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Also referred to as the GWF TAG TEAM TITLE

June 29,
July 7, 1991--August 24, 1994

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Brian Westcott

1.Steve Simpson & Chris Walker
07/27/91-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Defeat Scott Anthony & Rip Rogers in
16-team tournament final to become first champions. Title allegedly vacated by an injury to the fictitious English Lords.

2.California Connection: John Tatum & Rod Price
11/22/91-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Defeat Steve Simpson in a Handicap match.
Chris Walker jumps to WWF.
Managed by Skandor Akbar.

3.Wild Bunch: Bill Irwin & Black Bart
12/27/91-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Win 2/3 Falls Bunkhouse match.

4.California Connection: John Tatum & Rod Price [2]
01/10/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Managed by Skandor Akbar.

5.Terry Simms & Scott Putski
03/20/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Title held up after match against Gary Young & Steven Dane,
04/17/92, Dallas, TX.

6.Goodfellows: Gary Young & Steven Dane
05/01/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Defeat Simms & Putski to win held-up title.
Managed by Skandor Akbar.
Defeated by Tribal Nation: Brave Sky & Nikona (Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood),
06/26/92, Dallas, TX; but the belts are returned by commissioner Fred Ferris.

7.The Ebony Experience: Booker T. & Stevie Ray
07/31/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)

8.Rough Riders: Black Bart & Johnny Mantell
10/23/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Managed by Skandor Akbar

9.Texas Mustangs: John Hawk & Bobby Duncum, Jr.
11/27/92-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)

10.Bad Breed: Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten
01/29/93-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Managed by Gaston B. Means

11.Ebony Experience: Booker T. & Stevie Ray [2]
02/26/93-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)

12.Sicillian Stallions: Guido Falcone & Vito Mussolini (Shawn Stevens)
05/07/93-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)

13.Skyliners: Chaz Taylor & Steven Dane
09/03/93-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Defeat Guido Falcone & Alex Porteau (subbing for Vito Mussolini)

14.Black Bart & John Hawk
12/25/93-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)

15.Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin
06/03/94-Dallas, TX (Dallas Sportatorium)
Managed by Michael Hayes.


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