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November 16, 1997--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Jim Dupree

1.Bill Dundee
11/16/97-Jeffersonville, IN

2.Rip Rogers
11/23/97-Jeffersonville, IN

3.Nick Dinsmore
06/03/98-Jeffersonville, IN

4.David C.
06/10/98-Jeffersonville, IN

5.Doug Basham
07/05/98-Jeffersonville, IN

6.Rip Rogers [2]
09/13/98-Jeffersonville, IN

7.Doug Basham [2]
12/29/98-Louisville, KY

8.Rip Rogers [3]
01/03/99-Louisville, KY

9.Rod Steele
02/02/99-Louisville, KY

10.Nick Dinsmore* [2]

11.Rod Steele* [2]
Dinsmore gives the belt back after learning about outside interference.

12.Nick Dinsmore [2]
04/18/99-Jeffersonville, IN

13.Rob Conway
04/28/99-Jeffersonville, IN

14.Nick Dinsmore [3]
05/07/99-New Albany, IN

06/08/99-Louisville, KY

16.Rob Conway [2]
08/17/99-Louisville, KY

17.Rico Constantino
11/10/99-Louisville, KY
Rico Constantino also held the following tiles in conjunction with the NWA Ohio Valley Heavyweight Title

18.Flash Flanagan
12/26/99-Louisville, KY

19.Rico Constantino [2]
02/16/2000-Louisville, KY

20.Flash Flanagan [2]
02/17/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

21.Damaja [2]
04/04/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

22.Nick Dinsmore [4]
05/24/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

23.Flash Flanagan [3]
07/08/2000-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)

24.Nick Dinsmore [5]
08/04/2000-Louisville, KY

25.Rob Conway [3]
09/06/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

26.Nick Dinsmore [6]
10/25/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

27.Rico Constantino [3]
02/27/2001-Louisville, KY St. Therese's Gym

28.Flash Flanagan [4]
04/04/2001-Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)
OVW Bluegrass Brawl card
Flash Flanagan also held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA Ohio Valley Heavyweight Title.

29."Machine" Doug Basham
07/25/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

OHV drops NWA affiliation - title is now known as the Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Title

11/28/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

31.The Prototype
02/20/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

05/15/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)

11/06/2002-Louisville, KY

34.Nick Dinsmore [7] 02/19/2003-Louisville, KY
Defeated Damaja and Doug Basham in a Triple Threat match.

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35."The Machine" Doug Basham [4]
04/09/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

36.Damaja [4] 07/30/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena) OVW TV Taping

37."Ironman" Rob Conway [4]
08/13/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

38."The Thrill Seeker" Johnny Jeter
08/13/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

39.Mark Magnus
10/15/2003-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 12/03/2003
At the TV taping, champion Mark Magnus defended in a three way with Nick Dinsmore and Johnny Jeter and was pinned by both guys. The following week, it was ruled that Magnus wasn't the champion since he lost, but the belt was vacated and they would have a match between Dinsmore and Jeter to crown a new champion.

40.Nick Dinsmore [8]
01/07/2004-Louisville, KY
Defeats Johnny Jeter to win vacant title.
OVW TV Taping

41.Matt Morgan
04/14/2004-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

42.Chris Cage 10/13/2004-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

43.Chad Toland (Chad Wicks)
12/01/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

44.Elijah Burke
12/08/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

45.Brent Albright
04/27/2005-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

46.Johnny Jeter [2]
08/03/2005-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

47.Matt Cappotelli
11/09/2005-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Best of Three Falls match.
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 02/08/2006 Louisville, KY New Davis Arena
Matt Cappotelli announced in the ring at the Danny Davis Arena in Louisville that he had brain cancer in a long and highly emotional and religious speech.

48.Brent Albright [2]
03/01/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Defeated C.M. Punk in tournament final to win vacant title.
OVW TV Taping

49.CM Punk
05/03/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Won Leather Strap match.
OVW TV Taping

50.Chet the Jett Jablonski
08/30/2006-Louisville, KY
(subbing for Seth Skyfire)
OVW TV Taping

51.Jacob Duncan
10/25/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena) OVW TV Taping

52.Chet "The Jett" Jablonski [2]
12/13/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

53.Paul Birchall
12/13/2006-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping (New Davis Arena)

54.Cody Runnels
02/17/2007-Elizabethtown, KY
OVW House Show

55.Paul Burchall [2]
02/18 /2007-Louisville, KY

56.Aaron Stevens
03/14/2007-Louisville, KY

57.Paul Burchall [3]
05/09/2007-Louisville, KY

Title Held Up
05/23/2007-Louisville, KY
Title held up after match between champion Paul Burchall and Idol Stevens ended in a double pin draw.

58.Jay Bradley
06/01/2007-Louisville, KY (Six Flags)
Defeated Paul Burchall and Idol Stevens in a Three Way match to win held-up title.

59.Paul Burchall [4]
06/27/2007-Louisville, KY

60.Vladimir Kozlov
07/28/2007-Elizabethtown, KY

61.Matt Sydal
12/05/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Michael W. Kruel, who was "given" the title by Kozlov the day he won it.

