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January 1996--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Head Bangers: Mosh and Thrasher

Head Bangers jump to WWF.

2."The Expert" Brian Taylor and The Bounty Hunter
08/22/97-Harveysburg, OH
Defeats Bobo Brazil, Jr. and "Flying" Andy Chene in a tournament final to crown the first champions.

3.Chip Fairway and "Surfer" Cody Hawk
09/23/98-Lima, OH

4."The Expert" Brian Taylor and "Live Wire" Sean Casey
01/23/99-Hamilton, OH

5.Chip Fairway and "Surfer" Cody Hawk [2]
02/27/99-Hamilton, OH

6.Alexis Machine and "Beautiful" Brian Fury
08/25/99-Blanchester, OH

7."Surfer" Cody Hawk and "Taxi Driver" Mad Anthony McMurphy
02/19/2000 Hamilton, OH
Defeat Alexis Machine and Suicido and GQ Masters, III.
A pre-match stipulation said that the titles chould change hands although Suicido and Masters were subbing for Fury.

8."Beautiful" Brian Fury and Bobby Casanova
06/17/2000-Hamilton, OH

9.The A Squad (Chet and Dean Jablonski)
10/07/2000-Blanchester, OH
This was a Three Way Dance pitting Bobby Casanova (who's partner, "Beautiful" Brian Fury had been secretly fired by GQ Masters, III) and "Surfer" Cody Hawk and "Taxi Driver" Mad Anthony McMurphy against The A Squad.

10.Cody Hawk and Anthony McMurphy
01/26/2001-Rising Sun, IN (Grand Victoria Casino)

11.The Jablonski Brothers
03/16/2001-Rising Sun, IN

12."Time Bomb" AAA and Nigel McGuinness
07/10/2001-Cincinnati, OH
Nigel McGuinness defeated Dean Jablonski, with a pre-match stipulation stating that the titles could change hands due to Chet Jablonski's "illnesses" that prevented the title from being defended.

13.The A Squad [2]
08/07/2001-Cincinnati, OH

14.Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore
10/13/2001-Batavia, OH

15.The Island Boyz
11/14/2001-Dayton, OH

16.Val Venis and Steve Bradley
12/08/2001-Batavia, OH (The Red Barn Flea Market)

17.Mike Sanders and Lance Cade
02/13/2002-Dayton, OH

02/13/2002-Dayton, OH
Mike Sanders and Lance Cade split up.

18.Lance Cade and Steve Bradley
02/20/2002-Cincinnati, OH (Oscar's Nightclub)
Cade defeated Sanders in a singles match to win the tag team titles for himself and a partner of his choosing, which turned out to be Steve Bradley.

19.Raven and Hugh Morrus
03/12/2002-Cincinnati, OH

20.Steve Bradley and Lance Cade [2]
03/15/2002-Dayton, OH

21.Ice Cream Man and Cody Hawk
04/10/2002-Batavia, OH

22.The A Squad (Chet Jablonski and Derrick Neikirk)
07/10/2002-Dayton, OH

23.Nigel McGuinness and Human Time Bomb [2] 07/23/2002 Cincinnati, OH

24.Southern Breeze (Matt Dillinger and Brother Clay)

11/09/2002-Batavia, OH
HWA Commissioner Patrick Black strips Southern Breeze of the title due to interference from Jaxon Breeze during a match between Southern Breeze and Psycho Sarge and Private Joseth Castle.

25.Rory Fox and Matt Stryker
12/07/2002-Batavia, OH
Defeated Cody Hawk and Race Steele in a tournament final to win vacant title.

26.Chet Jablonski and Cody Hawk
03/25/2003-Cincinnati, OH

27.D-Lo Brown and Matt Stryker
05/23/2003-Dayton, OH

28.Cody Hawk and Chet Jablonski [2]
05/26/03-Cincinnati, OH

29.T.J. Dalton and J.T. Stahr
07/26/2003-Columbus, OH

30.Cody Hawk and Chet Jablonski [3]

Vacant after Chet leaves for Puerto Rico and Cody becomes injured.

