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June 01, 1971--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver,
Andrew Zadarnowski, John Solo, Michael Urbanavage and Jason Fitzgerald

1.Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano
Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler were WWWF International Tag Team Champions when they were awarded the WWWF Tag Team Titles. They allegedly defeated Dick The Bruiser and The Sheik in a tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana, The United States.

2.Karl Gotch and Rene Goulet
12/06/71-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)

3.Baron Mikel Scicluna and King Curtis Laukea
02/01/72-Philadelphia, PA
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [2]

4.Sonny King and Chief Jay Strongbow
05/22/72-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)

5.Toru Tanaka and Mr. Fuji (Harry Fujiwara)
06/27/72-Philadelphia, PA
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [3]

6.Tony Garea and Haystacks Calhoun
05/20/73-Hamburg, PA

7.Toru Tanaka and Mr. Fuji [2]
09/11/73-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)
Managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [4]

8.Tony Garea and Dean Ho
11/14/73-Hamburg, PA

9.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant-The Valiant Brothers
05/08/74-Hamburg, PA
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [5]

10.Dominic Denucci and Victor Rivera
05/13/75-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)

11.Dominic Denucci and Pat Barrett
Victor Rivera jumped to the IWA and was stripped of his portion of the championships. Dominic Denucci chose Pat Barrett to replace his partner as champions.

12.Blackjack Lanza (Jack Lanza) and Blackjack Mulligan (Robert Windham)
08/26/75-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)
Managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [6]

13.Tony Parsi and Louis Cerdan(Gino Brito)
11/18/75-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)

14.Killer Kowalski (Waldek Kowalski) and "Big" John Studd (John William Minton)- The Executioners
05/11/76-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)
Managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [7]

Titles Vacant
Killer Kowalski and John Studd-The Executioners-were stripped of the titles for using a third man in the form of Nikolai Volkoff against Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf (Adnon Kaissey) in Hamburg, PA , The United States on October 26, 1976

15.Chief Jay Stongbow and Billy White Wolf
12/07/76-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)
Strongbow and White Wolf defeated Kowalski/Studd and Volkoff/Tor Kamata in a three team tournament to crown new champions.

Titles Vacant
Strongbow and White Wolf were forced to vacate the championships during August of 1977 when White Wolf was injured by Ken Patera.

16.Toru Tanaka and Mr. Fuji [3]
09/27/77-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)
Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji defeated Tony Garea/Larry Zybsko (Larry Whistler) to win the vacant titles.

17.Dominic Denucci and Dino Bravo
03/14/78-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Arena)

18.Pierre (Zarinoff LeBeouf) and Eric (Scott Irwin)-The Yukon Lumberjacks
06/26/78-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [8]

19.Tony Garea and Larry Zybsko
11/21/78-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)

20.Johnny Valiant and Jerry Valiant (Guy Mitchell)
03/06/79-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
Managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [9]
The World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) Tag Team Championships were renamed the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Tag Team Championship during the title reign of Johnny Valiant and Jerry Valiant.

21.Ivan Putski and Tito Santana (Merced Solis)
10/22/79- New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)

22.Afa (Afa Anoia) and Sika (Sika Anoia)-The Samoans
04/12/80-Philadelphia, PA
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [10]

23.Bob Backlund (Robert Backlund) and Pedro Morales
-08/09/80-New York, NY (Shea Stadium)
Bob Backlund was the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion when he and Pedro Morales won the tag title. He chose to vacate the tag title on 08/10/80 because he could not hold two championships at the same time.

24.The Samoans [2]
09/09/80-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [11]
The Samoans defeated Tony Garea and Rene Goulet to win the vacated championships.

25.Tony Garea and Rick Martel (Richard Vignault)
11/08/80-Philadelphia, PA

26.Rex (Randy Colley) and King (Sailor White)-The Moondogs
03/17/81-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [12]

27.Rex and Spot (Larry Latham) - The Moondogs
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [13]
King was unable to enter the United States from Canada and was replaced on the team by Spot on May 01, 1981.

28.Tony Garea and Rick Martel [2]
07/21/81-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)

29.Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito
10/13/81-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [14]

30.Chief Jay Strongbow and Jules Strongbow (Frank Hill)
06/28/82-New York, NY

31.Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito [2]
07/13/82-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [15]

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32.Chief Jay Strongbow and Jules Strongbow [2]
10/26/82-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)

33.The Samoans [3]
03/08/83-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [16]
Sika was injured on March 12, 1983 during a ten man tag match in Baltimore, Maryland, The United States, and is temporarily replaced by Samoan #3 (Sam Anoia).

