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September 17, 2000--Present

Compiled by Rich Palladino

1."Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet
09/17/2000-Worcester, MA (Green Hill Park)
Defeated "Dangerous" Donnie Rotten to become first champion

2."The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino
10/20/2000-Worcester, MA (The Palladium)

3."Big" Rick Fuller
05/18/2001-Revere, MA (Wonderland Greyhound Park)

4.Gino Martino
06/29/2001-Revere, MA (Wonderland Greyhound Park)

5.Ronnie D. Lishus
Lawrence, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

6."Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz
12/14/2001-Lawrence, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Title is renamed the Chaotic Wrestling Championship

7.Aaron Stevens
05/18/2002-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

8."Hurricane" John Walters
08/16/2002-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

9.Luis Ortiz [2]
04/05/2003-Metheun, MA

10."Lifesaver" Billy Kryptonite
08/09/2003-Tewksbry, MA (Holiday Inn Ballroom)
Defeated "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz in a "Last Man Standing" match

11."Hurricane" John Walters [2]
01/16/2004-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

12."Intellectual" Arch Kincaid
03/12/2004-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

13.Maverick Wild
06/25/2004-Lowell, MA (Polish-American Veterans Club)

Title Vacant

14."The Shooter" Mike Kruel
06/03/2005-Lowell, MA (Polish American Veterans Club
Kruel defeated Handsome Johnny in the finals of a one night tournament to wins the vacant title

15.Handsome Johnny
09/09/2005-Methuen, MA

16.Thomas Penmanship
05/19 /2006-Methuen, MA

17.Brian Milonas
02/02/2007-Lowell, MA

18.Bryan Loganbr>09/07/2007-Lowell, MA

19.Handsome Johnny [2]
12/14/2007-Lowell, MA

20.Bryan Logan [2]
02/08/2008-Lowell, MA
Defeated Johnny and Brian Milonas in a 3-way match.

21.Alex Arion
06/06/2008-Lowell, MA
Reigning New England champion won a double title match.

22.Chase Del Monte
02/06/2009-Lowell, MA

23.Brian Milonas [2]
02/19/2010-Lowell, MA

24.Handsome Johnny [3]
06/24/2011-Woburn, MA

09/09/2011-Lowell, MA

26.Brian Fury
02/24/2012-Lowell, MA

27.Sean Burke
11/09/2012-Lowell, MA

Title Vacant
Sean Burke was sidelined due to injury.

28.Brian Milonas
03/01/2013-Lowell, MA Defeated Brian Fury and Todd Hanson in 3-way match.

29.Sean Burke [2]
09/06/2013-Woburn, MA

30.Mark Shurman
09/062013-Woburn, MA

31.Brian Fury [2]
03/21/2014-Dracut, MA
Defeated Mark Shurman (c) and Scotty Slade in a 3-way match.

32.Mark Shurman [2]
05/31/2014-Stoneham, MA

33.Donovan Dijak
10/24/2014-Lowell, MA

34.Chase Del Monte [2]
03/21/2015-Dracut, MAJ.T. Dunn
03/16/2018-Haverhill, MA

35.Elia Markopoulos
03/17/2017-Haverhil, MA

36.J.T. Dunn
03/16/2018-Haverhill, MA

37.Christian Casanova
03/29/2019-Woburn, MA

38.Anthony Greene
07/19/2019-Lowell, MA

39.Christian Casanova [2]
08/30/2019-Haverhill, MA

31.Mike Verna
12/31/2020-N. Andover, MA
Defeated Christian Casanova*, Max Smashmaster, and Triplelicious in a 4-way match.

32.J.T. Dunn
04/22/2021-N. Andover, MA

08/27/2021-Burlington, MA

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