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March 17, 2001--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Jeff Capo

1.Iron Mike Sampson
03/17/2001-Hillside, IL
Samson was the survivor of the "Survivor Battle Royal" and became the new NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion
Managed by Mortimer Plumtree

NWA Midwest strips Mike Sampson of title.

2.Denny Dominion
09/28/2002-Grayslake, IL
Defeated Donovan Morgan by DQ to capture the vacant NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title

3.Adam Evans
01/17/2004-Green Bay, WI
Denny Dominion failed to appear for the card and thus forfeited the title
Even won a 3 way match against Eric Priest and Chris Jordan.

4.Silas Young
02/22/2004-Wheaton, IL
MSPW card

5."Kamikaze" Ken Anderson
07/16/2004-Milwaukee, WI (MAW Humphrey Scottish Rite Auditorium)
Defeated Silas Young and NWA Illinois Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana in a 51 minute classic, when Silas passed out in the figure four leglock.

6.Chris Candido
11/12/2004-Milwaukee, WI
MAW show

[Records unclear]

Title Vacant

7."Roughneck" Jay Ryan
05/05/2007-Streamwood, IL
Defeated Marek Brave to win the Vacant Title

8.Silas Young [2]
08/15/2008-Milwaukee, WI

9.The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo)
10/23/2009-Ashton, IL

10.Silas Young [3]
12/04/2009-Green Bay, WI

11.The Sheik [2]
12/05/2009-Pulaski, WI

01/14/2011-W. Allis, WI

13.Steve Corino
08/20/2011-West Allis, WI

14.Derek St. Holmes
02/04/2012-Waukesha, WI
Becomes the ZERO1 USA Heartland States Heavyweight Title, on 11/01/2011 when some of the NWA Midwest affiliates leave NWA to form Pro Wrestling ZERO1 USA.

15.Sebastian Rose
06/29/2013-Oregon, OH
Reigning CIW champion, defeated PCW champion Andrew Chene, D-Ray 3000, and Sean Casey in a 4-way match to unify both titles and become the NWA Midwest champion.

16.Phil "Nitro" Monahan
03/22/2014-Hillsdale, MI (Hillsdale College Jesse Philips Arena)

17.Seth Allen
01/10/2015-Marion, OH
Reigning SEW Heavyweight champion, defeats Phil Monahan (c) in unification match.

Title Vacant

18.Ethan Wright
09/10/2015-Marion, OH

19.Alex Matthews
02/06/2016-Marion, OH

05/07/2016-Marion, OH

Title Vacant
Due to Krimson's injury

21.Bruiser Schmidt
02/12/2017-Marion, OH
Defeated Jackson Stone for the vacant title.

22.Brandon Xavier
05/06/2017-Marion, OH

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