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July 13, 1991--September 21, 1994

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.The Lightning Kid {Sean Waltman}
07/13/91-Dallas, Texas, United States
The Lightning Kid defeated Jerry Lynn in a tournament final to become the first champion.

2.Chaz {Chaz Taylor}
09/13/91-Dallas, Texas, United States

3.The Lightning Kid (2)
09/15/91-Marietta, Georgia, United States

4.Jerry Lynn
12/27/91-Dallas, Texas, United States

5.Barry Horowitz
02/07/92-Dallas, Texas, United States

6.Ben Jordan
02/21/92-Dallas, Texas, United States
Ben Jordan won the title after only pinning Horowitz once in ten minutes.

7.Barry Horowitz (2)
02/28/92-Dallas, Texas, United States

8.Danny Davis
04/03/92-Dallas, Texas, United States
Danny Davis vacated the title on 04/24/94 after leaving the promotion.
He later wrestled as GWF Light Heavyweight Champion us Memphis.

9.Terry Simms
05/29/92-Dallas, Texas, United States
Terry Simms defeated Chaz in a tournament final to crown a new champion.

10.Alex Porteau
07/31/92-Dallas, Texas, United States

11.Mike Dahl
10/23/92-Dallas, Texas, United States

12.Alex Porteau (2)
01/22/93-Dallas, Texas, United States

13.Calvin Knapp
02/26/93-Dallas, Texas, United States
The title was declared vacant during November of 199.

14.Alex Porteau (3)
11/26/93-Dallas, Texas, United States
Alex Porteau defeated Steven Dane to win the vacant title.

15.Calvin Knapp (2)
02/20/94-Dallas, Texas, United States
It is unclear when the title was declared vacant, but it was sometime before August of 1994.

16.Alex Porteau (4)
The title change in Guatemala may have been ficticious, but Porteau was the new champion.

17.Osamu Nishimura
08/26/94-Dallas, Texas, United States
The title was abandoned when the promotion closed on 09/21/94.

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