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August 23, 1929--November 27, 1949

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

Gus Sonnenberg
01/04/29-Boston, MA
Defeats Ed "Strangler" Lewis to win World Heavyweight title;
stripped by the wrestling section of the National Boxing Association, later called the National Wrestling Association, in '29 for failing to meet "real" contenders.

1.Dick Shikat
08/23/29-Phidelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Dick Shikat defeated Jim Londos and was recognized by the National Boxing Association as World Heavyweight Champion.

2.Jim Londos
06/06/30-Phidelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Jim Londos defeated Jim Browing on 06/25/34 in New York, NY to unify The New York State Athletic Commission World Title.

3.Danno O'Mahoney
06/27/35-Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Danno O1 Mahoney defeated Ed Don George on 07/30/35 in Boston, MA to unify The Boston AWA World Title with the NWA World Heavyweight Title and became the Undisputed World Heavyweight champion; NBA/NWA title declared vacant in September, '36 when NBA/NWA recommends a tournament to be held to determine the champion at the annual meeting.

4.John Pesek
John Pesek was awarded the title when he was the only contender to post a $1000 bond
recognition was withdrawn on 08/17/38, the same day Pesek is awarded the Midwesr Wrestling Association (MWA) World title.

5.Everett Marshall
Everett Marchall was awarded the title at '38 annual meeting.

6.Lou Thesz
02/23/39-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

7.Bronko Nagurski
06/23/39-Houston, Texas, United States

8.Ray Steele
03/07/40-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

9.Bronko Nagurski (2)
03/11/41-Minneapolis, MN

10.Sandor Szabo
06/05/41-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

11.Bill Longson
02/19/42-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

12.Yvon Robert
10/07/42-Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

13.Bobby Managoff
11/27/42-Houston, Texas, United States

14.Bill Longson (2)
02/19/43-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

15.Whipper Billy Watson
02/21/47-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

16.Lou Thesz (2)
04/25/47-St. Louis, Missouri, United States

17.Bill Longson (3)
11/21/47-Houston, Texas, United States

18.Lou Thesz (3)
07/20/48-St. Louis, Missouri, United States
The National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title was unified with The National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Title on 11/27/49. The National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title was abandoned.

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