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(Puerto Rico)


June 1, 1985--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez and Eric Roelfsema

1.Dick Steinborn
Billed as champion upon arrival

2.Carlos Colon

3.Dick Steinborn [2]

Title Vacant

4.Les Thorton
Billed as champion upon arrival

5.Joe Lightfoot

6.Les Thorton [2]
11/14/81-San Juan

Title Vacant

7.Dick Steinborn
Billed as champion upon arrival

8.Jerry Brisco
11/04/82-San Juan, PR

9.Perro Aguayo
The January 1983 WWC magazine stated that for the month Perro Aguayo was the WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion. Aguayo came to WWC on 04/19/83.

Title Vacant

Billed as champion upon arrival

11.Invader III (Johnny Rivera)
09/15/84-San Juan

Title Vacant

12.Invader III [2]
Defeats Denny Brown

13.Eric Embry
11/25/85-Dorado, PR

14.Invader III [3]
01/18/86-San Juan, PR

15.Chicky Starr (Jose Laureano)
03/05/86-San Juan, PR

16.Invader III [4]
03/19/86-Caguas, PR

17.Chicky Starr [2]
04/12/86-Caguas, PR

18.Invader III [5]
05/04/86-Caguas, PR

19.Don Kent
10/25/86-Caguas, PR

20.Invader III [6]
11/09/86-Caguas, PR

21.Frankie Lancaster
03/14/87-Guaynabo, PR

Title held up after match between Lancaster and Super Medic
04/11/87-Caguas, PR.

22.Frankie Lancaster [2]
04/18/87-San Juan, PR

23.Gran Mendoza
07/18/87-San Juan, PR

24.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. (Jesus Daniel Castillo)
09/20/87-San Juan, PR

25.Galan Mendoza [2]
10/07/87-Catano, PR

26.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [2]
01/05/88-Mayaguez, PR

27.Tony Falk
04/02/88-San Juan, PR

28.Invader III [7]
04/13/88-Guaynabo, PR

11/16/88-Catano, PR

30.Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz)
01/14/89-Caguas, PR

31.Jonathan Holiday
04/02/89-Aguadilla, PR

32.Super Medic I
05/20/89-Caguas, PR

33.Chicky Starr [3]
06/24/89-Caguas, PR

34.Super Medic I [2]
07/29/89-Caguas, PR

35.Eddie Watts
01/27/90-Guaynabo, PR

36.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [3]
04/21/90-Bayamon, PR

37.Ron Starr
08/25/90-Caguas, PR

38.Invader IV (Maelo Huertas)
09/15/90-Bayamon, PR

39.Ron Starr [2]
09/26/90-San Juan, PR

40.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [4]
10/06/90-Bayamon, PR

41.Billy Joe Travis
11/03/90-Bayamon, PR

42.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [5]
11/20/90-Bayamon, PR

43.Mr. Pogo
02/09/91-Caguas, PR

Title held up after match between Mr. Pogo and Ricky Santana
04/06/91-Carolina, PR.

44.Ricky Santana [2]
04/20/91-Aguadilla, PR

45.Brad Anderson
05/11/91-Guaynabo, PR

46.Ricky Santana [3]
05/25/91-Caguas, PR

47.Alex Porteau
09/04/91-Catano, PR

48.Ray Gonzalez (Ramon Gonzalez)
09/21/91-Caguas, PR

Gonzalez jumps to All Star Wrestling.

49.Ray Gonzalez [2]
Billed as WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion in Japan's WINGS promotion.

50.Masayoshi Motegi
01/07/93-Tokyo, JAPAN

51.Hiroshi Itakura
02/05/93-Tokyo, JAPAN

52.Masayoshi Motegi [2]
03/22/93 Osaka, JAPAN

53.El Texano
05/09/93-Kanto, JAPAN

54.Masayoshi Motegi [3]
10/19/93-Tokyo, JAPAN

55.Shinichi Nakano
12/16/93-Kawasaki, JAPAN

56.Masayoshi Motegi [4]
01/14/94-Toda, JAPAN

WINGS promotion closes

57.Ken Wayne
Billed as champion upon arrival

58.Ray Gonzalez

59.Ken Wayne [2]

60.Tiger Mike Anthony
Billed as WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion on arrival.

