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November 23, 1997--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Jim Dupree

NWA OVW Tag Team Title renamed NWA OVW Southern Tag Team Title during vacant period.

1.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway
03/18/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Rip Rogers and Trailor Park Trash in tournament final.

2.Rip Rogers and Dave the Rave
05/03/98-Jeffersonville, IN

3.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [2]
05/13/98-Jeffersonville, IN

4.Rip Rogers and Dave the Rave [2]
05/17/98-Jeffersonville, IN

5.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [3]
05/17/98-Jeffersonville, IN

Title Held

6.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [4]
06/14/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeated Flash Flanagan & Jason Lee.

7.Dave the Rave and Juan Hurtado
06/28/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Flash Flanagan and David Lee in tournament final.

8.Jebediah Blackhawk and Cousin Otter
07/01/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Win by forfeit when Dave the Rave no-shows for the defense.

9.Bryan Cash and Juan Hurtado
08/09/98-Jeffersonville, IN

Bryan Cash injured.

10.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [4]
09/27/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Jason Lee and Rob Steel in tournament final.

11.Vito and Guido Andretti
10/25/98-Jeffersonville, IN

12.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore [5]
11/24/98-Louisville, KY

Title held up

13.Dajama and David C.
Awarded after Nick Dinsmore no-showed and Rob Conway was counted out.

14.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [6]
01/27/99-Jeffersonville, I

15.David C. and Damaja [2]
02/02/99-Louisville, KY

16.Jebediah Blackhawk and Cousin Otter [2]
02/07/99-Jeffersonville, IN

17.Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash
03/30/99-Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA Ohio Valley Southern Tag Team Title

18.Suicide Blondes: Rip Rogers and Jason Lee
07/20/99-Louisville, KY

19.Jebidiah Blackhawk and Trailer Park Trash
Jeffersonville, Ind.

20.Suicide Blondes: Jason Lee and Derrick King
03/29/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

21.Scotty Sabre and B.J. Payne [2]
04/04/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

22.Mr. Black and Bull Buchanan
02/01/2000-Louisville, KY

23.The Disciples of Synn: Slash (Wolfie D.) and Damian
06/23/2000-Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)

07/19/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

25.Steve Armstrong and Tracey Smothers
07/21/2000-Knoxville, TN

26.Disciples of Synn [2]
08/04/2000-Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)

27.B.J. Payne and Flash Flanagan
10/17/00-Louisville, KY

28.Disciples of Synn (Payne and Damian)
01/03/2001-Jeffersonville, IN
Payne defeated Flanagan in a singles match for the tag titles, then chose Damian as his new partner

29.The Minnesota Stretching Crew: Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar
02/13/2001-Louisville, KY

30.Disciples of Synn [2]
04/22/2001-Jeffersonville, IN

31.The Minnesota Stretching Crew [2]
05/15/2001-Louisville, KY (Freedom Hall)
Dark match at WWF Smackdown/Heat TV taping.

The Minnesota Stretching Crew unable to defend titles due to Shelton Benjamin's injury.

32.Minnesota Stretching Crew [3]
10/29/2001-Louisville, KY
Defeated Proto type and Rico Constantino to win back the vacant titles.

OHV drops NWA affiliation - title is now known as the Ohio Valley Wrestling Southern Tag Team Title

33.Jason Lee and Derrick King
11/07/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

34.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore
12/12/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

35.Doug Basham and Damaja
02/06/2002-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeated Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore in an Ironman match for the title.

