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Febuary 23, 2001--Present

Compiled by Rich Palladino

1.The Damned (Mad Dog and Draven)
09/17/00-Worcester, MA (Green Hill Park)
The Damned won titles with victory over Derik Destiny and Kid Krazy

2.The One Night Stand (Ronnie D. Lishus and Edward G. Xtasy)
10/20/2000-Worcester, MA (The Palladium)

3.Spike Dudley and Kyle Storm
02/23/2001-Revere, MA (Wonderland Greyhound Park)

CW Tag Titles were vacated when Spike Dudley signed w/ the WWF and Kyle Storm suffered a shoulder injury
CW officials ordered a match between top contending teams One Night Stand and Touch of Reality to determine new champions

4.The One Night Stand (Ronnie D. Lishus and Edward G. Xtasy) [2]
04/21/2001-Andover, MA (Greater Lawrence Technical High School)
Defeated Touch of Reality (Jim the Messenger and Bob Steele) to win vacated titles

5.Little Guido Maritato and "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz
08/10/2001-Lynn, MA (National Guard Armory)

6.One Night Stand (Edward G. Xtasy and Aaron Stevens)
10/13/2001-North Smithfield, RI (Bryant College)

7."Good Time" Vince Vicallo and "Hurricane" John Walters
12/14/2001-Lawrence, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

8."The Trend Setter" Adam Booker and "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo
07/13/2002-Lawrence, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

9.Attrition (Studd and Angers)
01/11/2003-North Andover, MA (North Andover Middle School)
Defeated Frankie Armadillo and Arch Kincaid (subbing for the injured Adam Booker)

10.Brian Black and Mighty Mini
08/23/2003-South Portland, ME (The Strive Center)

11.The Lost Souls (Brian Buffet and Peter Mulloy)
12/05/2003-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

12.Brian Black and The Mighty Mini [2]
03/12/2004-Methuen, MA (Knights of Columbus Hall)

13.The Lost Souls (Brian Buffet and Peter Malloy) [2]
04/02/2004-Metheun, MA

14.Pretty Psycho [2]
06/25/2004-Lowell, MA (Polish-American Veterans Club)
Won a 7-Team Gauntlet Match over The Lost Souls (entered match as champions), Bryan and Ted "Theodore" Logan, Omega Security, Chase Del Monte and Matthew Evagrius, Shawn Donovan and Roman and Clinically Inclined

15.The Valedictorians (Billy Bax and Rob Eckos)
11/19/2004-Lowell, MA (Polish American Veterans Club)

16.Pretty Psycho [3]
01/08/2005-Lowell, MA (Polish American Veterans Club)
Won a Ladder Match

17.Matt and Bryan Logan
04/01/2005-Lowell, MA (Polish-American Veterans Club)

18.Max Bauer and Arch Kincaid
12/09/2005-Metheun, MA

19.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [2]
04/21/2006-Metheun, MA

20.Max Bauer and Arch Kincaid [2]
06/30/2006-Metheun, MA

21.Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze
10/20/2006-Lowell, MA

22.Max Bauer and Alex Arion
3/30/2007-Lowell, MA
Defeated Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze on in a 2 out of 3 falls match

23.Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze [2]
05/18/2007-Lowell, MA

24.Blowout Boys (Danny E. and Tommy T.)
08/10/2007-Lowell, MA

25.Rick Fuller and Fred Sampson
06/27/2008-Lawrence, MA

26.Brian Milonas and Sledge
11/07/2008-Lowell, MA

27.Brian Fury and Mikaze
02/06/2009-Lowell, MA

28.Blowout Boys (Danny E. and Antonio T.)
05/01/2009-Lowell, MA

29.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [3]
05/29/2009-Lowell, MA

30.Blowout Boys (Danny E. and Vinny E.)
04/09/2010-Woburn, MA

31.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [4]
04/10/2010-Lawrence, MA

32.R�publique (Fala and Kongo)
06/18/2010-Lowell, MA

33.Julian Starr and Matt Logan
11/12/2010-Woburn, MA

Title Vacant
Bryan Logan returns from injury to team with Matt while Starr reunites with Chase Del Monte.

34.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [5]
02/11/2011-Lowell, MA
Won a 3-way match against Chase Del Monte and Julian Starr and R�publique (Kongo and Fala) for the vacant title.

35.R�publique [2]
10/21/2011-Lowell, MA

36.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [6]
03/30/2012-Lowell, MA

37.Infliction (Gino Martino and John Poe)
11/30/2012-Woburn, MA

38.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [7]
03/01/2013-Lowell, MA

39.Brandon Locke and Scott Reed
03/21/2014-Dracut, MA
Defeated Matt Logan and Bryan Logan (c) and Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia in a 3-way match.

40.Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia
05/16/2014-Woburn, MA
Defeated Brandon Locke and Scott Reed (c) and Friendship: Mark Shurman and Scotty Slade in a 3-way match.

41.Brian Milonas and Scotty Slade
06/27/2014-Woburn, MA
Won 5-team gauntlet match, last eliminating Matt Tavern & Donovan Dijack, subbing for Vinny Marseglia (c).

42.Brian Milonas and Jimmy Slade
03/21/2015-Dracut, MA
Defeated Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman after Milonas and Slade (c) split.

43.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [8]
01/15/2016-Woburn, MA

44.Cam-An Connection (Anthony Greene and Cam Zagami)
03/17/2017-Haverhil, MA
Defeated Matt Logan and Bryan Logan*, EYFBO: Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik, and Brandon Locke and Scotty Slade in a 4-way match.

45.Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid)
01/12/2018-Woburn, MA
Defeated Greene in a handicap match.

46.Killanova Inc (Christian Casanova and Triplelicious)
03/16/2018-Haverhill, MA
Defeated the Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid) and Bryan Logan and Matt Logan in a 3-way match.

47.Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid) [2]
06/01/2018-Lowell, MA

48.Bear Country (Bear Beefcake and Bear Bronson)
11/16/2018-Haverhill, MA

49.Killanova Inc. (Royce Bishop and Triplelicious)
06/28/2019-Woburn, MA

50.J.T. Dunn and Davienne
02/07/2020-Hudson, MA

51.Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid) [3]
01/28/2021-N. Andover, MA

52,The Unit (Acey Romero and Danny Miles and Trigga the OG
08/27/2021-Burlington, MA
Defeated Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid) and Love Doug in a 6-man tag team match.

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