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(Puerto Rico)


? (before March 8, 1975)--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez and Eric Roelfsema

1.Jose Miguel Perez
Billed as Champion on the WWC First show

2.Dr. Klodied
03/08/75-Caguas, PR

3.Jose Miguel Perez [2]
03/22/75-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Perez and Spoiler II, 08/30/75, Bayamon, PR.

4.Jose Miguel Perez [3]
09/20/75-Caguas, PR

5.Tosh Togo
10/04/75-Bayamon, PR

12/13/75-Caguas, PR
WWC stripped Togo after a match vs. Jose Miguel Perez because he escaped from the ring because of problems he was having during his matches with Jose Miguel Perez

6.Hercules Ayala
02/21/76-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Spoiler I in tournament final.

7.Tor Kamata
05/22/76-Caguas, PR

8.Jose Rivera
08/21/76-Caguas, PR

9.Eric the Red
12/25/76-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Eric the Red and Ernie Ladd, 04/02/77, San Juan, PR.

Both wrestlers leave WWC

10.Jose Miguel Perez [4]
05/07/77-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Hurricane Castillo, Sr. in tournament final

11.Hurricane Castillo, Sr.
05/14/77-Caguas, PR

12.Hercules Ayala [2]
06/18/77-Caguas, PR

13.Invader I (Jose Gonzales)
09/24/77-Bayamon, PR

14.Carlos Colon
10/15/77-Bayamon, PR

15.Ox Baker
04/08/78-Caguas, PR

16.Carlos Colon [2]
05/06/78-Bayamon, PR

17.Kendo Kimura

18.Carlos Colon [3]

19.Abdullah the Butcher (Larry Shreeve)
11/18/78-Bayamon, PR

20.Pampero Firpo
07/31/79-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Firpo and Carlos Colon, 08/11/79, Bayamon, PR.

21.Carlos Colon [4]
09/22/79-Bayamon, PR

22.Abdullah the Butcher [2]
12/15/79-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Abdullah and Carlos Colon, 01/05/80, Bayamon, PR

23.Carlos Colon [5]
01/12/80-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after match between Colon and Killer Karl Krupp, 05/02/81, San Juan, PR

24.Carlos Colon [6]
05/09/81-Bayamon, PR

25.Abdullah the Butcher [3]
08/10/81-San Juan, PR

26.Carlos Colon [7]
09/26/81-Bayamon, PR

27.Mongolian Stomper
02/06/82-Bayamon, PR

28.Carlos Colon [8]
03/13/82-Bayamon, PR

07/24/82-San Juan, PR
Colon wins WWC World Title.

29.Dory Funk, Jr.
08/14/82-San Juan, PR
Defeats Pierre Martel to determine new champion

30.Invader I [2]
10/16/82-San Juan, PR

31.King Tonga
01/15/83-San Juan, PR

32.Bob Sweetan
10/23/83-Mayaguez, PR

33.King Tonga [2]
03/24/84-Bayamon, PR

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34.Terry Gibbs
05/12/84-Bayamon, PR

35.Hercules Ayala [3]
06/14/84-Bayamon, PR

36.Konga the Barbarian
07/07/84-Bayamon, PR

37.Invader I [3]
09/15/84-San Juan, PR

38.Black Gordman
12/06/84-Bayamon, PR

39.Super Medic I
02/10/85-Aguadilla, PR

40.Fidel Sierra (David Sierra)
06/08/85-Caguas, PR

41.Super Medic I [2]
07/06/85-Carolina, PR

42.Eric Embry
08/17/85-Bayamon, PR

43.Super Medic I [3]
05/17/86-Caguas, PR

44.Eric Embry [2]
05/31/86-Bayamon, PR

45.Invader I [4]
06/28/86-Bayamon, PR

46.Al Perez
10/22/86-San Juan, PR

47.Mighty Igor
11/29/86-San Juan, PR

48.Kareem Mohammed
06/06/87-Guaynabo, PR

49.Miguelito Perez
12/13/87-San Juan, PR

50.Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto)
05/14/88-Caguas, PR

51.Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz)
08/06/88-San Juan, PR

52.Bobby Jaggers
10/08/88-Carolina, PR

53.Ricky Santana [2]
11/24/88-Carolina, PR

54.Hercules Ayala [4]
12/17/88-Bayamon, PR

Ayala loses a Loser-Leaves-Town match to Carlos Colon

55.TNT (Juan Rivera)
02/04/89-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Sika in tournament final

56.Abudda Dein
02/25/89-Carolina, PR

57.Invader I [5]
05/14/89-San Juan, PR

58.Ivan Koloff
07/15/89-Caguas, PR

59.Invader I [6]
10/07/89-Bayamon, PR

60.Manny Fernandez
01/13/90-Bayamon, PR

Injury angle in a match against Carlos Colon, 03/03/90
Belt declared vacant on that date
Fernandez left the WWC with the belt and the championship wasn't mentioned until the tournament on 10/12/91, except when declared vacant, when he returned to the WWC on 09/30/91 and returned the belt back

61.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. (Jesus Daniel Castillo)
10/12/91-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Hector Guerrero in tournament final