36.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore [8]
05/17/2002-Louisville, KY
WWE House Show

37.Trailer Park Trash and Flash (Flanagan) [2]
05/31/2002-Louisville, KY

38.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [9]
06/14/2002-Louisville, KY

39.Trailer Park Trash and Flash (Flanagan) [3]
06/28/2002 Louisville, KY

40.Redd Dogg Begnaud and Shelton Benjamin
07/17/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)

41.Seven and Travis Bane
03/05/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Defeated Lance Cade and Rene Dupree in a tournament final
OVW TV Taping

42.Ron Simmons and Bradshaw
Phantom title change

Title Vacant
Titles were vacated by the APA due to Bradshaw's hernia, which occurred during a match on 05/30/2003

43.Adrenaline ("Hitman" Chris Cage and John "Tank" Toland)
06/27/2003-Louisville, KY (Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)
Defeated Brolin Services (Lance Cade and Mark Jindrak)

44.Nova and Aaron Stevens
10/10/2003-Louisville, KY
WWE house show

45.Tank Toland and Chris Cage [2]
03/03/2004-Louisville, KY

46.Brent Albright and Chris Masters
03/31/2004-Louisville, KY

47.Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire
06/30/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

48.Adrealine (Chris Cage and Tank Toland) [3]
09/08/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 09/15/2004
In light of the controversial ending of 09/08/2004 (Tank Toland's cousin, Chad interfering), OVW officials held up the belts pending a rematch between Adrenaline and Johnson and Skyfire on 09/29/2004.

49.Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire [2]
09/29/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

50.Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro
11/10/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

51.The Thrillseekers (Johnny Jeter and Matt Capotelli)
01/19/2005-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

52.The Blonde Bombers (Tank and Chad Toland)
04/06/2005-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping
Managed by Jillian Hall.

53.Chet "The Jet" Jablonski and Seth Skyfire
10/12/2005-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

54.Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Chris Cage
02/08/2006-Louisville, KY (Danny Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

55.Deuce Shade and Domino
03/19/2006-Louisville, KY (St. Therese's Gym)
Deuce Shade pins Mike "The Miz" Mizanin in a singles match.
Chris Cage was fired by WWE.

56.KC James and Roadkill
04/05/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping
Defeated champions Deuce Shade & Domino Cliff Compton and Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) in 3-way match; WWE World Tag Team Title was also on the line, but only OVW title changed hands since Roadkills pinned Shade.

57.Shad Gaspard & The Neighborhoodie
05/24/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

58.C.M. Punk and Seth Skyfire
07/28/2006-Louisville, KY (Paramarx Arena-Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)

59.The Untouchables [2]
08/02/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

60.Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears
10/18/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 11/29/2006 Louisville, KY New Davis Arena
Champions Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears vs. challengers The Untouchables went to a draw and the title was held up.

61.The Untouchables (Deuce Shade and Dice Domino) [3]
12/06/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping
Defeated Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears to win held-up title.

62.Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears [2]
12/13/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Street Fight match OVW TV Taping

63.Justin LaRouche and Charles Evans
04/11/2007-Louisville, KY

64.Brett Major and Brian Major
06/15/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Justin LaRouche, Charles Evans (champs), and Dr. Tomas in a handicap match.

65.K.C. James and Kassidy James
06/29/2007-Louisville, KY (Six Flags)

66.Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG)
07/21/2007-Owensboro, KY

67.K.C. James and Kassidy James [2]
07/22/2007-Louisville, KY

68.T.J. Dalton and Jamin Olivencia
08/01/2007-Louisville, KY

69.Kassidy James and K.C. James [3]
08/24/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Jamin Olivencia and Chris Cage, subbing for TJ Dalton.

70.Chet the Jett and Steve Lewington
09/05/2007-Louisville, KY

71.Kassidy James and K.C. James [4]
09/26/2007-Louisville, KY

Title declared vacant after K.C. and Kassidy James attacked Chet the Jett and Steve Lewington on 10/06/2007.

72.Colt Cabana and Shawn Spears
11/07/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Stu Sanders & Paul Birchall in tournament final to win vacant title.

73.Colt Cabana and Charles Evans
12/19/2007-Louisville, KY
Cabana defeated Spears in a Ladder match to win control of the OVW Tag Team Title and chose Charles Evans as his new tag team partner.

74.Paul Birchall and Stu Sanders
01/02/2008-Louisville, KY

75.Raul Loco and Ramon Loco
02/27/2008-Louisville, KY

76.The Insurgency (Ali and Omar Akbar)
05/14/2008-Louisville, KY

77.Pat Buck and Rob Conway
05/278/2008-Louisville, KY.