62.Jay Bradley
02/13/2008-Louisville, KY

63.Nick Dinsmore
0 2/20/2008-Louisville, KY

64.Anthony Bravado
06/25/2008-Louisville, KY

10/15/2008-Louisville, KY

66.Anthony Bravado
10/29/2008-Louisville, KY

67.Idol Stevens
11/26/2008-Lousiville, KY

68.Vaughn Lilas
01/17/2009-Louisville, KY

02/04/2009-Louisville, KY

70.Vaughn Lilas [2]
04/22/2009-Louisville, KY

71.APOC [2]
05/13/2009-Louisville, KY

07/15/2009-Louisville, KY

73.James Thomas
01/06/2010-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Stripped for attacking officials

74.Beef Wellington
02/28/2010-Louisville, KY
Wins a 20-man battle royal for the vacant title

75.Mike Mondo
05/29/2010-Louisville, KY

76.Cliff Compton
01/08/2011-Louisville, KY

77.Cliff Compton
01/08/2011-Louisville, KY

78.Mike Mondo [2]
03/05/2011-Louisville, KY


79.Cliff Compton [2]
05/14/2011-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
Defeated Mike Mondo to win vacant title.
Brass Knuckles on a Pole match. Special Referee: Danny Davis

80.Elvis Pridemoore
05/25/2011-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)


81.Jason Wayne
07/02/2011-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
Defeated Mike Mondo in tournament final to win vacant title.

82.Nick Dinsmore [10]
10/26/2011-Louisville, KY

83.Rudy Switchblade
11/02/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Dinsmore, Jason Wayne, Adam Revolver, Ted McNaler, James Thomas,

84.Rocco Bellagio, and Mike Mondo in an 8-man Melee.

85.Johnny Spade
03/03/2012-Louisville, KY

86.Rob Terry
05/12/2012-Louisville, KY

All OVW titles were declared vacant on 06/27/2012

87.Johnny Spade [2]
07/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Rob Terry.

09/12/2012-Louisville, KY

89.Rob Terry [2]
12/02/2012-Louisville, KY

90.Doug Williams
01/30/2013-Louisville, KY

91.Jamin Olivencia
03/02/2013-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Jamin Olivencia is stripped of the title

92.Jamin Olivencia [2]
12/07/2013-Louisville, KY
Defeated Johnny Spade.

93.Marcus Anthony
01/04/2014-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW Saturday Night Special

94.Melvin Maximus
08/02/2014-Louisville, KY
Won the title from Marcus Anthony.

95.Cliff Compton
10/04/2014-Louisville, KY
Defeated Melvin Maximus (c) and Marcus Anthony in 3-way match.

96.Adam Revolver
12/06/2014-Louisville, KY

97.Mohamad Ali Vaez
02/07/2015-Louisville, KY
Defeated Adam Revolver (c) and Michael Hayes in 3-way match.

98.Eddie Diamond
04/29/2015-Louisville, KY

99.Chris Silvio

100.Ryan Howe
12/05 /2015-Louisville, KY

101.Rob Conway [5]
12/16/2015-Louisville, KY

102.Ryan Howe [2]
01/02/2016-Louisville, KY

103.Devin Driscoll
03/19/2016-Elizabethtown, KY

Title Vacant

104.Big Jon
04/16/2016-Elizabethtown, KY
Defeated Rocco Bellagio.

105.Rocco Bellagio
05/14/2015-Louisville, KY

106.Big Jon [2]
04/01/2017-Louisville, KY

107.Adam Revolver [2]
07/01/2017-Louisville, KY

108.Tyler Matrix
09/02/2017-Louisville, KY

109.Michael Hayes
11/04/2017-Louisville, KY
No - it's not THAT Michael Hayes!

110.Randy Royal
02/14/2018-Louisville, KY

111.Michael Hayes [2]
03/03/2018-Louisville, KY

112.Amon (Stuart Miles)
07/07/2018-Louisville, KY

Awarded by Amon*

Title Vacant

114.Abyss [2]
10/10/2018-Louisville, KY
Defeated Justin Smooth in tournament final.

115.Tony Gunn
01/30/2019-Louisville, KY

04/17/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Tony Gunn*, Amon, Drew Hernandez, William Lutz, and

117.Brandon Wolfe
Louisville, KY
Defeated Dimes and Amon in a 3-way match.

118.Justin Smooth
04/24/2019-Louisville, KY
Defeated Dimes and Amon in a 3-way match.

119.Michael Hayes [3]
05/11/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Smooth, Jay Bradley, Adam Revolver, Amon, Melvin and Maximus, and Rudy Switchblade.

121.Justin Smooth [2]
06/01/2019-Louisville, KY

122.Maximus Khan
02/01/2020-Louisville, KY

123.Tony Gunn [2]
03/07/2020-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Brian Pillman Jr. vacates on 2021/01/02 due to his AEW committments.

124.Omar Amir
01/09/2021-Louisville, KY
Won the 30-man "Nightmare Rumble".

125.Cash Flo
05/06/2021-Louisville, KY

126.Omar Amir [2]
06/26//2021-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Omar Amir vacates due to injury.

127.Ryan Howe
10/21/2021-Louisville, KY
Won the 20-man battle royal.

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