Castillo jumped to All Star Wrestling and was billed there as the Puerto Rican Heavyweight Champion

62.Ray Gonzolez
Defeated Jason The Terrible

63.Jason The Terrible

64.Invader I [7]

65.Bronco I

66.Invader I [8]
01/06/96-Caguas, PR

67.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [2]
Title held up after match between Castillo and Ray Gonzalez, 11/28/96

68.Ray Gonzalez
12/15/96-Caguas, PR

69.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. [3]
03/29/97-Bayamon, PR

70.Ray Gonzalez [2]
04/27/97-Cabo Rojo, PR

71.Mohammed Hussein
05/28/97-Gurabo, PR

72.Ricky Santana [3]
09/06/97-Humacao, PR

73.Villano III
11/27/97-Caguas, PR

74.Ricky Santana [4]
11/29/97-Arecibo, PR

75.Villano III [2]
12/21/97-San German, PR

76.Glamour Boy: Shane (Shane Sewell)
08/01/98-San Juan, PR

77.Victor "The Bodyguard" Rodriguez
10/31/98 Ponce, PR

78.Carlos Colon [9]
02/20/99-Humacao, PR

Colon vacates the title due to knee surgery.

79.Jose Rivera Jr.
07/10/99-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Victor the Bodyguard in a tournament

80.Mustafa Saed
09/11/99-Fajardo, PR

81.El Nene
10/23/99-Manati, PR
Defeated Rico Suave & Mustafa Saed in handicap match for title
Pinned Rico Suave, manager.

82.Harley Lewis
11/20/99-Cayey, PR

83.Jose Rivera, Jr [2]
1/16/2000-Carolina, PR

84.Rex King
02/12/00-Guaynabo, PR

85.Titan (David Irizarry)
03/26/2000-Carolina, PR

86.Invader 1 [9]
09/30/2000-Carolina, PR (Polideportivo Guillermo Angulo)

87. Paul LeDuc
03/10/2001 - Morovis, PR

88. Invader I (10)
04/07/2001 - Carolina, PR
Invader 1 delivered his famous heartpunch to win the Title.

89.Fidel Sierra
06/02/2001-Morovis, PR

90.Invader I [11]
09/08/2001-Bayoman, PR (Juan Ramon Loubriel)

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91.Jungle Jim Steele (Jim Rocha)
11/03/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

92.Invader I [12]
11/24/2001-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares)

92.Ray Gonzalez [3]
02/09/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Solo Bezares Coliseum)

93.Hercules Ayala [5]
03/10/2002-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Colisuem)
Invader attacked Gonzalez with a chair when the referee was't watching, allowing Ayala to score the pinfall

94.Ray Gonzolez [4]
03/23/2002-Orocovis, PR (Jesus 'Tito' Colon Coliseum)

Title vacant
Gonzalez returns the belt after he quits WWC to jump to IWA.

95.Ricky Santana
11/28/2002-Mayaguez, PR
Defeats El Nene in a tournament final to win vacant title.

96.El Nene
12/14/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)

Title held up

97.Fidel Sierra [2]
01/11/2003-Morovis, PR (Jose Huyke Coliseum)
Fantasy interfered and used his loaded purse against El Nene

98.El Nene
01/18/2003-San Lorenzo, PR (Cristobal 'Cagaitas' Colon Stadium)

El Nene quits WWC.

99.Eddie Colon
05/31/2003-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Dominican Boy in an 8-man tournament final.

100.Dominican Boy
06/07/2003-Cayey,PR (Luis Raul Colon Coliseum)

Dominican Boy won the Universal Title

101.Jose Rivera, Jr. [3]
09/27/2003-Caguas, PR (Yldefonso Sola Morales Baseball Park)
Defeated Eddie Colon in a tournament final

102.Eddie Colon [2]
10/25/2003-Cidra, PR

103.Jose Rivera, Jr. [4]
11/15/2003-Guaynabo, PR (Mario Morales Coliseum)
Ladder match

104.Eddie Colon [3]
11/29/2003-Bayamon, PR (Juan Ramon Loubriel)
Scaffold match

105.Jose Rivera, Jr. [5]
12/20/2003-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendez Arena)
Boxing match

Title held Up
12/21/2003-Coamo, PR,
During a match vs. Eddie Colon

106.Jose Rivera, Jr. [6]
01/04/2004-Bayamon, PR (Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium)

Title Held Up
01/24/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)
Title held up after a match between Jose Rivera, Jr. and Vengador Boricua at a time of 12:45

107.Jose Rivera, Jr. [7]
02/07/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendez Arena)
Defeated Vengador Boricua to win held-up title

108.Huracan Castillo, Jr. [4]
04/24/2004-Cagua, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

109.Jose Rivera Jr. [8]
05/08/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

110.Hurricane Castillo Jr [5]
05/15/2004-Caguas, PR
Won by forfeit as Jose Rivera, Jr. no-showed

111.Eddie Colon [4]
07/03/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

112.El Bronco I
10/23/2004-Camuy, PR

113.Eddie Colon [5]
11/06/2004-Guaynabo, PR

114.El Bronco I [2]
11/19/2004-Adjuntas, PR (Rafael Llul Coliseum)