78.Darriel Kelly and Josh Lowry
08/06/2008-Louisville, KY.
Four corners match also involving Ali and Omar Akbar and Scott Cardinal and Dirty Money

09/10/2008-Louisville, KY

80.Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal
10/29/2008-Louisville, KY
Defeated APOC and Vaughn Lilas

81.Totally Awesome (Suico and Kamikaze Kid)
12/13/2008-Louisville, KY

82.Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal [2]
01/31/2009-Louisville, KY

83.Totally Awesome [2]
03/07/2009-Louisville, KY

84.Fang and Igotta Brewski
04/04/2009-Louisville, KY

85.Top Shelf Talent (J.D. Maverick and Pat Buck)
04/25/2009-Louisville, KY

86.Totally Awesome [3]
06/13/2009-Louisville, KY

87.The Network (Benny the Producer and Andrew the Director)
06/20/2009-Louisville, KY

88.Moose and Tilo
09/27/2009-Louisville, KY

89.Turcan Celik and Mike Mondo
11/21/2009-Louisville, KY

90.Network (Benny the Producer and Andrew the Director) [2]
11/28/2009-Louisville, KY
Won a 4-way match against Turcan Celik and Nick Mondo (c), Moose and Tilo, and the Mobile Homers
Benjamin Bray defeats Andrew LaCroix for the control of the title on 02/10/2010 in Lousville, KY when the team temporarily splits.

91.Benjamin Bray and Andrew LaCroix [3]
02/172010-Louisville, KY
Benjamin again picked Andrew as a partner.

92.Elite (Ted McNailer and Adam Revolver
03/24/2010-Louisville, KY

93.Sucio and Fang
08/26/2010-Louisville, KY

94.Elite [2]
12/09/2010-Louisville, KY

95.Christopher Silvio and Ryan Nemeth
01/08/2011-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant

96.Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse
02/02/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fighting Spirit (Christopher Silvio and Raphael Constantine) for the vacant title.

97.Fighting Spirit (Christopher Silvio and Raphael Constantine) [2]
03/05/2011-Louisville, KY

98.The Elite(Ted McNailer and Adam Revolver) [3]
04/02/2011-Louisville, KY

99.Mr. Black and Trailer Park Trash
06/15/2011-Louisville, KY

100.Fat & Furious (Mr. Black and Trailer Park Trash)
06/15/2011-Louisville, KY

101.Bolin Services 2.0 (James Thomas and Rocco Bellagio)
08/06/2011-Louisville, KY

102.Fat & Furious [2]
08/24/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Thomas and Ra�l LaMotta, subbing for Bellagio.

103.Elite [4]
09/03/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fat and Furious and Bolin Services 2.0 in a 3�way match.

104.Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze
12/03/2011-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
Defeat The Elite and James Onno and Tony Gunn in a Three Way match.

105.Mascagni Family (Jessie Godderz and Marcus Anthony)
01/11/2011-Louisville, KY

105.OMG [2]
01/18/2012-Louisville, KY

105.Family (Jessie Godderz, Rob Terry, and Rudy Switchblade)
02/22/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Jonze and Jason Wayne, subbing for Spade, in a handicap match.

105.Los Locos (Anarquia (Ramon Loco) and Raul LaMotta) [2]
04/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Godderz and Switchblade.

105.Family [2]
04/11/2012-Louisville, KY
Godderz and Switchblade defeat LaMotta in a handicap match.

106.Loco-MG (Shiloh Jonze and Raul LaMotta)
06/02/2011-Louisville, KY

107.Family [3]
06/06/2011-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Stripped due to the referee's involvement for the title switch.

108.Family [4]
/07/0/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeat Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa for vacant title.

109.Team GutCheck (Alex Silva and Sam Shaw)
12/02/2012-Louisville, KY

110.Crimson and Jason Wayne
/01/16/2013-Louisville, KY

111.Team GutCheck (Alex Silva and Sam Shaw) [2]
02/27/2013-Louisville, KY

112.Michael Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez
06/26/2013-Louisville, KY

113.Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler)
12/072013-Louisville, KY

114.Michael Hayes and Mohammed Ali Vaez [2]
12/28/2013-Louisville, KY

115.Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna
03/01/2014-Louisville, KY
Defeated Ali Vaez in a handicap match.

