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(Puerto Rico)


? (before March 8, 1975)--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez and Eric Roelfsema

1.Jose Miguel Perez
Billed as Champion on the WWC First show

2.Dr. Klodied
03/08/75-Caguas, PR

3.Jose Miguel Perez [2]
03/22/75-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Perez and Spoiler II, 08/30/75, Bayamon, PR.

4.Jose Miguel Perez [3]
09/20/75-Caguas, PR

5.Tosh Togo
10/04/75-Bayamon, PR

12/13/75-Caguas, PR
WWC stripped Togo after a match vs. Jose Miguel Perez because he escaped from the ring because of problems he was having during his matches with Jose Miguel Perez

6.Hercules Ayala
02/21/76-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Spoiler I in tournament final.

7.Tor Kamata
05/22/76-Caguas, PR

8.Jose Rivera
08/21/76-Caguas, PR

9.Eric the Red
12/25/76-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Eric the Red and Ernie Ladd, 04/02/77, San Juan, PR.

Both wrestlers leave WWC

10.Jose Miguel Perez [4]
05/07/77-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Hurricane Castillo, Sr. in tournament final

11.Hurricane Castillo, Sr.
05/14/77-Caguas, PR

12.Hercules Ayala [2]
06/18/77-Caguas, PR

13.Invader I (Jose Gonzales)
09/24/77-Bayamon, PR

14.Carlos Col�n
10/15/77-Bayamon, PR

15.Ox Baker
04/08/78-Caguas, PR

16.Carlos Col�n [2]
05/06/78-Bayamon, PR

17.Kendo Kimura

18.Carlos Col�n [3]

19.Abdullah the Butcher (Larry Shreeve)
11/18/78-Bayamon, PR

20.Pampero Firpo
07/31/79-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Firpo and Carlos Col�n, 08/11/79, Bayamon, PR.

21.Carlos Col�n [4]
09/22/79-Bayamon, PR

22.Abdullah the Butcher [2]
12/15/79-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Abdullah and Carlos Col�n, 01/05/80, Bayamon, PR

23.Carlos Col�n [5]
01/12/80-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Colon and Killer Karl Krupp, 05/02/81, San Juan, PR

24.Carlos Col�n [6]
05/09/81-Bayamon, PR

25.Abdullah the Butcher [3]
08/10/81-San Juan, PR

26.Carlos Col�n [7]
09/26/81-Bayamon, PR

27.Mongolian Stomper
02/06/82-Bayamon, PR

28.Carlos Col�n [8]
03/13/82-Bayamon, PR

07/24/82-San Juan, PR
Colon wins WWC World Title.

29.Dory Funk, Jr.
08/14/82-San Juan, PR
Defeats Pierre Martel to determine new champion

30.Invader I [2]
10/16/82-San Juan, PR

31.King Tonga
01/15/83-San Juan, PR

32.Bob Sweetan
10/23/83-Mayaguez, PR

33.King Tonga [2]
03/24/84-Bayamon, PR

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34.Terry Gibbs
05/12/84-Bayamon, PR

35.Hercules Ayala [3]
06/14/84-Bayamon, PR

36.Konga the Barbarian
07/07/84-Bayamon, PR

37.Invader I [3]
09/15/84-San Juan, PR

38.Black Gordman
12/06/84-Bayamon, PR

39.Super Medic I
02/10/85-Aguadilla, PR

40.Fidel Sierra (David Sierra)
06/08/85-Caguas, PR

41.Super Medic I [2]
07/06/85-Carolina, PR

42.Eric Embry
08/17/85-Bayamon, PR

43.Super Medic I [3]
05/17/86-Caguas, PR

44.Eric Embry [2]
05/31/86-Bayamon, PR

45.Invader I [4]
06/28/86-Bayamon, PR

46.Al Perez
10/22/86-San Juan, PR

47.Mighty Igor
11/29/86-San Juan, PR

48.Kareem Mohammed
06/06/87-Guaynabo, PR

49.Miguelito Perez
12/13/87-San Juan, PR

50.Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto)
05/14/88-Caguas, PR

51.Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz)
08/06/88-San Juan, PR

52.Bobby Jaggers
10/08/88-Carolina, PR

53.Ricky Santana [2]
11/24/88-Carolina, PR

54.Hercules Ayala [4]
12/17/88-Bayamon, PR

Ayala loses a Loser-Leaves-Town match to Carlos Col�n

55.TNT (Juan Rivera)
02/04/89-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Sika in tournament final

56.Abudda Dein
02/25/89-Carolina, PR

57.Invader I [5]
05/14/89-San Juan, PR

58.Ivan Koloff
07/15/89-Caguas, PR

59.Invader I [6]
10/07/89-Bayamon, PR

60.Manny Fernandez
01/13/90-Bayamon, PR

Injury angle in a match against Carlos Col�n, 03/03/90
Belt declared vacant on that date
Fernandez left the WWC with the belt and the championship wasn't mentioned until the tournament on 10/12/91, except when declared vacant, when he returned to the WWC on 09/30/91 and returned the belt back

