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? 1945--December, 1987

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

1.Jack Purdin and Garza Lozano

2.Mike Chacoma and Red Roberts
06/29/48-Nashville, TN
Defeated Herb Welch and Roy Welch.

3.Herb Welch and Tex Riley
11/23/48-Nashville, TN

4.Herb Welch and Roy Welch

5.John Smith and Al Smith

6.Jackie Fargo and Don Fargo

7.Tex Riley and Len Rossi

8.Corsica Joe and Corsica Jean

8.Don Fields and Bobby Fields
02/22/60-Memphis, TN

10.Mephwasto and Dante

11.Tex Riley and Len Rossi [2]
08/22/61-Nashville, TN

12.Mephwasto and Dante [2]
09/05/61-Nashville, TN

13.Tex Riley and Len Rossi [3]
09/16/61-Chattanooga, TN

14.Mephwasto and Dante [3]
09/23/61-Chattanooga, TN

15.Jackie Fargo and Lester Welch
10/17/61-Nashville, TN

16.Mephwasto and Dante [4]
11/28/61-Nashville, TN

17.Jackie Fargo and Lester Welch [2]
02/12/62-Memphis, TN

18.Mephwasto and Dante [5]
03/10/62-Chattanooga, TN

19.Don Fields and Luke Fields (Bobby Fields)
07/09/62-Memphis, TN

20.Medics (Tony Gonzales and Donald Lortie)
08/27/62-Memphis, TN

21.Lester Welch and Buddy Fuller
10/15/62-Memphis, TN

22.Medics [2]
10/22/62-Memphis, TN

23.Jackie Fargo and Tex Riley
11/13/62-Nashville, TN

24.Medics [3]
11/27/62-Nashville, TN

25.Eric Pomeroy (Stan Pulaski) Ray Andrews
12/03/62-Memphis, TN

26.Medics [4]
01/21/63-Memphis, TN

27.Don Fields and Luke Fields [2]
02/05/63-Nashville, TN

28.Medics [5]
02/20/63-Nashville, TN

29.Gino Calza and Tony Calza
04/09/63-Nashville, TN

31.Karl Von Stroheim and Skull Von Stroheim
05/13/63-Memphis, TN

32.Jackie Fargo and Mario Milano
11/05/63-Nashville, TN
Vacated in 64/02 when Fargo injured.

33.Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez
02/03/64-Memphis, TN

34.Jackie Fargo and Mased Rebel (Sonny Fargo)
03/17/64-Nashville, TN

35.Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez [2]
03/31/64-Nashville, TN

36.Jackie Fargo and Don Fargo [2]
05/26/64-Nashville, TN

37.Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez [3]
06/09/64-Nashville, TN

38.Len Rossi and Mario Milano
06/23/64-Nashville, TN

39.Corsica Joe and Corsica Jean [2]
09/64-Bowling Green, KY

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40.Tojo Yamamoto and Mitsu Hirai
12/64-Bowling Green, KY

41.Mike Clancy and Frankie Cain
07/13/65-Nashville, TN

42.Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez [4]
07/27/65-Nashville, TN

43.Jackie Fargo and Len Rossi
09/10/65-Jonesboro, AK

44.Tojo Yamamoto and Tor Kamata
10/02/65-Nashville, TN

45.Jackie Fargo and Len Rossi [2]
10/19/65-Nashville, TN

46.Mysterious Medics
Tournament ordered in December 1965 after a controversial match against Hiro Matsuda and Kanji Inoki (Antonio Inoki).

47.Len Rossi and Mario Milano [2]
01/11/66-Nashville, TN
Win 3-team tournament over Mysterious Medics and Hiro Matsuda and Kanji Inoki.

48.Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez [5]
02/09/66-Nashville, TN

49.Len Rossi and Mario Milano [3]
02/15/66-Nashville, TN

50.Tojo Yamamoto and Great Higami
06/21/66-Birmingham, AL

51.Len Rossi and Mario Milano [4]

52.Blue Infernos
10/28/66-Nashville, TN

53.Chin Lee and Corsica Joe
11/66-Birmingham, AL

54.Joe Sky and Bill Sky

55.Yamaha Brothers (Kotetsu Yamamoto and Kantaro Hoshino)

56.Don Carson and The Red Shadow

57.Lester Welch and Buddy Fuller [2]
09/24/68-Birmingham, AL

58.Mighty Yankees (Eddie Sullivan and Frank Morrell)

