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Compiled by Phil Tsakiries

1.Dutch Mantell
?/98-Columbus, Indiana

Title Vacant
Mantell stripped of title

2.Ronnie Vegas
03/06/99-Columbus, Indiana
Defeated Golden Lion and Phantom in three way dance to win vacant title

3.Brett Gunn
?/99-Columbus, Indiana

Title vacant
Gunn stripped of title for failure to appear at show

4.Ronnie Vegas [2]
11/27/99-Columbus, Indiana
Defeated Deputy Dog and Bobo Brazil Jr. in triangle match to win vacant title.

5.Bobo Brazil Jr.
09/17/2000-Columbus, Indiana

6.Doug Gillbert
10/21/00-Columbus, Indiana
Along with Tommy Rich defeated Bobo Brazil Jr. and Ox Harley to win title.

7.Bobo Brazil Jr. [2]
12/2/2000-Columbus, Indiana

8.Ox Harley
07/14/01-Columbus, Indiana

9.Scotty Lovins
08/05/2001-Columbus, Indiana

10.Ox Harley [2]
08/05/2001-Columbus, Indiana
Two out of three falls match

11.Tommy Sands
09/08/2001-Columbus, Indiana

12.Ricky Murdoch
05/11/2002-Columbus, IN

13.Austin James
07/21/2002-Columbus, IN
Defeated TJ Powers who was defending title in the absense of champ. Ricky Murdoch.

14.Ox Harley
02/01/20030-Columbus, IN

Title vacant
05/02/2003-Columbus, IN

15.Tommy Ray Sands
05/02/2003-Columbus, IN
Won Battle Royal Last Eliminating Chris Tindell

16.Louie Lovins
07/05/2003-Columbus, IN

17.Jesse Houston
04/03/2004-Columbus, IN

18.Dave Dynasty
06/05/2004-Columbus, IN

19.Ox Harley
07/24/2004-Columbus, IN

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