61.Chuck Singer
Billed as WWC American Lightweight Champion on arrival.

62.Pablo Marquez
03/02/97-Cabo Rojo, PR

63.Chuck Singer [2]
03/16/97-Caguas, PR

64.Soulman Alex G.
04/09/97-Tola Alta, PR

65.Chuck Singer [3]
05/24/97-Humacao, PR

66.Pablo Marquez [2]
06/07/97-Bayamon, PR

Marquez leaves WWC in an injury angle. Belt was returned to Singer before Singer left WWC on June 16, 1997 because he was the owner of the belt, which by the way, wasn't the WWC belt but and ICW belt.

67.Tiger Mike Anthony [2]
Billed as WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion on arrival.

Tiger Mike Anthony leaves WWC.

68. Steve Corino
10/29/1997 - Negro Gurabo, PR
Defeates Halcon

69. Jerry Estrada
11/16/1997 - Cobo Rojo, PR

70.Jerry Estrada
Billed as WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion on arrival.

71.La Ley (Jorge de Leon) 12/13/97-Caguas, PR

72.Jerry Estrada [2]
01/06/98-Caguas, PR
Wins by forfeit when Ley quits WWC due to payment problems.

73.El Rockero (Luis Oscar Zayas)
08/15/98-Caguas, PR

74.Sean Hill
02/20/99-Humacao, PR

75.El Rockero [2]
05/22/99-Guaynabo, PR

76.Maelo Huertas (2)
07/03/99-Guaynabo, PR
Previous reign was as Invader IV

77.Black Boy
08/14/99-Caguas, PR

78.El Rockero [3]
09/11/99-Fajardo, PR

79.Black Boy [2]
10/02/99-Guaynabo, PR

80.Sean Hill
10/09/99-Guaynabo, PR

81.Maelo Huertas
11/13/1999-Naguabo, PR

82.El Rockero [4]
11/20/99-Cayey, PR

83.El Exotico
12/11/99-Guaynabo, PR

84.El Rockero [5]
02/05/00-Caguas, PR

85.El Exotico [2]
03/04/2000-Guaynabo, PR
Exotico defeated Rockero after KO'ing him with an object to win the title.

86.El Rockero [6]
06/10/2000-Lares, PR

Title Held Up

87.Black Boy [3]
09/30/2000-San Germ�n, PR (Arquelio Torres Coliseum)
INVASION 2000 card
Pinned Richi Santiago in a Three Way Dance for the held up title which also featured Rockero

88.Trailer Park Trash
11/25/00-Carolina, PR

WWC Vacated the Junior Heayweight Title as result of OVW's Trailer Park Trash no showing on his scheduled defense against Eddie Col�n December 16.

89.Damien Steele
01/05/2001-Ponce, PR
Match was a 5-Way Tornado contest featuring Steele along with Eddie Col�n, Richie Santiago, Black Boy and Rockero

90.Eddie Col�n
02/10/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Damien Steel at in a match in which Stacey Col�n and Tigresa were handcuffed to each other

91.Damien Steel [2]
02/17/2001-Manati, PR
Tigresa passed an object to Steel, knocking Eddie to score the pin

92.Eddie Col�n [2]
03/10/2001-Morovis, PR

93.Barrabas Jr.
08/25/2001-Manati, PR

94.Eddie Col�n [4]
10/13/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

94.Justin Sane
10/27/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Three Way Dance
Sane won the title after pinning Eddie at 11:28. Barrab�s Jr. applied a figure four leglock to Eddie, so Justin climbed to the top rope and applied a body press splash on Eddie, pinning him and winning the match.

95.Eddie Col�n [5]
11/24/2001-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Zola Bezares Coliseum)

96.Rey Misterio Jr.
01/06/2002-Caguas (H�ctor Zola Bezares Coliseum)

97.Eddie Col�n [6]
04/06/2002-Caguas (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)

Title Held Up
10/20/2002-Bayam�n, PR (Rub�n Rodr�guez Coliseum)
Title held up after a match with Kid Kash ended in a double pin.

