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January 5, 1996--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.D'Lo Brown
01/05/96-Ft. Wright, KY
Defeats Bobby Blaze in tournament final to become the first champion.

2.Bobby Blaze
03/09/96-Ashland, KY

3.D'Lo Brown [2]
03/16/96-Lima, OH

Title inactive.

4/Race Steele
05/25/2000-Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Chip Fairway in a tournament final to win vacant title.

5.Chad Collyer
01/26/2001-Rising Sun, IN (Grand Victoria Casino)

Chad Collyer stripped.

6.Shark Boy
02/27/2001-Cincinnati, OH
Wins battle royal to win vacant title, eliminating Dean Jablonski and Matt Stryker.

7.Race Steele [2]
03/16/2001-Rising Sun, IN

8."Surfer" Cody Hawk

9.Race Steele [3]
08/04/01-Batavia, OH (Red Barn Flea Market)
Steele was handed the title belt, hitting Hawk with it to gain the victory.

10.Nick Dinsmore 08/09/2001 Cincinnati, OH (Oak Hills High School)
2001 Brian Pillman Memorial Show

11.Race Steele [4]
08/18/2001-Dayton, OH

Title Held Up
09/30/2001-Jeffersonville, IN.
Title held up after match between Race Steele and Mark Jindrak

12.E.Z. Money
11/14/2001-Dayton, OH
Defeated D-Lo Brown in a tournament final to win vacant title.

13.Charlie "R.C." Haas
01/09/2002-Dayton, OH
Pinned Val Venis in a six man tag team "all titles on the line" match involving Haas, Venis, Steve Bradley, The Island Boys and EZ Money
The rules stated that if any member of the champions were pinned, titles would switch hands accordingly.

01/29/2002-Cincinnati, OH
R.C. Haas was stripped of the title due to a contract loophole.

14.E.Z. Money [2]
01/29/2002-Cincinnati, OH

15.Rico Constantino
03/15/2002-Dayton, OH

16.Stevie Richards
03/17/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
HWA TV Taping

17.Race Steele [5]
03/20/2002-Cincinnati, OH (Oscar's Night Club)

18.Johnny the Bull
05/08/2002-Dayton, OH

19.Lance Cade
05/19/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)

20.Johnny the Bull [2]
07/20/2002-Batavia, OH

21.Lance Cade [2]
07/20/2002-Batavia, OH

22.Cody Hawk [2]
07/21/2002-Jeffersonville, IN

23.Matt Stryker
09/17/2002-Cincinnati, OH

24.24.Chet Jablonski
11/09/2002-Batavia, OH

25.Matt Stryker [2]
02/01/2003-Batavia, OH

26.Cody Hawk [3]
03/07/2003-Wilmington, OH

27.Matt Stryker [3]
03/09/2003-Wilmington, OH

28.Big Al
04/15/2003-Woodlawn, OH

29.Chad Collyer [2]
05/02/2003-Aurora, IN
Won Royal Rumble-style match, eliminating Cody Hawk and Chet Jablonski.

30.Nigel McGuiness
09/06/2003-Batavia, OH

01/03/2004-Batavia, OH

32.Nigel McGuinness [2]
01/06/2004-Cincinnati, OH

33.El Temor
03/17/2004-Wilmington, OH

34.Rory Fox
03/30/2004-Cincinnati, OH

07/20/2004-Cincinnati, OH
HWA TV Taping

36.Rory Fox [2]
07/21/2004-Cincinnati, OH
The HWA Executive Committee reversed the decision due to absence of contract in the HWA Heavyweight Title match on 07/20/2004.

37.Shawn Osborne
03/25/2005-Dayton, OH

38.Pepper Parks
11/07/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Chad Collyer

Title Vacant

39.Jon Moxley [2]
12/03/2006-Dayton, OH
Defeated Brian Jennings, J.T. Stahr and Matt Stryker to win the vacant title.

40.Brian Jennings
01/02/2007-Cincinnati, OH

41.B.J. Whitmer
01/18/2008-Dayton, OH

Title Vacant
BJ Whitmer stripped of the title

42.Jake Crist
07/11/2008-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Jon Moxley to win the vacant title

43.Richard Phillips
08/22/2009-Norwood, OH

44.Aaron Williams
12/19/2009-Norwood, OH

45.Jon Moxley [3]
01/06/2010-Middletown, OH

46.Gerome Phillips (Richard Phillips) [2]
07/14/2010-Middletown, OH

47.B.J. Whitmer [2]
03/19/2011-Norwood, OH

48.Jesse Emerson
08/27/2011-Norwood, OH

49.Jake Crist [2]
12/17/2011-Hamilton, OH

50.Ron Mathis
10/19/2012-Hamilton, OH

51.Chance Prophet
07/26/2013-Middletown, OH (LSC Arena)

52.Dustin Rayz
07/05/2014-Middletown, OH

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