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1967--JUNE OF 1992

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Johnny Defazzio
Johnny Defazzio vacated the title upon his retirement from wrestling in 1971.

2.Carlos Jose Estrada
01/20/78-Uniondale, New York, United States
Carlos Jose Estrada defeated Tony Garea for the title.

3.Tatsumi Fujinami
01/23/78-New York, NY

4.Ryuma Go
10/02/79-Osaka, JAPAN

5.Tatsumi Fujinami (2)
10/04/79-Tokyo, JAPAN
Tatsumi Fujinami vacated the title when he moved into the heavyweight division during December of 1981.

6.Tiger Mask {Satoru Sayama}
01/01/82-Tokyo, JAPAN
Tiger Mask defeated The Dynamite Kid {Tom Billington} to win the title.

7.Black Tiger {Mark Rocco}
05/06/82-Fukuoka, JAPAN

8.Tiger Mask (2)
05/26/82-Osaka, JAPAN
Tiger Mask vacated the title on April 03, 1983 after he was injured by The Dynamite Kid in a tag match on April 01, 1983. The Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi met for the vacant title on April 03, 1983 but no winner was decided.

9.Tiger Mask (3)
06/13/83-Mexico City, MEXICO
Tiger Mask defeated Fishman and vacated the title on August 12, 1983 when he retired.

10.The Dynamite Kid {Tom Billington}
02/07/84-Tokyo, JAPAN
The Dynamite Kid won a triangular match defeating Davey Boy Smith {David Smith} on February 03, 1984 in Sapporo and The Cobra on February 07, 1983. He vacated the title in November of 1984 when The Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith-The British Bulldogs-jumped to All Japan. The WWF took over Georgia Championship Wrestling in July of 1984 and Les Thornton, who was then billed as National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Junior Heavyweight Champion in Georgia, wrestled as WWF Champion in some shows before the title was forgotten.

11.The Cobra {George Takano}
12/18/84-New York, New York, United States
The Cobra defeated Black Tiger to win the title.

12.Hiro Saito
05/28/85-Hiroshima, JAPAN

13.The Cobra (2)
07/28/85-Osaka, JAPAN
The Cobra vacated the title on October 31, 1985 when New Japan and WWF split.

14.Naoki Sano
12/12/91-Tokyo, JAPAN
Naoki Sano defeated Rick Martel on a Super World Sports (SWS) card to win the title. The title was abandoned when SWS closed in June of 1992.

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