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January 8, 1957--August 11, 1990

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will
with additional information from Paul Haney

1.Ivan Kalmikoff and Karol Kalmikoff
01/08/57-Minneapolis, MN
The Kalmikoffs defeated Fritz Von Erich and Karl Von Schober in tournament final to determine the first Champions.

2.Joe Brunetti and Guy Brunetti
02/26/57-Minneapolis, MN

3.Ivan Kalmikoff and Karol Kalmikoff [2]
06/06/57-Minneapolis, MN

4.Mitsu Arakawa and Kinji Shibuya
08/13/57-Minneapolis, MN

5.Joe Brunetti and Guy Brunetti [2]
11/26/57-Minneapolis, MN

6.Atomic Blonds (Chet Wallich and Johnny Valentine)
12/10/57-Minneapolis, MN

7.Verne Gagne and Bronco Nagurski
12/26/57-Minneapolis, MN

8.Doc Gallagher and Mike Gallagher
03/22/58-St. Paul, MN

9.Hard Boiled Haggerty and Kinji Shibuya #
04/22/58-Minneapolis, MN

10.Doc Gallagher and Mike Gallagher #
Title returned to the Gallaghers because of questions over guest referee Ilio DiPaolo

11.Verne Gagne and Leo Nomellini
05/15/58-Minneapolis, MN

12.Doc Gallagher and Mike Gallagher [2]

13.Fritz Von Erich and Hans Hermann
07/01/58-Minneapolis, MN
Vacated in 1958.

14.Reggie Lisowski (Crusher) and Stan Lisowski
The Lisowski's win a tournament to determine the new Champions

15.Herb Freeman and Seymour Freeman
01/15/59-Minneapolis, MN

16.Reggie Lisowski and Stan Lisowski [2]
01/22/59-Minneapolis, MN

17.Ivan Kalmikoff and Karol Kalmikoff [3]
03/05/59-Minneapolis, MN

18.Karol Kalmikoff and Baron Gattoni
Ivan Kalmikoff suffers a back injury

19.Verne Gagne and Butch Levy
04/28/59-Minneapolis, MN

20.Ivan Kalmikoff and Karol Kalmikoff [4]
Awarded when Gagne on tour

21.Butch Levy and Leo Nomellini
07/14/59-Minneapolis, MN
Vacated when Nomellini returns to football in 1959.

22.Murder Inc. (Tiny Mills and Stan Kowalski)
Murder Inc. had been claiming International Tag Team title since 1959
start claiming World Tag Team title on 03/05/60
Minneapolis promotion withdraws from NWA and forms American Wrestling Association in May 1960 but continues to recognize NWA champions as their World champions

23.Verne Gagne and Leo Nomellini
07/19/60-Minneapolis, MN

24.Murder Inc. [2]
Awarded when Nomellini returns to San Francisco 49ers
recognized as the first AWA World Tag Team champions in August 1960 when AWA stopped recognizing NWA champions

25.Hard Boiled Haggerty and Len Montana

26.Hard Boiled Haggerty and Gene Kiniski
03/18/61-St. Paul, MN
Haggerty chose Kinski as his new partner after Len Montana's leg was broken in a match against Verne Gagne and Leo Nomellini

27.Wilbur Snyder and Leo Nomellini
05/23/61-Minneapolis, MN

28.Hard Boiled Haggerty and Gene Kiniski [2]
07/19/61-St. Paul, MN
Team split up on 08/08/61 when Haggerty interfered in a cage match between Kiniski and Verne Gagne and caused a loss

29.Hard Boiled Haggerty and Bob Geigel
06/26/61-St. Paul, MN
Haggerty defeated Kiniski and chose Geigel as his partner

30.Dale Lewis and Pat Kennedy (Bobby Graham)
11/16/61-Rochester, MN

31.Bob Geigel and Otto Von Krupp (Boris Malenko)
11/23/61-Rochester, MN
Vacated in January, 1962 when Krupp was injured

32.Larry Hennig and Duke Hoffman
01/15/62-St. Paul, MN
Defeated Ivan Kalmikoff and Nikita Kalmikoff in 9-team tournament final