59.Joe Sky and Bill Sky [2]
02/27/69-Lexington, KY

60.Mighty Yankees [2] 69/03

61.Ken Lucas and Johnny Walker 69/03/13-Chattanooga, TN

62.Terry Garvin and Ron Garvin

63.Dennwas Hall and Johnny Walker

64.Al Greene and Don Greene

65.Tojo Yamamoto and Jerry Jarrett 71/05/31-Memphis, TN

66.Kurt Von Baruner and Karl Von Baruner 71/07

67.Dennwas Hall and Stan Frazier

68.The Interns

69.Len Rossi and Bearcat Brown

70.Sputnik Monroe and Norvell Austin 72/05

71.Kurt Von Baruner and Karl Von Baruner [2] 72/06

72.The Interns [2]

73.Jackie Fargo and Roughhouse Fargo [2]

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74.The Interns [3]

75.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
10/11/87-Memphis, TN (Mid-South Coliseum)

76.Len Rossi and Kevin Sullivan

77.Jerry Jarrett and Tojo Yamamoto

78.Bounty Hunters (David Novak and Jerry Novak)
02/13/73-Chattanooga, TN

79.Jackie Fargo and Jerry Jarrett
02/20/73-Chattanooga, TN

80.Jerry Lawler and Jim White

81.Tojo Yamamoto and Sonny Fargo

82.Jerry Lawler and Jim White [2]

83.Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Marlin

84.Terry Garvin and Ron Garvin [2]
10/09/73-Memphis, TN

85.Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Marlin [2]

86.The Masked Yankees

87.Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Marlin [3]

88.Infernos (Ron Gibson and Stan Pulaski)

89.Bobby Mayne and Charlie Fulton

90.Phil Hickerson and Al Greene

91.Tojo Yamamoto and Eddie Marlin

92.Bill Dundee and George Barnes
03/10/75-Memphis, TN

93.The Interns [4]

94.Tommy Gilbert and Bearcat Brown

95.Bill Dundee and Big Bad John

96.Jerry Lawler and Playboy Frazier

97.Bill Dundee and Big Bad John [2]

98.Chief Thundercloud and Little Bear

99."Dirty" Dutch Mantell and David Shults

100.Dennwas Conrey and Phil Hickerson

101.Dennwas Condrey and Phil Hickerson

102.Bill Dundee and Tojo Yamamoto

103.Danny Little Bear and Chief Thundercloud

104.Dennwas Conrey and Phil Hickerson [2]

105.Bob Ellwas and Jim Garvin

106.Hollywood Blonds (Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts)

107.Norvell Austin and Pat Barrett

108.The Samoans (Afa and Sika)

109.Dennwas Conrey and Phil Hickerson [3]
11/28/77-Memphis, TN

110.Norvell Austin and Bill Dundee
12/05/77-Memphis, TN

111.Dennwas Conrey and Phil Hickerson [4]

112.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee

113.Jos LeDuc and Jean Louie

114.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee [2]

115.Dennwas Conrey and Phil Hickerson [5]
12/18/78-Memphis, TN
Vacated in 79/01.

116.Robert Fuller and Toru Tanaka
01/22/79-Memphis, TN
Fuller defeats Dennwas Condrey and Don Carson in tournament final after Tanaka leaves the ring during the match.

117.Dennwas Condrey and Don Carson
Win by forfeit after Fuller and Tanaka split up.

118.Bill Dundee and Robert Gibson
02/26/79-Memphis, TN

119.The Assassins
04/23/79-Memphis, TN

120. Bill Dundee and Robert Fuller
05/07/79-Memphis, TN

121.Toru Tanaka and Mr. Fuji
05/14/79-Memphis, TN

122.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee [3]
06/04/79-Memphis, TN

123.Blond Bombers (Larry Latham and Wayne Farrwas)

124.Rick Gibson and Robert Gibson

125.Blond Bombers [2]

126.Steve Regal and Hector Guerrero
11/19/79-Memphis, TN

127.The Assassins [2]
09/12/79-Memphis, TN

128.Rick Gibson and Robert Gibson [2]
01/01/80-Memphis, TN

129.The Assassins [3]
01/07/80-Memphis, TN

130.Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas
02/18/80-Memphis, TN

131.The Assassins [4]
02/25/80-Memphis, TN

132.Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas [2]
03/06/80-Lexington, KY

133.Paul Ellering and Sheik Ali Hassan
03/11/80-Louisville, KY

134.Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas [3]

135.Dennwas Condrey and David Shults

136.Rocky Johnson and Jimmy Valiant
05/12/80-Memphis, TN

137.Skull Murphy and Gypsy Joe
05/25/80-Memphis, TN

138.Jackie Fargo and Randy Fargo
Vacated on 06/18/80 when Jackie Fargo retired.

