January 5, 2005--Present

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1.Brent Albright
01/05/2005-Louisville, KY
Defeated Seth Skyfire to win the new title.

Albright vacated the title after winning the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

2.Deuce Shade
06/07/2005-Louisville, KY
Defeated Ken Doane in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant title.

3.Ken Doane
06/22/2005-Louisville, KY

4.CM Punk
11/09/2005-Louisville, KY

5.Aaron Stevens
01/04/2006-Louisville, KY
Defeated Seth Skyfire

6.Seth Skyfire
03/08/2006-Louisville, KY

7.Charles Evans
08/23/2006-Louisville, KY

8.Devon Driscoll
10/11/2006-Louisville, KY

9.Charles Evans [2]
11/01/2006-Louisville, KY

10.El Aero Fuego (Seth Skyfire) [2]
11/15/2006-Louisville, KY

11.Eddie Kraven
01/03/2007-Louisville, KY

12.Boris Alexiev
01/24/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Mike Kruel, who has begun defending the title for stablemate Eddie Kraven.

13.Mike Kruel
02/07/2007-Louisville, KY

14.Boris Alexiev [2]
03/14/2007-Louisville, KY

15.Shawn Spears
03/17/2007-Cincinnati, OH

16.Cody Runnels
07/06/2007-Louisville, KY (Six Flags)

17.Sean Spears [2]
07/13/2007-Louisville, KY

18.Ted McNaler
09/19/2007-Louisville, KY

19.Shawn Spears [3]
10/24/2007-Louisville, KY

20.James Curtis (the former KC James)
11/14/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Colt Cabana

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21.Jamin Olivencia
02/20/20087-Louisville, KY

22.Joey Matthews
03/12/2008-Louisville, KY

23.Tommy McNaler
04/16/2008-Louisville, KY

24.J.D. Michaels
06/04/2008-Louisville, KY.

Title Held Up
Due to a controversial double pin where one referee counted the fall for Switchblade and the other referee counted the fall for Michaels.

25.Rudy Switchblade
08/27/2008-Louisville, KY
Won a 15' pole match

26.Jamin Olivencia
10/15/2008-Louisville, KY
Rudy Switchblade forfeits the title to after Switchblade is unable to defend due to injury

27.Igotta Brewski
10/15/08-Louisville, KY

11/26/2008-Lousiville, KY

29.Johnny Punch
01/17/2009-Louisville, KY

30.Mike Mondo
02/04/2009-Louisville, KY

31.Jamin Olivencia [2]
05/06/2009-Charlestown, IN

32.El Rojo Uno
05/13/2009-Louisville, KY

33.Jamin Olivencia [3]
06/10/2009-Louisville, KY

34.Brent Wellington
07/22/2009-Louisville, KY

09/09/2009-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant

36.Kamikaze Kid
11/25/2010-Louisville, KY
Defeated Shiloh in tournament final.

37.Asher Knight
01/27/2010-Louisville, KY

38.Kamikaze Kid [2]
02/03/2010-Louisville, KY

02/2010-Louisville, KYY

40.Kamikaze Kid [3]
02/2010-Louisville, KY
Awarded back due to the referee being not licensed in Kentucky.

41.Jamin Olivencia
05/07/2010-Louisville, KY

06/04/2010-Louisville, KY

43.The Metal Master (Chad Collyer)
09/15/2010-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)

44.Muhammad Ali Vaez [2]
11/03/2010-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)

46.Alex Silva
12/11/2010-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)

47.Muhammad Ali Vaez [3]
01/26/2011-Louisville, KY

48.Rudy Switchblade
02/23/2011-Louisville, KY

49.Muhammad Ali Vaez [4]
04/02/2011-Louisville, KY

50.Jamin Olivencia [5]
05/14/2011-Louisville, KY

51.Rudy Switchblade [3]
05/25/2011-Louisville, KY

52.Paredyse (Kamikaze Kid) [3]
07/20/2011-Louisville, KY

53.Adam Revolver
09/14/2011-Louisville, KY

54.Jason Wayne
09/21/2011-Louisville, KY

55.Rocco Bellagio
10/05/2011-Louisville, KY

56.Alex Silva [2]
11/09/2011-Louisville, KY

57.Adam Revolver [2]
11/16/2011-Louisville, KY

58.Ted McNaler [2]
12/07/2011-Louisville, KY

59.Christopher Silvio
12/21/2011-Louisville, KY

60.Muhammad Ali Vaez [5]
04/18/2012-Louisville, KY

61.Rob Terry
04/21/2012-Rio de Janeiro, BRA *
Defeated Vaez in a phantom title match in order to avoid the rematch between Vaez and Silvio.