31.The Riggs Brothers (Johnny and Jason)
11/26/2003-Wilmington, OH
Win tournament final to win vacant title.

32.Crazy J and Lotus
02/06/2004-Cincinnati, OH
Won a Ladder match.

33.TJ Dalton and JT Stahr [3]
02/10/2004-Cincinnati, OH
HWA TV Taping

34.Matt Stryker and Cody Hawk
04/02/2004-Cincinnati, OH

35.Benjamin Kimera and Shawn Osbourne
06/15/2004-Cincinnati, OH

36.Crazy J and Lotus [2]
08/17/2004-Cincinnati, OH

37.Foreign Intelligence (Quinten Lee and Ala Hussein)
10/05/2004-Cincinnati, OH

38.HWA Icons (Cody Hawk and Matt Stryker) [2]
10/26/2004-Cincinnati, OH

Hawk and Stryker stripped of the title.

39.Tack and Mike Desire
Win Luck of the Draw tournament final to win vacant title.

40.Necessary Roughness (Jimmy Turner and Jon Moxley)
03/11/2005-Cincinnati, OH

41.The Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist)
10/20/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Ala Hussein and Quinten Lee, Aaron Williams and Alan Wasylychyn, Jesse Hyde and Pompano Joe, Andre Heart and Deja Vu and Ed Gonzales and Super Zeta in a Gauntlet Match to win the titles.

42.Cody Hawk and Jon Moxley
06/12/2007-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Irish Airborne and Tack and Tarek the Legend in a Three Way match

43.GP Code (Deja Vu and Andre Heart) and Brian Jennings
06/16/2007-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Cody Hawk, Jon Moxley and Kimo (obviously NOT the Kimo of MMA/UFC fame)

44.JT Stahr and The Madness
09/24/2008-Middletown, OH
Defeated The GP Code (Andre Heart and Deja Vu) to win the titles

45.Deja Vu and Benjamin Kimera
11/19/2008-Middletown, OH

46.J.T. Stahr and The Madness [2]
11/22/2008-Middletown, OH

47.The GP Code and Benjamin Kimera
12/19/2008-Middletown, Ohio
Defeated J.T. Stahr, The Madness and V-Rad in a six man war games match to win the titles

47.Hybrids (Donovan Cain and Jason Lyte)
02/11/2009-Middletown, OH
Defeated G.P. Code for the title.

48.G.P. Code [3]
04/11/2009-Peoria, IL

49.Hybrids [2]
04/18/2009-Norwood, OH

50.Kosher Klub (Joseph Schwartz and Sean Tylerstein)
09/26/2009-Norwood, OH

51.Royal Violence (King Vu and Jon Moxley)
10/14/2009-Middletown, OH

52.Irish Airborne [4]
12/02/2009-Middletown, OH

53.Royal Violence [2]
12/19/2009-Norwood, OH

54.Irish Airborne [5]
01/13/2010-Middletown, OH

55.Noble Bloods (Lord Matthew Taylor and Sir Chadwick Cruise)
02/24/2010-Middletown, OH

56.Loco Mendoza and Loto Mendoza
05/29/2010-Norwood, OH

57.The Heatseekers (Jeremy Madrox and Kaden Assad)
12/18/2010-Norwood, OH

58.DNA (Doug Charlez and Aaron Xtreme)
07/16/2011-Hamilton, OH

59.Heatseekers [2]
08/27/2011-Norwood, OH
By forfeit due to a neck injury suffered by Xtreme.

60.Noble Bloods [2]
10/29/2011-Norwood, OH American Wrestling Warriors (Jeff Mayhem and Troy Marcum)
12/17/2011-Hamilton, OH
Defeat Noble Bloods, DNA, and Heatseekers in a 4-way elimination match.

61.DNA [2]
02/07/2012-Hamilton, OH

Declared Vacant on 04/19/2013
title inactive.

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