61.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. (Jesus Daniel Castillo)
10/12/91-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Hector Guerrero in tournament final

Castillo jumped to All Star Wrestling and was billed there as the Puerto Rican Heavyweight Champion

62.Ray Gonz�lez
Defeated Jason The Terrible

63.Jason The Terrible

64.Invader I [7]

65.Bronco I

66.Invader I [8]
01/06/96-Caguas, PR

67.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [2]
Title held up after match between Castillo and Ray Gonzalez, 11/28/96

68.Ray Gonzalez
12/15/96-Caguas, PR

69.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [3]
03/29/97-Bayamon, PR

70.Ray Gonzalez [2]
04/27/97-Cabo Rojo, PR

71.Mohammed Hussein
05/28/97-Gurabo, PR

72.Ricky Santana [3]
09/06/97-Humacao, PR

73.Villano III
11/27/97-Caguas, PR

74.Ricky Santana [4]
11/29/97-Arecibo, PR

75.Villano III [2]
12/21/97-San German, PR

76.Glamour Boy: Shane (Shane Sewell)
08/01/98-San Juan, PR

77.Victor "The Bodyguard" Rodriguez
10/31/98 Ponce, PR

78.Carlos Col�n [9]
02/20/99-Humacao, PR

Colon vacates the title due to knee surgery.

79.Jos� Rivera Jr.
07/10/99-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Victor the Bodyguard in a tournament

80.Mustafa Saed
09/11/99-Fajardo, PR

81.El Nene
10/23/99-Manati, PR
Defeated Rico Suave & Mustafa Saed in handicap match for title
Pinned Rico Suave, manager.

82.Harley Lewis
11/20/99-Cayey, PR

83.Jose Rivera, Jr [2]
1/16/2000-Carolina, PR

84.Rex King
02/12/00-Guaynabo, PR

85.Tit�n (David Irizarry)
03/26/2000-Carolina, PR

86.Invader 1 [9]
09/30/2000-Carolina, PR (Polideportivo Guillermo Angulo)

87. Paul LeDuc
03/10/2001 - Morovis, PR

88. Invader I (10)
04/07/2001 - Carolina, PR
Invader 1 delivered his famous heartpunch to win the Title.

89.Fidel Sierra
06/02/2001-Morovis, PR

90.Invader I [11]
09/08/2001-Bayoman, PR (Juan Ram�n Loubriel)

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91.Jungle Jim Steele (Jim Rocha)
11/03/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

92.Invader I [12]
11/24/2001-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Sola Bezares)

92.Ray Gonzalez [3]
02/09/2002-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Sol� Bezares Coliseum)

93.Hercules Ayala [5]
03/10/2002-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Colisuem)
Invader attacked Gonzalez with a chair when the referee was't watching, allowing Ayala to score the pinfall

94.Ray Gonz�lez [4]
03/23/2002-Orocovis, PR (Jes�s 'Tito' Col�n Coliseum)

Title vacant
Gonzalez returns the belt after he quits WWC to jump to IWA.

95.Ricky Santana
11/28/2002-Mayaguez, PR
Defeats El Nene in a tournament final to win vacant title.

96.El Nene
12/14/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)

Title held up

97.Fidel Sierra [2]
01/11/2003-Morovis, PR (Jose Huyke Coliseum)
Fantasy interfered and used his loaded purse against El Nene

98.El Nene
01/18/2003-San Lorenzo, PR (Crist�bal 'Cag�itas' Col�n Stadium)

El Nene quits WWC.

99.Eddie Colon
05/31/2003-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Dominican Boy in an 8-man tournament final.

100.Dominican Boy
06/07/2003-Cayey,PR (Luis Raul Colon Coliseum)

Dominican Boy won the Universal Title

101.Jos� Rivera, Jr. [3]
09/27/2003-Caguas, PR (Yldefonso Sola Morales Baseball Park)
Defeated Eddie Col�n in a tournament final

102.Eddie Colon [2]
10/25/2003-Cidra, PR

103.Jos� Rivera, Jr. [4]
11/15/2003-Guaynabo, PR (Mario Morales Coliseum)
Ladder match

104.Eddie Col�n [3]
11/29/2003-Bayamon, PR (Juan Ram�n Loubriel)
Scaffold match

105.Jos� Rivera, Jr. [5]
12/20/2003-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendez Arena)
Boxing match

Title held Up
12/21/2003-Coamo, PR,
During a match vs. Eddie Col�n

106.Jos� Rivera, Jr. [6]
01/04/2004-Bayam�n, PR (Juan Ram�n Loubriel Stadium)

Title Held Up
01/24/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)
Title held up after a match between Jose Rivera, Jr. and Vengador Boricua at a time of 12:45

107.Jos� Rivera, Jr. [7]
02/07/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendez Arena)
Defeated Vengador Boricua to win held-up title

108.Hurac�n Castillo, Jr. [4]
04/24/2004-Cagua, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

109.Jos� Rivera Jr. [8]
05/08/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

110.Hurricane Castillo Jr [5]
05/15/2004-Caguas, PR
Won by forfeit as Jose Rivera, Jr. no-showed

