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February 13, 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Adam Fenwick

1.The Sensational One
02/13/99-Mantua, NJ

2.Quicksilver (White Lotus)
02/13/99-Mantua, NJ

3.The Sensational One [2]
03/27/99-Mantua, NJ

4.Justice Pain
04/03/99-Mantua, NJ

5.Rick Blade
07/19/99-Mantua, NJ

6.Justice Pain [2]
04/08/2000-Sewell, NJ

7.Trent Acid
06/09/2000-Paulsboro, NJ

8.The Winger
07/01/2000-Tokyo, JAPAN

Winger injured and unable to defend the title.

9.Men's Teioh
09/15/2000-Tokyo, JAPAN (Tokyo Korakuen Hall)
Defeated Trent Acid to win vacant title.

10.Jun Kasai
05/04/2001-Sapporo, JAPAN

Title Vacant

11.Trent Acid [2]
08/19/2001-Yokohama, JAPAN (Yokohama Bunka Gym)
Pinned Jun Kasai in a tag team match to win the title.

09/29/2001-Sewell, NJ
Trent Acid defended the title against Big Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion Ruckus in a title vs. title match. The match ended with a double pin and both titles were declared vacant.

12/02/2001-Yokohama (Yokohama Arena)
Defeated Trent Acid and The W*inger in a Three Way Dance to win vacant title.

13.Trent Acid [3]
12/15/2001-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

14.Ruckus [2]
01/18/2003-Philadelphia, PA

15.Sonjay Dutt
12/13/2003-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall)

16.Alex Shelley
01/08/2005-Philadelphia, PA

17.Mike Quackenbush
02/05/2005-Philadelphia, PA

04/02/2005-Philadelphia, PA

19.Mike Quackenbush [2]
06/11/2005-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Sabian and B-Boy in a Three Way match.

20.Derek Frazier
09/10/2005-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Defeated Mike Quackenbush, Niles Young, and Kenny the Bastard in a Four Way match.

21.Niles Young
03/11/2006-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Defeated Derek Frazier, Heretic, Sabian, Cheech, and Cloudy in a Ladder match.

22.Sexxxy Eddy
07/08/2006-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

23.Sonjay Dutt [2]
09/09/2006-Philadelphia, PA

09/09/2006-Philadelphia, PA

25.Scotty Vortekz
04/07/2007-Philadelphia, PA

26.Danny Havoc
09/08/2007-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Scotty Vortekz, The Joker, Drake Younger and Dustin Lee in a ladder match in to win the title.
Chris Cash Memorial Show.

27.Sabian [2]
10/13/2007-Philadelphia, PA

28.Chuck Taylor
05/10/2008-Philadelphia, PA

10/11/2008 Taylor stripped of the title.

29.Ryan McBride
12/13/2008-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Pinkie Sanchez, Dan Paysan, Carter Gray, and Egotistico Fantastico in an Ultraviolent TLC match to win vacant title

30.Egotistico Fantastico 0
5/09/2009-Philadelphia, PA

31.Drew Blood
09/12/2009-Philadelphia, PA

32.Greg Excellent
12/12/2009-Philadelphia, PA (The Arena)
CZW Cage of Death XI

33.Sabian [3]
02/16/2010-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Greg Excellent (c), Drew Blood, Devon Moore, Ego Fantastico, and Adam Colein in a 6-way match.

34.Adam Cole
05/08/2010-Philadelphia, PA

35.Sami Callihan
11/12/2011-Philadelphia, PA

36.Drake Younger
05/05/2012-Bloomington, IN

37.Sami Callihan [2]
07/14/2012-Voorhees, NJ

47.A.R. Fox
07/14/2012-Voorhees, NJ
Also won CZW Wired Television Title, defeating Dave Crist on 09/08/2012. in Voorhees, NJ in a double title match.

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