33.Bob Geigel and Stan Kowalski
02/13/62-Minneapolis, MN

34.Art Neilson and Stan Neilson
04/62 -Cincinnati, OH *

35.Mr. High and Mr. Low (Doug Gilbert and Dick Steinborn)
12/16/62-St. Paul, MN

36.Ivan Kalmikoff and Karol Kalmikoff
01/01/63-Minneapolis, MN

37.Crusher Lisowski and Dick the Bruiser
08/20/63-Minneapolis, MN

38.Verne Gagne and Moose Evans
02/09/64-Minneapolis, MN

39.Crusher Lisowski and Dick the Bruiser [2]
02/23/64-St. Paul, MN

40.Larry Hennig and Harley Race
01/30/65-Minneapolis, MN

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41.Crusher Lisowski and Verne Gagne
07/24/65-Minneapolis, MN

42.Larry Hennig and Harley Race [2]
08/07/65-Minneapolis, MN

43.Crusher Lisowski and Dick the Bruiser [3]
05/28/66-Minneapolis, MN

44.Larry Hennig and Harley Race [3]
01/06/67-Chicago, IL

45.Verne Gagne and Don Leo Jonathan *
03/15/67-Winnipeg, MB

46.Larry Hennig and Harley Race

47.Harley Race and Chris Markoff
Larry Hennig's leg was broken by Verne Gagne in Winnipeg, MB
Race chose a new partner

48.Pat O'Connor and Wilbur Snyder
11/10/67-Chicago, IL

49.Mitsu Arakawa and Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata)
12/02/67-Chicago, IL

50.Crusher Lisowski and Dick the Bruiser [4]
12/28/68-Chicago, IL

51.Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon and Paul "Butcher" Vachon
08/30/69-Chicago, IL

52.Red Bastien and Hercules Cortez
05/15/71-Milwaukee, WI

53.Red Bastien and Crusher Lisowski
Cortez killed in an auto accident on 07/23/71 near St. Cloud, MN
Bastien chose Crusher as his new partner

54.Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens
01/20/72-Denver, CO
Managed by Bobby Heenan

55.Verne Gagne and Bill Robinson
12/30/72-Minneapolis, MN

56.Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens [2]
01/06/73-St. Paul, MN
Managed by Bobby Heenan
Billy Robinson and Geoff Portz defeated Bockwinkel and Stevens on 10/12/73 in Minneapolis, MN
Title returned because Portz was subbing for Red Bastien

57.Crusher Lisowski and Bill Robinson
07/21/74-Green Bay, WI

58.Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens [3]
10/24/74-Winnipeg, MB
Managed by Bobby Heenan

59.Crusher and Dick the Bruiser [5]
08/16/75-Chicago, IL

60.Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum
07/23/76-Chicago, IL
Managed by Bobby Heenan

61.High Flyers (Jim Brunzell and Greg Gagne)
07/07/77-Winnipeg, MB

62.Pat Petterson and Ray Stevens
Awarded after Brunzell was injured playing softball

63.Verne Gagne and Mad Dog Vachon
06/06/79-Winnipeg, MB

64.East-West Connection (Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura)
07/20/80-Denver, CO
Won by forfeit when Gagne no-shows scheduled defense

65.High Flyers [2]
06/14/81-Green Bay, WI

66.Sheiks (Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera)
06/26/83-Minneapolis, MN
Managed by Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey

67.Crusher Lisowski and Baron Von Raschke
05/06/84-Green Bay, WI

68.Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)
08/25/84-Las Vegas, NV
Managed by Paul Ellering

69.Jim Garvin and Steve Regal
09/29/85-St. Paul, MN

70.Curt Hennig and Scott Hall
01/18/86-Albuquerque, NM

71.Buddy Rose and Doug Somers
05/17/86-Hammond, IN
Sherri Martel

72.Midnight Rockers (Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels)
01/27/87-St. Paul, MN

73.Soldat Ustinov and Boris Zhukov
05/25/87-Lake Tahoe, NV

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74.Soldat Ustinov and Doug Somers
Zhukov jumps to the WWF

75.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
10/11/87-Memphis, TN

76.Hector Guerrero and Dr. D
10/19/87-Memphis, TN

77.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee [2]
10/26/87-Memphis, TN

78.Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose)
10/30/87-Whitewater, WI
Managed by Paul E. Dangerously

79.Midnight Rockers [2]
12/27/87-Las Vegas, NV

80.Badd Company (Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka)
03/19/88-Las Vegas, NV
managed by Diamond Dallas Page

81.Olympians (Ken Patera and Brad Rheingans)
03/25/89-Rochester, MN
Vacated on 09/18/89 when Patera was injured by the Destruction Crew (Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos).

