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(Puerto Rico)


April 1974--1989

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez

1.Gil Hayes
(probably the first WWC North American Champion. No information available before April 1974, so any champions before Hayes, are unknown. WWC was founded in September 1973 (the first WWC show was held in the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in January 6, 1974). This title could be a lineage from the Stampede North American Title, from the Stu Hart Promotion in Calgary, as Hayes was North American Champion in that promotion, probably 1973 or 1974, so they probably took the name from that title.)

2.Carlos Col�n
06/22/74-Caguas, PR

3.Ernie Ladd
10/21/74-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between champion Ernie Ladd and Carlos Col�n, 11/23/74, Caguas, PR.

4.Carlos Col�n [2]
12/07/74-Caguas, PR

5.Pierre Martel
03/01/75-Bayamon, PR

6.Carlos Col�n [3]
03/22/75-Bayamon, PR

7.Spoiler I
08/25/75-San Juan, PR

8.Carlos Col�n [4]
09/20/75-Caguas, PR

9.Cowboy Bob Ellis
02/21/76-Bayamon, PR

10.Carlos Col�n [5]
04/17/76-Caguas, PR

11.Eric the Red
10/16/76-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after a match between Eric the Red and Carlos Col�n, 11/13/76, Bayamon, PR.

12.Carlos Col�n [6]
11/27/76-Caguas, PR

13.Hartford Love
04/25/77-San Juan, PR

14.Gorilla Monsoon
07/30/77-San Juan, PR

15.Bruno Sammartino
05/05/78-San Juan, PR

16.Gorilla Monsoon [2]
07/22/78-San Juan, PR

17.Carlos Col�n [7]
03/03/79-Bayamon, PR

18.Don Kent
08/03/79-Ponce, PR

19.Invader I (Jos� Huertas)
08/30/79-Ponce, PR

20.Roger Kirby
10/29/79-San Juan, PR

21.Invader I [2]
11/17/79-Bayamon, PR

22.Mr. Fuji (Harry Fujiwara)
01/26/80-Bayamon, PR

23.Pierre Martel [2]
07/19/80-Caguas, PR

24.Killer Karl Krupp
03/14/81-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after a match between Killer Karl Krupp and Carlos Col�n, 05/02/81, San Juan, PR.

25.Carlos Col�n [8]
05/09/81-Bayamon, PR

26.Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah stripped for attacking Carlos Col�n's brother.

27.Bobby Jaggers

28.Invader I [3]
03/27/82-Bayamon, PR
Invader unmasks after winning the belt.

29.Mad Dog Lafaib
12/03/82-Ponce, PR

30.Pierre Martel [3]
01/29/83-San Juan, PR

31.Buddy Landel
03/05/83-Bayamon, PR

32.Pedro Morales
06/25/83 Guaynabo, PR

33.Sweet Daddy Siki
01/06/84-Bayamon, PR

34.Pedro Morales [2]
03/23/84-Bayamon, PR

35.Randy Savage (Randy Poffo)
09/15/84-San Juan, PR

36.Hercules Ayala
03/02/85-Ponce, PR

37.Jos LeDuc
01/06/86-San Juan, PR

39.Al Perez
03/07/86-Fajardo, PR

Perez vacated the title

38.Bob Heffernan
12/21/86-San Juan, PR

NOTE: The third edition of the book Wrestling Titles History (by Royal Duncan and Gary Will, on page 211, first column) listed Ron Starr as being North American Champion in 1986, in a date between March 1986 and December 1986. This title was never held by that wrestler. After reviewing old copies from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, I found there the reason of that mention. The October 27, 1986 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, on page 6, Dave Meltzer mentioned that Ron Starr was the reigning WWC North American Champion, and it is an error. Ron Starr, by the time, won the tournament to crown the first TV champion, and defeated Invader 1 on 9/19/1986, at Ponce, PR.

39.Miguelito Perez
02/21/87-Catano, PR

40.TNT (Juan Rivera)
05/02/87-Caguas, PR

42.Abdullah the Butcher [2]
01/30/88-San Juan, PR

43.Invader I
04/15/89-San Juan, PR

No longer Contested

NOTE: In September 1991, when Manny Fern�ndez came to Puerto Rico, he was running an angle in the South Atlantic Pro Wrestling Promotion (North Carolina) and there he was the reigning Heavyweight Champion. He was �suspended� from the SAPW and came to Puerto Rico with the belt for a few months and there WWC mentioned him as being the WWC North America Champion, but it was the SAPW belt.

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