111.Eddie Col�n [4]
07/03/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

112.El Bronco I
10/23/2004-Camuy, PR

113.Eddie Col�n [5]
11/06/2004-Guaynabo, PR

114.El Bronco I [2]
11/19/2004-Adjuntas, PR (Rafael Llul Coliseum)

115.Eric Alexander
12/11/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

03/26/2005-Caguas, PR (H�ctor Sol� Bezares Coliseum)

117.Chris Joel
05/20/2005-Bayam�n, PR (Rub�n Rodr�guez Coliseum)

03/26/2005-Caguas, PR
Defeated Eric Alexander for title

119.Chris Joel
05/20/2005-Bayamon, PR

120.Brent Dail
09/10/2005-Caguas, PR

11/05/2005-Bayamon, PR

[Records unclear]

122.Abbad [2]
02/04/2006-Bayamon, PR
defeated Julio Estrada (Rico Suave) for title

123.Julio Estrada [2]
02/18/2006-Villalba, PR

124.El Bronco [4]
03/25/2006-Carolina, PR

[Records unclear]

125.Ash Rubinsky
03/24/2007-Ponce, PR

126.Fireblaze [4]
04/07/2007-Caguas, PR

127.Hurricane Castillo Jr. [6]
04/28/2007-Bayam�n, PR

128.Crazy Rudy
10/06/2007-Bayam�n, PR

129.Jumping Jeff Jeffrey
10/27/2007-Bayam�n, PR

Title Vacant
Jeffrey left WWC

130.Rick Stanley
02/14/2009-Bayamon, PR

131.Glamour Boy Shane08/14/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Idol Stevens for title

132.Orlando Colon
09/26/2009- Bayamon, PR

02/27/2010-Ponce, PR

134.Orlando Colon [6]
07/11/2010-Bayam�n, PR

135.Carlitos [2]
09/25/2010-Bayam�n, PR

Title Vacant

12/09/2012-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated Apolo in rematch of a tournament final that ended as a DDQ on 11/14/2012 in Bayam�n, PR.

137.Samson Walker
Awarded when Gilbert (c) no-showed the scheduled defense.

02/09/2013-Cata�o, PR

139.Samson Walker [2]
03/02/2013-Bayam�n, PR

140.Chicano [2]
03/16/2013-Bayam�n, PR

141.El Bronco [7]
07/27/2013-Bayam�n, PR

11/16/2013-Bayam�n, PR

143.Gilbert [2]
01/19/2014-Bayam�n, PR

Gilbert defeated Apolo (c) on 01/19/2014 in Bayam�n, PR but the title is returned to Apolo due to a controversial ending.

03/30/2014-Bayam�n, PR

Title Held Up
/Held up after a match against Apolo on 2014/04/19 in Bayam�n, PR ends as no contest.
144.TNT [2]
04/26/2014-Bayam�n, PR
Won rematch.

145.Carlito Caribbean Cool [3]
07/19/2014-Bayam�n, PR

146.Gilbert [2]
10/10/2014-Yabucoa, PR

147.Chicano [3]
10/252014-Caguas, PR

148.Gilbert [3]
11/08/2014-Bayam�n, PR

149.Chicano [4]
12/06/2014-Bayam�n, PR

150.Ricardo Rodr�guez
01/24/2015-Bayam�n, PR

151.Chicano [5]
02/21Bayam�n, PR

152.La Revoluci�n
02/28/2015-Cata�o, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches.

153.Mike Mendoza
05/17/2015-Isabela, PR
Won the title from one of three members of La Revolucion.

154.La Revoluci�n [2]
08/01/2015-Bayam�n, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches

155.Ray Gonz�lez [5]
09/26/2015-Bayam�n, PR

156.Joe Bravo
10/17/2015-Bayam�n, PR

157.Miguel P�rez Jr. [2]
11/07/2015-Bayam�n, PR

158.Angel Fashion
01/23/2016-Bayam�n, PR
Defeated Miguel P�rez Jr. and Joe Bravo in 3-way match.

159.Sensacional Carlitos
03/19/2016-Bayam�n, PR

160.Chicano [6]
05/28/2016-Bayam�n, PR

161.Mike Mendoza [2]
01/07/2017-Bayam�n, PR
Won a 9-man battle royal, in which Chicano* also participated, by last eliminating Ray Gonz�lez Jr.

04/29/2017-Manat�, PR

163.Gilbert [7]
08/05/2017-Bayam�n, PR

164.Chicano [7]
03/18/2018-Dorado, PR

165.Mighty Ursus
03/31/2018- Manat�, PR
Defeated Chicano* and Thunder in 3-way match.

166.Lightning [2]
04/15/2018-Dorado, PR

167.El Comandante
09/15/2018-Guaynabo, PR

168.Chicano [8]
11/03/2018-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated El Gran Armando, substituting for El Comandante*, who was present but cannot wrestle.

169.Pedro Portillo III (Peter the Bad Romance)
01/05/2019-Guaynabo, PR

170.Bellito Calderón
08/17/2019-Guaynabo, PR

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