98.Tommy Diablo
12/14/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)
Defeated Brent Dail to win the vacant title

99.Alex Montalvo
01/18/2003-San Lorenzo, PR (Crist�bal 'Cag�itas' Col�n Stadium)
Won a Three Way Dance, also featuring Tommy Diablo and Brent Dail
Pinned Diablo to win the title

100.Tommy Diablo [2]
01/25/2003-Cayey, PR (Luis Ra�l Col�n)

101.Brent Dail
02/15/2003-Ponce, PR (Francisco Montaner Coliseum)
Defeated Alexander Montalvo & Tommy Diablo in a Three Way Dance match

03/22/2003-Morovis, PR (Jose Huyke Coliseum)
Defeated Brent Dail, Alexander Montalvo, Pablo Marquez, New York Hit Squad #1, & New York Hit Squad #2 in an elimination match.

03/22/2003-Morovis, PR

104.Alex Montalvo [2]
04/19/2003-Carolina, PR

105.New York Hit Squad 2
05/18/2003-Carolina, PR

106.Pablo Marquez [3]

107.Alex Montalvo [3]
05/31/2003-Carolina, PR

108.Jos� Rivera Jr.
07/19/2003-Carolina, PR

109.Alex Montalvo [4]

110.Diab�lico [1]
08/16/2003-Naguabo, PR

09/06/2003 Pablo Marquez [4] Caguas, PR
This was a 3 way match also involving Alex Montalvo

112.Alex Montalvo [5]
10/18/2003-Santa Isabel, PR

113.Maniac [1]

114.Diab�lico [2]
12/20/2003-Caguas, PR

115.Pablo Marquez [5]
02/28/2004-Caguas, PR

116.Rockero [7]
03/27/2004-Caguas, PR

117.Brent Dail [2]
07/03/2004-Caguas, PR

118.Maniac [2]
07/17/2004-San Juan, PR

119.Kid Kash
08/21/2004-Caguas, PR

120.Alex Montalvo [6]
09/25/2004-Carolina, PR

121.Brent Dail [3]
10/09/2004-Gurabo, PR

122.Alex Montalvo [7]
10/23/2004-Camuy, PR

123.Juventud Guerrera
11/25/2004-Caguas, PR

124.Brent Dail [2]
10/09/2004-Gurabo, PR (Municipal Coliseum)

125.Alex Montalvo [8]
10/23/2004-Camuy, PR

126.Juventud Guerrera
11/25/2004-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Sol� Bezares Coliseum)
Alex Montalvo defeated Guerrera on 11/26/2004 in Arecibo, PR, but the Match was not for the title.

127.Alex Montalvo [9]
12/10/2004-Hatillo, PR (Francisco Deyda Coliseum)

128.Brent Dail [3]
12/11/2004-Caguas, PR

129.Alex Montalvo [10]

130.Brent Dail [4]
01/15/2005-Arroyo, PR (Max Sanchez Coliseum)

131.Chris Joel
03/26/2005-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Sol� Bezares Coliseum)

132."Jumping" Jeff Jeffrey
04/30/2005-Pe�uelas, PR (Betty Segarra Coliseum)

Title Vacant
04/09/2005-Salinas, PR
Joel vacated title

133.Brent Dail [6]
04/23/2005-Carolina, PR
Defeated Jeff Jeffrey for vacant title

134.Jeff Jeffrey
04/30/2005-Penaelas, PR

135.Superstar Romeo
08/20/2005-Carolina, PR

Defeated Jeff Jeffrey by forfeit (assuming I figured out the Spanish from the WWC website.)

11/05/2005-Bayamon, PR

[Records unclear]

05/12/2007-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Rick Stanley

138.William de la Vega
09/15/2007-Caguas, PR
Defeated B.J., Hammett, Rick, Stanley, El Niche and Dave Dijour

Title Vacant

07/19/2008-San Juan, PR
Wins Royal Rumble for vacant title

140.Tommy Diablo [4]
08/09/2008-Bayamon, PR

141.Ricky Reyes
03/07/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Tommy Diablo, Angel, Carlitos, Johnny Styles & Hiram Tua in a Lucha X Match to capture vacant title.