139.Ken Lucas and Ricky Morton

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139.Killer Karl Krupp and El Mongol
07/28/80-Memphis, TN

140.Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Gilbert
08/25/80-Louisville, KY

141.Sonny King and The Angel (Frank Morrell)
09/15/80-Memphis, TN

142.Larry Latham and Bill Irwin

143.Ken Lucas and Ricky Morton

144.Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby

145.Bill Dundee and Tommy Rich

146.Bounty Hunters

147.Bill Dundee and Tommy Rich

148.Tojo Yamamoto and Wayne Farrwas

149.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee [4]

150.Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita (Atsushi Onita)
03/23/81-Memphis, TN

151.Ricky Morton and Eddie Gilbert

152.Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita (Atsushi Onita) 81-Tupelo, MS

153.Bill Dundee and Dream Machine 81-Memphis, TN

154.The Nightmare and Speed

155.Rick Gibson and Robert Gibson [2]

156.Stane Lane and Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)
Defeated Rick Gibson.

157.Steve Keirn and Bill Dundee

158.Midnight Express (Condrey, Rose, and Norvell Austin)
Austin defeated Kerin by DQ
stripped after controversial win.

159.Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar
Win tournament.

160.Steve Keirn and Bill Dundee [2]

161.Midnight Express [2]

162.Stan Lane and Ron Bass
Defeated Condrey and Austin.

163.Dream Machine and Jim Mitchell
08/09/82-Memphis, TN

164.Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar [2]

165.The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane)
11/02/82 Louwasville, KY

166.Bobby Eaton and Duke Myers

167.The Fabulous Ones [2]

168.The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd and Luke Williams)
01/30/83-Memphis, TN

169.The Fabulous Ones [3]
02/06/83-Memphis, TN

170.The Sheepherders [2]
02/07/83 Louwasville, KY

171.The Fabulous Ones [4]
02/13/83-Memphis, TN

172.Moondogs (Rex and Spot)
04/04/83-Memphis, TN

173.The Fabulous Ones [5]

174.Bobby Eaton and Duke Myers [2]
05/16/83-Memphis, TN

175.The Fabulous Ones [6]

176.Grapplers (Len Denton and Tony Anthony)
08/01/83-Memphis, TN

177."Dirty" Dutch Mantell and Koko Ware

178.Bruwaser Brothers (Porkchop Cash and Troy Graham)

179.Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton)
11/07/83-Memphis, TN

180.Bruwaser Brothers [2]
11/14/83-Memphis, TN

181.The Fabulous Ones [7]
11/29/83-Memphis, TN

182.Zambuie Express (Kareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem)
Won by forfeit
Vacated when title changed by forfeit was not allowed.

183.Zambuie Express (Kareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem)
01/31/84-Memphis, TN
Defeated Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar in 13-team tournament final.

184.Pretty Young Things(Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar)
02/06/84-Memphis, TN

185.Zambuie Express [2]
02/14/84-Memphis, TN

186.Jerry Lawler and Jos LeDuc
03/12/84-Memphis, TN
Vacated on 03/19/84 when LeDuc and Jimmy Hart abandoned Lawler in a 6-man tag match.

187.Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert
03/26/84-Memphis, TN
Defeated Pretty Young Things.

188.Phil Hickerson and The Spoiler (Frank Morrell)
06/18/84-Memphis, TN
Title held up after a match against "Dirty" Dutch Mantell and Porkchop Cash.

189.Phil Hickerson and The Spoiler [2]
07/16/84-Memphis, TN
Defeated "Dirty" Dutch Mantell and Porkchop Cash in rematch.

190.Rock 'n' Roll Express [2]
08/13/84-Memphis, TN

191.Nightmares (Ken Wayne and Danny Davwas)
08/20/84-Memphis, TN

192."Dirty" Dutch Mantell and Tommy Rich
09/15/84-Memphis, TN
Vacated on 84/10/01 when Mantell and Rich disolved their team.