116.Sky Walkers (Aaron Sky and Robbie Walker)
05/10/2014- Louisville, KY
Won the title from Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna.

117.Big Jon and The Bodyguy
07/05/2014-Louisville, KY

118.Chris Silvio and Jamin Olivencia
08/02/2014-Louisville, KY
Won the title from Big Jon and The Bodyguy.

119.War Machine (Shiloh Jonze and Eric Locker)
09/06/2014-Louisville, KY

120.Randy Terrez and Roberto De Luna
11/01/2014-Louisville, KY

121.Fabulous Free Bodies (Big Jon and The Bodyguy)
12/13/2014-Louisville, KY

122.TerreMex (Randy Terrez and The Mexcutioner (Roberto De Luna)) [2]
01/14/2015-Louisville, KY

123.Walk On The Wylde Side (Adam Wylde and Robbie Walker)
03/07/2015-Louisville, KY

124.War Machine (Big Jon and Eric Locker)
03/25/2015-Louisville, KY
Jon defeated Wylde in a singles match.

125.Walk on the Wylde Side (Adam Wylde and Robbie Walker) [2]
07/08/2015-Louisville, KY

126.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt and The Ringmaster)
10/03/2015-Louisville, KY
Defeated Adam Wylde, holding the title with Robbie Walker, in a handicap match.

127.Band of Brothaz (General Pope and Private Anthony)
12/05/2015-Louisville, KY

128.Tag Buddies (Stuart Miles and Adam Revolver)
02/10/2016-Louisville, KY

129.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews)
05/14/2016-Louisville, KY

130.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Mad Man Pondo)
07/27/2016-Louisville, KY

131.Adam Revolver and The Mexicutioner
09/03/2016-Louisville, KY

132.Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo and Hy-Zaya)
09/07/2016-Louisville, KY

133.Big Smooth (Big Jon and Justin Smooth)
11/16/2016-Louisville, KY

134.Team Next Level (Devin Driscoll and Tony Gunn)
01/25/2017-Louisville, KY

135.Billy O and Kevin Giza
03/08/2017-Louisville, KY

136.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews) [2]
04/152017-Elizabethtown, KY

137.Legacy of Brutality (Cash Flo and Dapper Dan)
07/12/2017-Louisville, KY

138.Adam Slade and Kevin Giza
09/022017-Louisville, KY

139.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews) [3]
11/22/2017-Louisville, KY

140.Randy Royal and Jessie Belle
01/2018-Louisville, KY
Belle replaces Andrews.

141.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson)
02/03/2018-Louisville, KY

142.Adam Slade and Kevin Giza [2]
03/03/2018-Louisville, KY
Won from Dustin Jackson and Dimes (substituting for Colton Cage).

143.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson) [2]

144.David Lee Lorenze III and Shiloh Jonze
07/07/ 2018-Louisville, KY

145.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson) [3]
07/11/2018-Louisville, KY

146.War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane)
08/04/2018-Louisville, KY

147.Bro Godz [4]
09/15/2018-Elizabethtown, KY

148.War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) [2]
11/03/2018-Louisville, KY

149.King's Ransom (Leonis Khan and Maximus Khan
04/06/2019-Louisville, KY

150.Jay Bradley and Cash Flo
08/03/2019- Louisville, KY
Defeated Maximus and Big Zo (substituting for Leonis).

151.Corey Storm and Dimes
11/12/2019-Louisville, KY

152.Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo and Hy-Zaya)
02/01/2020-Louisville, KY

153.Tate Twins (Brent Tate and Brandon Tate)
11/07/2020-Louisville, KY

154.Jessie Godderz and Tony Gunn
04/06/2021-Louisville, KY

155Tate Twins [2]
05/22/2021-Louisville, KY

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