115.Eric Alexander
12/11/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Arena)

03/26/2005-Caguas, PR (Hector Solo Bezares Coliseum)

117.Chris Joel
05/20/2005-Bayamon, PR (Ruben Rodroguez Coliseum)

03/26/2005-Caguas, PR
Defeated Eric Alexander for title

119.Chris Joel
05/20/2005-Bayamon, PR

120.Brent Dail
09/10/2005-Caguas, PR

11/05/2005-Bayamon, PR

[Records unclear]

122.Abbad [2]
02/04/2006-Bayamon, PR
defeated Julio Estrada (Rico Suave) for title

123.Julio Estrada [2]
02/18/2006-Villalba, PR

124.El Bronco [4]
03/25/2006-Carolina, PR

[Records unclear]

125.Ash Rubinsky
03/24/2007-Ponce, PR

126.Fireblaze [4]
04/07/2007-Caguas, PR

127.Hurricane Castillo Jr. [6]
04/28/2007-Bayamon, PR

128.Crazy Rudy
10/06/2007-Bayamon, PR

129.Jumping Jeff Jeffrey
10/27/2007-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
Jeffrey left WWC

130.Rick Stanley
02/14/2009-Bayamon, PR

131.Glamour Boy Shane08/14/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Idol Stevens for title

132.Orlando Colon
09/26/2009- Bayamon, PR

02/27/2010-Ponce, PR

134.Orlando Colon [6]
07/11/2010-Bayamon, PR

135.Carlitos [2]
09/25/2010-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant

12/09/2012-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Apolo in rematch of a tournament final that ended as a DDQ on 11/14/2012 in Bayamon, PR.

137.Samson Walker
Awarded when Giloert (c) no-showed the scheduled defense.

02/09/2013-Catano, PR

139.Samson Walker [2]
03/02/2013-Bayamon, PR

140.Chicano [2]
03/16/2013-Bayamon, PR

141.El Bronco [7]
07/27/2013-Bayamon, PR

11/16/2013-Bayamon, PR

143.Gilbert [2]
01/19/2014-Bayamon, PR

Gilbert defeated Apolo (c) on 01/19/2014 in Bayamon, PR but the title is returned to Apolo due to a controversial ending.

03/30/2014-Bayamon, PR

Title Held Up
/Held up after a match against Apolo on 2014/04/19 in Bayamon, PR ends as no contest.
144.TNT [2]
04/26/2014-Bayam0n, PR
Won rematch.

145.Carlito Caribbean Cool [3]
07/19/2014-Bayamon, PR

146.Gilbert [2]
10/10/2014-Yabucoa, PR

147.Chicano [3]
10/252014-Caguas, PR

148.Gilbert [3]
11/08/2014-Bayamon, PR

149.Chicano [4]
12/06/2014-Bayamon, PR

150.Ricardo Rodroguez
01/24/2015-Bayamon, PR

151.Chicano [5]
02/21Bayamen, PR

152.La Revolucion
02/28/2015-Catano, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches.

153.Mike Mendoza
05/17/2015-Isabela, PR
Won the title from one of three members of La Revolucion.

154.La Revolucion [2]
08/01/2015-Bayamon, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches

155.Ray Gonzolez [5]
09/26/2015-Bayamon, PR

156.Joe Bravo
10/17/2015-Bayamon, PR

157.Miguel Perez Jr. [2]
11/07/2015-Bayamon, PR

158.Angel Fashion
01/23/2016-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Miguel Perez Jr. and Joe Bravo in 3-way match.

159.Sensacional Carlitos
03/19/2016-Bayamon, PR

160.Chicano [6]
05/28/2016-Bayamon, PR

161.Mike Mendoza [2]
01/07/2017-Bayamon, PR
Won a 9-man battle royal, in which Chicano* also participated, by last eliminating Ray Gonzolez Jr.

04/29/2017-Manato, PR

163.Gilbert [7]
08/05/2017-Bayamon, PR

164.Chicano [7]
03/18/2018-Dorado, PR

165.Mighty Ursus
03/31/2018- Manato, PR
Defeated Chicano* and Thunder in 3-way match.

166.Lightning [2]
04/15/2018-Dorado, PR

167.El Comandante
09/15/2018-Guaynabo, PR

168.Chicano [8]
11/03/2018-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated El Gran Armando, substituting for El Comandante*, who was present but cannot wrestle.

169.Pedro Portillo III (Peter the Bad Romance)
01/05/2019-Guaynabo, PR

170.Bellito Calderón
08/17/2019-Guaynabo, PR

171.Mighty Ursus [2]
11/23/2021-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
Due to "personal reasons".

172.Bellito Calderon [2]
02/06/2021-San Juan, PR
Defeated Pedro Portillo III.

10/02/2021- Manatí, PR

174.Carlos Calderón [3]
04/02/2022-Manatí, PR
WWC Universal Champion, won a fall against Xavant* for the Puerto Rico during a 2-fall double title match but loses the Unviersal title in the other fall.

175.Gran Bestia Nihan
05/21/2022-Manatí, PR

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