193.Rick Rude and King Kong Bundy
10/08/84-Memphis, TN
Defeated The Fabulous Ones in tournament final.

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194.The Fabulous Ones [8]
10/22/84-Memphis, TN

195.The Interns (Don Bass and Roger Smith)
12/03/84-Memphis, TN
Title vacated following a match against Dirty White Boys (Len Denton and Tony Anthony).

196.The Interns [2]
01/13/85-Memphis, TN
Defeated Rock'n'Roll Express in tournament final.

197.The Fabulous Ones [9]
02/17/85-Memphis, TN

198.PYT Express (Norvell Austin and Koko Ware) [2]
04/15/85-Memphis, TN

199.The Fabulous Ones
05/13/85-Memphis, TN
Defeated Austin and Billy Travwas.

200.PYT Express
05/85-Memphis, TN
Belts returned because of use of substitute.

201.The Fabulous Ones [10]
06/17/85-Memphis, TN
Defeated Ron Sexton and Billy Travwas in tournament final.

202.The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd and Rip Morgan)
06/22/85-Memphis, TN
Stripped of belts by promoters after title won, but titles are returned when The Sheepherders threaten to sue the promotion.

203.The Fabulous Ones [11]
09/05/85 Lexington, KY

204.The Sheepherders [2]
09/06/85 Blytheville, AK

205.The Fabulous Ones [12]
09/09/85-Memphis, TN

206.The Sheepherders [3]
09/16/85-Memphis, TN

207.The Fabulous Ones [13]
09/17/85 Louwasville, KY

208.The Sheepherders [4]

209.The Fabulous Ones [14]
10/12/85-Memphis, TN

210."Dirty" Dutch Mantell and Bill Dundee
11/04/85-Memphis, TN

211.Jerry Lawler and Austin Iesol
12/09/85-Memphis, TN
Vacated on 85/12/30 when Lawler lost loser-leaves-town match to Bill Dundee.

212.The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)
01/13/86-Memphis, TN

213.MOD Squad (Basher and Spike)
03/24/86-Memphis, TN

214.Jerry Lawler and Giant Hillbilly Elmer (Stan Frazier)
06/23/86-Memphis, TN

215.Fire (Don Bass) and Flame (Roger Smith)
07/18/86 Jackson, TN

216.Giant Hillbilly Elmer and Cousin Junior (Lanny Kean)
08/30/86-Memphis, TN

217.Don Bass and Dirty Rhodes (Roger Smith)
09/01/86-Memphis, TN

218.Jerry Lawler and Big Bubba (Fred Ottman)
11/03/86-Memphis, TN
Vacated on the same day when Bubba attacked Lawler after winning the belts.

219.The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd and Bigfoot)
11/10/86-Memphis, TN
Defeated Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis in tournament final.

220.Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis
11/17/86-Memphis, TN

221.The RPM's (Mike Davis and Tommy Lane)
12/13/86-Memphis, TN

222.Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis [2]
01/11/87-Memphis, TN

223.The RPM's [2]

224.Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis
01/26/87-Memphis, TN

225.Big Bubba and Goliath
02/23/87-Memphis, TN

226.Rocky Johnson and Soul Train Jones (Virgil)
04/06/87-Memphis, TN

227.Chick Donovan and Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)
05/04/87-Memphis, TN
Vacated on 87/06/01 when Donovan leaves the promotion.

228.Billy Travis and Mark Starr
06/08/87-Memphis, TN
Defeated Phil Hickerson and Mr. Shima (Akio Sato) in tournament final.

229.Clones (Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly)
07/06/87-Memphis, TN
Vacated in 87/07 when one of Clones was injured.

230.Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis [3]
07/11/87 Jackson, TN
Defeated Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond in tournament final.

231.Bad Company (Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond)
08/02/87 Jackson, TN

232.Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs)
09/12/87-Memphis, TN

233.The RPM's [3]
09/19/87-Memphis, TN

234.Nasty Boys [2]
10/03/87-Memphis, TN

235.The RPM's [4]
10/10/87-Memphis, TN

236.The Midnight Rockers (Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels)
10/26/87-Memphis, TN

237.The RPM's [5]
11/16/87-Memphis, TN

238.The Midnight Rockers [2]
11/22/87-Memphis, TN

Vacated in December 1987 when Rockers won AWA World Tag Team Titles

Title replaced with CWA Tag Team title in 1988.

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