

24.Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia
11/09/61-Honolulu, HI

25.Shoulders Newman and Ted Travis (2)
11/09/61-Honolulu, HI

26.Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia (2)
11/22/61-Honolulu, HI

27.Curtis Iaukea and Tosh Togo
09/12/62-Honolulu, HI

28.Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia (3)
02/15/63-Honolulu, HI

29.Curtis Iaukea and Cowboy Cassidy
08/01/63-Honolulu, HI

30.Robert Duranton and Shag Thomas
05/13/64-Honolulu, HI

31.Mr. Moto and Nikita Mulkovich
07/17/64-Honolulu, HI

32.Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia (4)
07/29/64-Honolulu, HI

33.Curtis Iaukea and Mr. Fujiwara
01/07/65-Honolulu, HI

34.Alberto Toress and Enrique Torres
05/28/65-Honolulu, HI

35.Luther Lindsay and Bearcat Wright
07/28/65-Honolulu, HI

36.Ripper Collins and Johnny Barend
01/04/66-Honolulu, HI

37.Neff Maivia and Pempero Firpo
11/02/66-Honolulu, HI

38.Johnny Barend and Hans Mortier
02/01/67-Honolulu, HI

39.Curtis Iaukea and Ripper Collins
05/03/67-Honolulu, HI

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40.Johnny Barend and Jim Hady
07/25/67-Honolulu, HI

41.Ripper Collins and Johnny Barend (2)
12/27/67-Honolulu, HI
Barned and Hady split
Title was listed as Vacated in Hawaii Wrestling Review.

42.Jim Hady and Missing Link (Pampero Firpo)
002/21/68-Honolulu, HI

43.Curtis Iaukea and Ripper Collins (2)
03/15/68-Honolulu, HI

44.Jim Hady and Peter Maivia
05/22/68-Honolulu, HI

45.Curtis Iaukea and Ripper Collins (3)
06/04/68-Honolulu, HI

46.Peter Maivia and Billy White Wolf
06/26/68-Honolulu, HI

47.Johnny Barend and Magnificent Maurice
07/17/68-Honolulu, HI

48.Jim Hady and Billy White Wolf
10/16/68-Honolulu, HI

49.Ripper Collins and Luke Graham
11/06/68-Honolulu, HI

50.Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Shane
03/12/69-Honolulu, HI

51.Ripper Collins and Buddy Austin
04/16/69-Honolulu, HI

52.Pedro Morales and Ed Francis
08/13/69-Honolulu, HI

53.Kurt Von Steiger and Karl Von Steiger
09/10/69-Honolulu, HI

54.Pedro Morales and Ed Francis (2)
10/01/69-Honolulu, HI

55.Kurt Von Steiger and Karl Von Steiger

56.Curtis Iaukea and Ripper Collins (4)
10/22/69-Honolulu, HI

57.Ripper Collins and Johnny Barend (3)

58.Pedro Morales and Bing Ki Lee
03/04/70-Honolulu, HI

59.Billy Robingson and Johnny Barend
07/01/70-Honolulu, HI

60.Billy Robingson and Ed Francis
10/28/70-Honolulu, HI

61.Ripper Collins and Mad Dog Mayne
01/12/71-Honolulu, HI

62.Suni War Cloud and Steven Little Bear
06/16/71-Honolulu, HI

63.Ripper Collins and Mad Dog Mayne (2)
06/26/71-Honolulu, HI

64.Sam Steamboat and Bearcat Wright
07/21/71-Honolulu, HI

65.Sweet Daddy Siki and Mad Dog Mayne
br>10/09/71-Honolulu, HI
[Records unclear]

66.Sam Steamboat and Peter Maivia

67.Ripper Collins and Ed Francis
07/25/73-Honolulu, HI

68.Sam Steamboat and Peter Maivia (2)
09/26/73-Honolulu, HI

69.Ripper Collins and Johnny Valentine
11/28/73-Honolulu, HI

Title abandoned

70.Sam Steamboat and Billy White Wolf
Defeated Steve Strong and Steve Lawler to decide champion when title is revived

71.Steve Strong and Jesse Ventura
07/28/77-Honolulu, HI

72.John Tolos and Bill Francis circa

73.Steve Strong and Chris Markoff

74.Russ Francis and Bill Francis
04/26/78 Honolulu, HI

75.John Studd and Buddy Rose
05/17/78 Honolulu, HI

76.Steve Strong and John Tolos
06/14/78 Honolulu, HI

77.Mr. Fuji and Karl Von Steiger
08/16/78 Honolulu, HI

79.Rick Martel and Don Muraco
[Records unclear]

80.Mando Guerrero and (+Tama) Samoa
12/06/78 Honolulu, HI

81.Ripper Collins and Whipper Watson

82.Tama Samoa and Ati-Tago

Abandoned in the 1980's

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