62.Muhammad Ali Vaez [6]
04/25/2012-Louisville, KY

61.Jamin Olivencia
06/02/2012-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Held up after a match against Muhammad Ali Vaez

63.Muhammad Ali Vaez [7]
07/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Flash Flanagan.

64.Tony Gunn
07/25/2012-Louisville, KY
Won by forfeit after Rob Terry attacked Vaez.

65.Ryan Howe
08/08/2012-Louisville, KY

66.Alex Silva [3]
09/12/2012-Louisville, KY

67.Cliff Compton
10/17/2012-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)

Vacant Title
Cliff Compton was stripped due to injury.

68.Joe Coleman
11/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated James Thomas.

69.Jamin Olivencia
12/02/2012-Louisville, KY

70.Cliff Compton
01/05/2013-Louisville, KY

71.Rockstar Spud
03/13/2013-Louisville, KY

72."The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal
05/11/2013-Louisville, KY
OVW Saturday Night Special

73.Dylan Bostic
07/04/2013-Louisville, KY

74.Flash Flanagan
08/03/2013-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
Defeated Dylan Bostic, Randy Royal, & Rudy Switchblade in a Fatal Four Way match.
OVW Saturday Night Special

75.Elijah Burke
09/11/2013-Louisville, KY

76.Shiloh Jonze
10/05/2013-Louisville, KY

11/20/2013-Louisville, KY

78.Melvin Maximus
01/04/2014-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW Saturday Night Special

79.Adam Revolver
05/14/2014-Louisville, KY

80. Melvin Maximus [2]
05/2/2014-Louisville, KY

81.Adam Revolver [2]
06/11/2014-Louisville, KY

82.Michael Hayes
08/02/2014-Louisville, KY

83.Adam Revolver [3]
08/20/2014-Louisville, KY

84.Michael Hayes [2]
09/06/2014-Louisville, KY

85.Chris Silvio
10/08/2014-Louisville, KY

86.Michael Hayes [3]
11/01/2014-Louisville, KY

87.Dapper Dan
12/20/2014-Louisville, KY

88.Rump Thump
02/07/2015-Louisville, KY

89.Adam Revolver [4]
02/25/2015-Louisville, KY

90.Ryan Howe [2]
04/04/2015-Louisville, KY

91.Adam Revolver [5]
05/09/2015-Louisville, KY

92.Ryan Howe [3]
06/06/2015-Louisville, KY

93.Rany Royal
06/24/2015-Louisville, KY

94.Dylan Bostic [2]
07/11/2015-Louisville, KY
Defeated Adam Wylde and Eric Locker in 3-way match.

Title Vacant
Dylan Bostic vacated due to injury.

95.Randy Royal [2]
07/24/2015-Louisville, KY

96.Mitch Huff
10/07/2015-Louisville, KY

97.Devin Driscoll
10/28/2015-Louisville, KY

98.Big Jon
03/05/2016-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Big Jon* wins OVW Heavyweight Title in Elizabethtown, KY.

99.Bud Dwight
05/14/2016-Louisville, KY
Defeats Tony Gunn in tournament final.

100.Tony Gunn
06/01/2016-Louisville, KY

101.Bud Dwight [2]
08/17/2016-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Due to Bud Dwight's injury.

102.Tyler Matrix
09/17/2016-Louisville, KY
Defeated Justin Smooth in tournament final.

103.Trevor Steele
10/05/2016-Louisville, KY

104.Tyler Matrix [2]
11/16/2016-Louisville, KY
Defeated Trevor Steele*, Diamond, Robbie Walker, Justin Smooth, and Tony Gunn in 6-way match.

105.Robbie Walker
01/25/2017-Louisville, KY
Defeated Matrix, Big Zo, and Stuart Miles in 4-way match.