04/18/2009-Agues Buenas, PR
Defeated Ricky Reyes for title

143.Tommy Diablo
05/16/2009-San Juan, PR

07/11/2009-San Juan, PR

145.Angel [2]
03/21/2010-Bayam�n, PR

146.Rikochet [3]
04/03/2010-Carolina, PR

147.Lynx [2]
04/24/2010-Bayam�n, PR

148.Angel [3]
05/08/2010-Lajas, PR

149.Tommy Diablo [5]
06/06/2010-Bayam�n, PR

150.Rikochet [4]
08/21/2010-Cabo Rojo, PR

151.Tommy Diablo [6]
04/23/2011-Bayam�n, PR

152.Partiot #1
04/07/2012-Bayam�n, PR

153.Jay Velez
06/02/2012-Ponce, PR

154.Barrabas Jr. [2]
09/29/2012-Caguas, PR

155.Jay Velez [2]
10/28/2012-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated Barrabas Jr.(c) and A.J. Castillo in a 3-way match.

156.Steve Joel
11/10/2012-Bayam�n, PR

157.A.J. Castillo
11/17/2012-Ponce, PR

02/02/2013-Bayam�n, PR

03/16/2013-Bayam�n, PR

160.A.J. Castillo [2]
06/29/2013-Caguas, PR
Won a 7-man battle royal in which Zcion (c) also participated.

161.Ricochet [5]
08/172013-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated A.J. Castillo (c), Steve Joel, and El Diab�lico in 4-way match.

162.Tommy Diablo [7]
10/122013-Bayam�n, PR

163.Syler Andrews
11/16/2013-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated Tommy Diablo(c) and Rikochet in 3-way match.

164.A.J. Castillo [3]
01/19/2014-Bayam�n, PR

165.Rikochet [6]
03/01/2014-Catano, PR

166.Tommy Diablo [8]
03/15/2014-Bayam�n, PR
Won the title from Rikochet

167.Angel Fashion
05/10/2014-Bayam�n, PR

158.Mike Mendoza
06/21/2014-Bayam�n, PR

159.Angel Perez [2]
09/06/2014-Bayam�n, PR

160.Rikochet [7]
09/27/2014-Bayam�n, PR
Won the title from Angel Perez.

161.Samuel Adams
11/08/2014-Bayam�n, PR

162.Rikochet [9]
02/21/2015-Bayam�n, PR
Won the title from Samuel Adams.

163.Peter the Bad Romance
03/14/2015-Bayam�n, PR

164.Angel Cotto
08/01/2015-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated Peter the Bad Romance (c), Morgan, Rikochet, and O.T. Fernandez in 5-way match.

165.Peter the Bad Romance [2]
08/15/2015-Bayam�n, PR

166.Tommy Diablo
09/26/2015-Bayam�n, PR

166.Peter the Bad Romance [3]
?/2015-Bayam�n, PR

167.Tommy Diablo [10]
01/09/2016-Bayam�n, PR

168.Rikochet [1]
02/27/2016-Caguas, PR
Defeated Tommy Diablo and Angel Cotto in a 3-way match.

169.Angel Cotto [2]
03/06/2016-Bayam�n, PR

170.Tommy Diablo [11]
07/16//2016-Bayam�n, PR

171.Angel Cotto [3]
10/15/2016-Bayam�n, PR
Wins battle royal against Jay-Cobs, Angel Fashion, Tommy Diablo, Angel, O.T. Fern�ndez, and Paparazzi.

172.Tommy Diablo [12]
12/02/2016-Ponce, PR

173.Angel Fashion
02/18/2017-Bayamon, PR

174.O.T. Fern�ndez
03/19/2017-Bayamon, PR

175.Peter the Bad Romance [4]
08/05/2017-Bayamon, PR

176.Angel Cotto [4]
08/27/2017-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Peter the Bad Romance and O.T. Fernandez in 3-way match.

Title Vacant
Angel Cotto moved to the continental US after an earthquake hits PR on 01/27/2020, the belt is also lost during this time.

177.Justin Dynamite
02/06/2021-San Juan, PR
Defeated Will Austin in tournament final

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