82.Destruction Crew (Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos)
10/01/89-Rochester, MN
Defeated Greg Gagne and Paul Diamond in tournament final to name new Champs

83.The Trooper and D.J. Peterson
08/11/90-Rochester, MN

Promotion closes in 91.

AWA promotion revived in 1996
The rights to the AWA are purchased by Dale Gagne; the promotion reopens as the AWA Superstars of Wrestling.

84.Heaven and Hell
06/27/99-Fargo, North Dakota.
Sunday Showdown: Midwest Massacre
Defeat the Bushwackers

85.The Golden Boys (Jonnie Stewart and The Golden Lion)
09/06/99-Bozeman, Montana
Defeated Heaven and Sherri Martel

86.Heaven and Hell
10/09/99-Joliet, Illinois (The Halloween Bash)
Heaven and Hell regain the titles from The Golden Boys (The Golden Lion and The Iron Sheik (subbing for Jon Stewart)

87.Corporate Stooges (Jonnie Stewart and Tony Denucci)
09/01/2001-Gallup, NM
Awarded after President Dale Gagne deems Heaven + Hell "unfit" to defend the titles

88.Native Blood (Navajo Warrior and Ghostwalker)
09/01/2001-Gallup, NM

89.Model's Inc. (GQ Gallo and Charming Chad)
03/26/2004-Casa Grande, AZ
Defeat The Navajo Warrior and Evan Karagias (subbing for Ghostwalker).

Model's Inc. are stripped of the belts due to Charming Chad signing a developmental deal with WWE.

90.The Henchmen (Buddha and Venom)
07/2004-Chicago, IL
Defeated Matt VinVaktor and Brandon Graves to win vacant title

[Records unclear]

91.The Henchmen (Buddah the Beast and JT Wolfen)
12/05/2005-Las Vegas, NV

92.T.J. Mack and Kirby Mack
06/14/2006-Indianapolis, IN

93.Steve Corino and Ricky Landell
06/14/2006-Indianapolis, IN

94.Ric Converse and Xsiris
03/23/2007-Cameron, NC
Defeated Landell and Jonnie Stewart, subbing for Corino, who is on a tour in Australia

Title Vacant
Converse and Xsiris stripped by acting Vice-President Jonnie Stewart

95.Ric Converse and Johnny Stewart
03/23/2007-Cameron, NC

96.Jonnie Stewart and Ricky Landell
06/13/2007-Indianapolis, IN
AWA Wrestlerace

97.Buff Bagwell and The Patriot
06/13/2007-Indianapolis, IN
AWA Wrestlerace

Title Held Up
06/13/2007-Indianapolis, IN
Held up due to controversial decision after the match.

98.The Heartbreak Express (Phil and Sean Davis)
10/06/2007-Showano, WI
Defeated Team Elite from New England in the finals of a tournament
Jake "The Milkman" Milliman and Frankie "The Thumper" DeFalco won a match with the champions on February 8, 2008 in Waukesha, WI and were declared the champs, but after hearing petitions from both participating tag-teams the AWA ruled a rare disqualification "after-the-fact" because the victory was achieved by throwing Fabulous Phil over the top rope in violation of the long standing AWA top rope disqualification rule.

99.Team Vision (Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent)
04/18/2008-Fayetteville, WV
Defeat Kirby Mack and T.J. Mack after the champions Heartbreak Express no-showed for the title defense and were stripped of the title by Dale Gagne.
The Heartbreak Express had officially resigned from being a part of AWA Worldwide and relinquished the AWA World Tag Team Titles that same day..

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