106.Stuart Miles
03/04/2017-Louisville, KY

107.Jade Dawson
05/13/2017-Louisville, KY

108.Stuart Miles [2]
06/14/2017/Louisville, KY
Defeated Dawson, Chace Destiny, and Little Damion in a gauntlet match.

109.David Lee Lorenze III
07/01/2017-Louisville, KY
Defeated Miles and Jade Dawson in a 3-way match.

110.Big Zo
07/01/2017-Louisville, KY

111.David Lee Lorenze III [2]
08/05/2017-Louisville, KY

112.Logan James
10/07/2017-Louisville, KY
Defeated David Lee Lorenze III, Randall Floyd, and Stuart Miles in 4-way match.

113.Randall Floyd
10/11/2017-Louisville, KY

114.Logan James [2]
10/18/2017-Louisville, KY

115.Randall Floyd [2]
10/25/2017-Louisville, KY

116.Logan James [3]
02/03/2018-Louisville, KY

117.Sam Thompson
06/13/2018-Louisville, KY

118.Billy O.
07/18/2018-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Billy-O did not defend the title.

118.Eddie Knight
10/17/2018-Louisville, KY
Defeated Dapper Dan.

119.Dapper Dan [2]
11/14/2018-Louisville, KY

120.Dustin Jackson
11/21/2018-Louisville, KY

121.Colton Cage
12/19/2018-Louisville, KY

122.Justin Smooth
01/09/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Colton Cage*, Cash Flo, Dimes, Dustin Jackson, and Eddie Knight.

123.Shiloh Jonze
02/13/2019-Louisville, KY
Wona gauntlet match against Smooth, Dimes, Drew Hernandez, Melvin Maximus, and Nigel Winters.

124.Big Zo
02/20/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Jonze, Crimson,Brandon Espinosa, KTD,Jaden, Roller and Melvin Maximus.

125.Colton Cage [2]
02/27/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Zo, Crimson, Jax Dane, Justin Smooth, Leonis Khan, and Maximus Khan.

126.Dustin Jackson [2]
03/13/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Colton Cage*, Big Zo, Drew Hernandez, Phil Early, and Amon;

Title Vacant

03/20/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Drew Hernandez, Amon, Adam Revolver, Matt Vine, and Nigel Winters

Title Vacant
After Dimes won an OVW Heavyweight Title in a gauntlet match against the heavyweight champion Tony Gunn, Amon, Drew Hernandez, William Lutz, and Brandon Wolfe.

128.Jessie Godderz
04/24/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Colton Cage, Adam Revolver, Ashton Cove, Dustin Jackson, and Nigel Winters.

129.Drew Hernandez
04/26/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Godderz, Dimes, Adam Revolver, Amon, and Tony Bizo.

130.Randall Floyd
05/22/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Hernandez, Big Zo, Ashton Cove, Chace Destiny, and Sam Thompson.

131.William Lutz
06/26/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Floyd, Drew Hernandez, Jay Bradley, Brandon Espinosa, and Kyle Roberts.

132.Big Zo [2]
07/17/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Lutz, Drew Hernandez, Ashton Cove, KTD, and Maximus Khan.

133.Jay Bradley
07/31/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Zo, Ashton Cove, Dustin Jackson, Randall Floyd, Sam Thompson, and Shiloh Jonze.

134.Maximus Khan
08/21/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Bradley, Colton Cage, Drew Hernandez, Vinneeshh, and Chace Destiny.

135.Drew Hernandez [2]
08/28/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Khan, Brandon Espinosa, Melvin Maximus, Nigel Winters, and Shiloh Jonze.

09/11/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Hernandez, Colton Cage, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Ashton Cove, and Chace Destiny.

137.Corey Storm
09/18/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Rhino, Drew Hernandez, Dapper Dan, Ashton Cove, and Lee Holliday.

138.Tony Gunn
10/01/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Corey Storm*, AJZ, Drew Hernandez, Steve Michales, and Ashton Cove.

10/22/2019-Louisville, KY
Won a gauntlet match against Gunn, Corey Storm, Dimes, and Ashton Cove

Title retired
11/2019 replaced with OVW Rush Title

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