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February 13, 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Adam Fenwick

1.Jon Dahmer and Jose Rivera, Jr.
02/13/99-Mantua, NJ

2.The Brothers of East LA
02/13/99-Mantua, NJ

3.Extreme Fahrenheit: Mr. Motion and Heartbreaker
05/22/99-Mantua, NJ

Title Held Up
06/19/99-Mantua, NJ.
Title held up after match between Extreme Fahrenheit and Jon Dahmer and Midknight

4.The King Pinz
07/17/99-Mantua, NJ
Defeat Extreme Fahrenheit and Jon Dahmer and Midknight in a Three Way match to win held-up title.


5."Hardcore" Nick Gage and John Zandig
07/24/99-Mantua, NJ
Defeat Jon Dahmer and Lobo to win vacant title.

6.Lobo and TCK
10/09/99 National Park, NJ
Defeat Nick Gage and Justice Pain, The Kasmireno Brothers and The Thrill Kill Kult in a Four Way match.


7.Justice Pain
11/20/99-Mantua, NJ
Defeat The Thrill Kill Kult in a handicap match to win vacant title.

8.Midknight and Diablos Macabre
01/08/2000-Mantua, NJ

9.Johnny Cashmere and Robby Mireno
02/05/2000-Sewell, NJ

10.The Haas Brothers: Russ Haas and Charlie Haas
02/12/2000-Blackwood, NJ
Defeat The Kasmireno Brothers, The Thrill Kill Kult and The Hit Squad in a Four Way match.

11.The Backseat Boyz: Trent Acid and Johnny Cashmere
06/10/2000-Sewell, NJ
Won title in a match between Johnny Cashmere and Russ Haas.

12.Nick Mondo and Ric Blade
08/12/2000-Sewell, NJ

13.Wifebeater and Justice Pain
10/07/2000-Sewell, NJ

14.Nick Gage and Nate Hatred
04/04/2001-Dover, DE

15.Marc and Jay Briscoe
07/14/2001-Smyrna, DE

16.Justice Pain and Johnny Cashmere
07/28/2001-Sewell, NJ

17.Men's Teioh and Jun Kasai
08/16/2001-Nagoya, JAPAN (Aiichi City Gym)

18.Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere [2]
08/19/2001-Yokohama, JAPAN (Yokohama Bunka Gym)

19.Eddie Valentine and Jon Dahmer
03/09/2002-Philadelphia, PA

20.Nick Gage and Nate Hatred [2]
05/11/2002-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

21.Rebel's Army (Greg Matthews and Derek Frazier)
01/17/2004-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall-ECW Arena)
Defeated The Backseat Boyz and Justin Credible in a six-man tag team match. Rockin' Rebel was the third partner of Matthews and Frazier.

22.The Backseat Boyz [3]
02/08/2003-Philadelphia, PA

23.Nick Gage and Nate Hatred [3]
04/03/2004-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall-ECW Arena)

24.The Blackout (Ruckus and Sabian)
06/12/2004-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall)

25.Team Cash: Sexxxy Eddy, Chris Cash, JC Bailey, and Nate Webb
12/11/2004-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall/ECW Arena)
Defeat Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian, Kingston, and Jack Evans) in a War Games Rules match.
CZW Cage of Death 6: Dual Dimension

26.The H8 Club (Nick Gage and Justice Pain)
02/05/2005-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall/ECW Arena)
CZW 6th Anniversary Show: "Only the Strong: Scarred for Life."

27.Necro Butcher and Toby Klein
07/09/2005-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall/ECW Arena)

28.Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli
09/10/2005-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

29.Blackout(Eddie Kingston and Joker)
02/11/2006-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

30.Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli [2]
10/14/2006-Philadelphia, PA

31.Blackout (Ruckus and Robbie Mireno)
11/11/2006-Philadelphia, PA

32.Rainman and Onyx
12/09/2006-Philadelphia, PA
CZW's Cage of Death 8

33.Blackout (Ruckus and Sabian)
01/13/2007-Philadelphia, PA

34.Drew Gulak and Andy Sumnar
09/08/2007-Phildelphia, PA
Defeated Ruckus and Sabian and Niles Young and Derek Frazier

35.Derek Frazier and Niles Young
10/13/2007-Philadelphia, PA

36.Jon Dahmer and Danny Demanto

37.Scotty Vortekz and Dustin Lee
02/09/2008-Philadelphia, PA

38.Ruckus and Sabian
10/11/2008-Philadelphia, PA
Won the titles at the end of a gauntlet match that also included the champions Drew Gulak and Andy Sumner, The H8 Club (Nick Gage and Nate Hatred) and Beef Wellington and Greg Excellent

39.Greg Excellence and Beef Wellington
11/08/2008-Philadelphia, PA

40.Ruckus & Sabian [3]
10/11/2008-Philadelphia, PA

41.Greg Excellent & Beef Wellington [2]
11/08/2008-Philadelphia, PA

42.BLK-OUT (Ruckus and Sabian) [3]
10/11/2008-Philadelphia, PA

43.2G1C [2]
11/08/2008-Philadelphia, PA

44.Best Around (T.J. Cannon and Bruce Maxwell)
03/14/2009-Philadelphia, PA

45.Eddie Kingston and Drake Younger
04/10/2010-Philadelphia, PA

44.Philly's Most Wanted (Joker and Sabian)
12/11/2010-Philadelphia, PA (Asylum Arena)
Defeated The Osirian Portal: Amasis and Ophidian in tournament final to win vacant title.
CZW Cage of Death XI

45.Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe [3]
02/12/2011-Philadelphia, PA

46.Nation of Intoxication (Devon Moore and Lucky 13)
08/11/2012-Voorhees, NJ

10/13/2012-Voorhees, NJ

47.Nation of Intoxication (Devon Moore and Lucky 13 and Danny Havoc)
12/08/2012-Voorhees, NJ
Won the titles in an Ultraviolent Insanity Match.

48.Catalyst (Dustin Rayz and Eric Ryan)
02/09/2013-Vorhees, NJ
Defeat the Nation of Intoxication (c) and OI4K (Jake and Dave Crist) in 3-way match.

48.Ruckus and BLK Jeez
04/05S2013-ecaucus, NJ

49.Juicy Product (David Starr and J.T. Dunn)
04/27/2014-Providence, RI
Won the title from Beaver Boys: Alex Reynolds and Johnny Silver.

50.OI4K (Dave Crist and Jake Crist)
09/27/2014-Dayton, OH

51.Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry)
07/11/2015-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated OI4K: Dave Crist and Jake Crist (c), the Beaver Boys: Alex Reynolds and John Silver, and the Young Bucks: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson in 4-way match.

51.#TVReady (BLK Jeez and Pepper Parks)
12/12/2015-Voorhees, NJ
Won from Dan Barry and Sozio (subbing for Bill Carr).

52.Da Hit Squad: Dan Maff and Monsta Mack
05/14/2016-Voorhees, NJ

53.EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik)
12/10/2016-Voorhees, NJ

54.Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz)
12/10/2016-Voorhees, NJ

55.The Rep (Dave McCall and Nate Carter)
12/09/2017-Sewell, NJ The Rep (Dave McCall and Nate Carter)
12/09/2017-Sewell, NJ
Defeated Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz), oVe (Dave Crist and Jake Crist), and Alex Reynolds and Matt Palmer in 4-way match.

56.BLKOUT (Ruckus and BLK Jeez) [2]
09/08/2018-Voorhees, NJ

57.The Rep (Dave McCall and Nate Carter) [2]
12/09/2018-Philadelphia, PA

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