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November 21, 1999--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver with additional information from John Solo

1."Screamin" Norman Smiley
11/21/99-Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Mayhem PPV)
Defeats Brian Knobbs to become the first champion.

2.Brian Knobbs
01/11/2000-Erie, PA (Thunder - January 12 program)
Knobbs defeated Smiley in an Outdoor Hardcore Title match

3.Bam Bam Bigalow
02/07/2000- Tulsa, Oklahoma (Monday Nitro)
Fit Finley was the special referee
Finley hit Knobbs with trash can to hand Bigalow the victory

4.Brian Knobbs [2]
02/20/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
SuperBrawl 2000 PPV

5.3 Count (Shane Helms, Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore)
02/28/2000-Minneapolis, MN
Monday Nitro

6.Brian Knobbs [3]
03/19/2000-Miami, FL (merican Airlines Arena)
Uncensored PPV
Knobbs pinneed all three members of Three Cout to win the title

04/11/2000-Denver, CO (Monday Nitro)
All WCW Titles were forfeited to the new creative team of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff

7.Terry Funk
04/16/2000-Chicago, IL (WCW Spring Stampede)
Defeated Norman Smiley to win the vacant title

8.Eric Bischoff
06/05/2000-Atlanta, GA (Phillips Arena)
Monday Nitro
The Mamalukes beat up Funk to give Bischoff the win.

9.The Mamalukes
06/06/2000-Knoxville, TN
Thunder (June 6 program)
Eric Bischoff handed the title over to the tag team
Vito later beat up on his partner and claimed the title as his own

10.Lance Storm
07/24/2000-Cleveland, OH (Convocation Centre)
Lance Storm also held the following titles in conjunction with theWCW Hardcore Title

11.Carl Oulette
08/14/2000-Kelowna, BC, Canada (Monday Nitro)
Awarded by Lance Storm after Oulette helped him during an in-ring attack

12.Norman Smiley [2]
08/14/2000-Kelowna, BC, Canada (Monday Nitro)
Defeated Carl Oulette in his first title defense
It was not clear whether or not Smiley (who had stated that he would no longer wrestle Hardcore style) would accept or defend the title

Title Vacant
09/25/2000-Uniondale, Long Island, New York
Left in charge by Vince Russo, Mike Sanders declared the title vacant and set up a tounament to crown a new Champion

10/02/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
Sgt. A-Wall actually won the tourament final - but Temporary Commissioner Mike Sanders reversed the decision to make Reno the new Champ.

42.Crowbar (Devon Storm)
11/06/2000-Chicago, IL (Thunder broadcast)
Big Vito provided an assist, which was legal in a Hardcore match.

43.Terry Funk [2]<12/17/2000-Washinton, D.C. (MCI Center)
Starrcade 2000

01/14/2001-Indianapolis, IN (SIN PPV)
Defeats Terry Funk & Crowbar in a Three Way match

Meng jumps back to the WWF as Haku to participate in the Royal Rumble

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