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November 1991--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Scott Z.
11/91-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)
Won a tournament to determine the first champion

2."The Fighter" Joe O.
03/92-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)

3.The Agent
08/92-Swansea, MA (Evans Arena)

Title Vacant
The Agent was stripped of the title and banned for life due to many vicious attacks toward "Brutal" Bob Evans. The title was put into a 8-man tournament.

4.Maniacal Mark
09/92-Pawtucket, RI (St. Raphael Acadamy)
Won tournament

5."Stunning" Shane Simons
01/93-Swansea, MA (Luther School)

6."Devastating" Dutch Davidson
0393-Swansea, MA (Luther School)

7."Stunning" Shane Simons [2]
05/93-Pawtucket, RI (St. Raphael Acadamy)

8.Jay A.
08/93-Pawtucket, RI (St. Maria Gorreti's Hall)

Title Vacant
Jay A. was forced to give up the title due to his foul language and gestures towards fans, PLW officials and other wrestlers.

9."Devastating" Dutch Davidson[2]
04/94-Pawtucket, RI (St. Raphael Acadamy)
Dutch Davidson won a 12-man tournament, with the final match against the Macho Kid at "Power-Fest 94".

Title Vacant
Dutch Davidson gave up the title to defend the country in the U.S. Army.

10.Maniacal Mark
10/94 -- Tournament(3) -- Cranston Mar. Arts - Cranston, R.I
Maniacal Mark won an 8-man tournament, with the final match against the Punisher at "Midnight Madness 94".

11.Macho Kid
06/95-Cranston, RI (Cranston Martial Arts Studio)

Title Vacant
The Macho Kid gave up the title due to a knee injury suffered two weeks before the event. The winner of the "1995 Power-House Brawl" would become champion.

12.Max Knight
12/95 --Power-House Brawl(4) -- St. Pius V Gym - Providence, R.I.
Max Knight won the "Brawl" and the title.

13.Macho Kid
06/96-North Providence, RI (N. Providence BG Club)

14.Scott Thomas
09/96-Lincoln, RI (St. James Gym)

15.The Mighty Bosch
12/96-Central Falls, RI (Community Center)

16.Scott Thomas
01/97-Warren, RI (Fatima High School)

17.Amazin' Jay
05/98-Woonsocket, RI (Woonsocket High School)

18.Troy Young
12/98-Providence, R.I. (Johnson Wales University)

Title Vacant
Troy Young gave up the title due to a reaggrevation of old injuries. The championship was awarded to the winner of a 12-man tournament; the first, second and third rounds were held on May 2 in Seekonk, Ma., and the final match was held at "Power-Fest 99".

19.Dr. Heresy
05/99-Warwick, RI (Thayer Arena)

09/99-Pawtucket, RI (Gradwell Field)

21.Maniacal Mark
Maniacal Mark and Draven made title switch. Draven (former New England champion, formed a tag team and no longer wanted to defend the NE title); and Maniacal Mark lost his tag team partner (Don Juan de Santo) when de Santo won the World Title.

22.Derik Destiny
Title Vacant
Derik Destiny gave up the New England Title due to a medical condition

23.Chris Blackheart
05/20/2001-Pawtucket, R.I.
Defeated Johnny Angel in tournament final

24.Johnny Curtis
05/19/2002-Central Falls, R.I.

25."Heavenly" Johnny Angel
05/29/2003-West Warwick, R.I. (Civic Center)
Defeated Revelation, Kenn Phoenix and Kid Krazy in a Fatal Fourway match to win vacant title

26.Kid Krazy
08/08/2004-Cumberland, R.I. (Diamond Hill Park)

27.Duke Maximum
06/11/2006-Warwick, R.I. (Thayer Arena)

28.T.J. Richter
12/17/2006-West Warwick, R.I. (High School)

09/14/2007-Pawtucket, R.I. (Gradwell Field)

30."Defenseman" Derek Molhan
06/22/2008-South Attleboro, Ma. (Lees Pond Park, Lions Club festival)

31.Alex Payne
05/31/2009-Pawtucket, RI (Jenks Jr. High School)

Title Vacant

32.Nicholas Night
09/26/2010-Plainville, Ma. (Telford Park)
Defeated Scott Levesque in a tournament final for vacant title

33."Reflex" Eric Dylan
05/19/2013-Pawtucket, RI (Saint Raphael Academy)

34."Flyin' Hawaiian" Keanu
08/10/14-Cumberland, RI (Diamond Hill Park)

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