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May 1, 1998--Present

From the FOW Web Site

1.Johnny Evans
05/01/98-Miami, FL

2.T.J. Jackson
08/01/98-Oakland Park, FL

Title Vacant

3.Rusty Brooks
10/10/98-Oakland Park, FL
Winner of Battle Royal for FOW Title

4.J.R. James
12/12/98-Oakland Park, FL

5.Gator B. Long
01/19/99-Tampa, FL

6.Pat McGuire
01/30/99-Oakland Park, FL
Pat McGuire also held the following titles in conjunction with the FOW Heavyweight Title

7.Bobby Rogers
05/01/99-Cooper City, FL

8.Prince Ali Khan
05/20/99-Lima, Peru

9.Bobby Rogers (2)
05/22/99-Lima, Peru

10.Dennis Allen
06/26/99-Pembroke Pines, FL
Ten Man Table Death Match for FOW Title

11.Pat McGuire (2)
09/25/99-Pembroke Pines, FL

Title Vacant

12.Chris Charger
03/26/2000-Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Winner of Tournament for FOW Title

13.Pat McGuire (3)
04/22/2000-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

14.Billy Fives Ft.
01/20/2001-Lauderdale, FL

15.Scoot Andrews
04/05/2001-Tampa, FL

16.Billy Fives
05/12/2001-Davie, FL

17.Low Ki
06/16/2001-Davie, FL

18.Billy Fives
06/17/2001-Hollywood, FL

19.Norman Smiley
04/13/2002-Davie, FL

20.Billy Fives [4]
06/29/2002-Davie, FL

21.Mike Sullivan
07/25/2002-Saudi Arabia

22.Billy Fives [5]
07/26/2002-Saudi Arabia

23.Bruno Sassi
08/31/2002-Plantation, FL
Sassi is also the FOW International Champ.

24.Curt Hennig
12/14/2002-Pembroke Pines, FL

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