34.Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas (Anthony White)
11/15/83-Allentown, PA (Agriculture Hall)

35.Adrian Adonis (Keith Franke) and Dick Murdoch-The North-South Connection
04/17/84-Hamburg, PA

36.Mike Rotundo (Lawrence Michael Rotundo) and Barry Windham
01/21/85-Hartford, CT
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [17]

37.The Iron Sheik (Hossein Khasrow Vaziri) and Nikolai Volkoff (Josip Peruzovio)
03/31/85-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)-Wrestlemania I
managed by "Classie" Freddie Blassie

38.Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham-The US Express [2]
06/17/85-Poughkeepsie, NY
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [18]

39.Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (John Wisniski Jr.) and Brutus Beefcake (Ed Leslie)-The Dream Team
08/24/85-Philadelphia, PA
managed by Johnny Valiant

40.The Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) and Davey Boy Smith (David Smith)-The British Bulldogs
04/07/86-Chicago, IL-Wrestlemania II
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [19]

41.Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (James Henry Neidhart)-The Hart Foundation
01/26/87-Tampa, FL
managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart
The Hart Foundation lost the belts to The Rougeau Brothers on 08/10/78 in Montreal, Ontario, CANADA, but the straps were returned to The Hart Foundation because The Rougeau's used Jimmy Hart's megaphone to secure the win.

42.Rick Martel and Tito Santana -Strike Force
10/27/87-Syracuse, NY

43.Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow)-Demolition
03/27/88-Atlantic City, NJ (Trump Plaza]-Wrestlemania IV
managed by Mr. Fuji

44.Arn Anderson (Marty Lunde) and Tully Blanchard-The Brain Busters
07/18/89-Worcester, MA-Saturday Night1s Main Event
managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (Raymond Louis Heenan)
Members of The Heenan Family
The Brain Busters defeated Demolition in a two out of three falls match for the title.
Joey Morella was the referee

45.Demolition [2]
10/02/89-Wheeling, West Virignia

46.Andre The Giant (Andre Rene Rousimoff) and Haku (Uliuli Fifita)-The Colossal Connection
12/13/89-Huntsville, Alabama
managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan [2]
Members of The Heenan Family [2]

47.Demolition [3]
04/01/90-Toronto, Ontario, CANADA (The Skydome)-Wrestlemania VI
Crush (Brian Adams) joined the team when Ax had health problems.

48.The Hart Foundation [2]
08/27/90-Philadelphia, PA -Summerslam
This title victory came over Smash and Crush in a two out of three falls match.
Because Jim Neidhart was slated to leave the promotion and WWF was going to start really pushing Bret towards the I-C Title, the Rockers were allowed to defeat The Hart Foundation in a two out of three falls match to win the belts at a TV taping on 10/30/90 in Fort Wayne Indiana. They even defended the title at other tapings in Texas. But when Neidhart re-signed with the promotion the WWF decided to keep the Hart Foundation as champs. Jack Tunney went on TV in the areas that knew of the change to explain that since the top rope came loose in the third fall, the match should have been stopped. Since it never happened on TV the rest of the world never got an explanation.

49.Brian Knobbs (Brian Yandrisovitz) and Jerry Saggs (Jerome Saganovich)-The Nasty Boys
03/24/91-Los Angeles, CA-Wrestlemania VII
managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart [2]

50.Hawk (Michael Hegstrand) and Animal (Joseph Laurinidas)-The Legion of Doom
08/26/91-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)-Summerslam
The Legion of Doom defeated The Nasty Boys in a Chicago Street Fight for the title.

51.Irwin R. Schyster (Lawrence Michael Rotundo) and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase (Theodore Marvin Dibiase)-Money Incorporated
02/07/92-Denver, Colorado
managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart [3]

52.Earthquake (John Tenta) and Typhoon (Fred Ottman)-The Natural Disasters
07/20/92-Worcester, MA

53.Money Incorporated [2]
10/13/92-Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA
managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart [4]

54.Rick Steiner (Robert Rechsteiner) and Scott Steiner (Scott Rechsteiner)-The Steiner Brothers
06/14/93-Columbus, Ohio-Monday Night RAW

55.Money Incorporated [3]-06/16/93-Rockford, IL

56.The Steiner Brothers [2]
06/19/93-St. Louis, MO

57.Jacques (Jacques Rougeau Jr.) and Pierre (Karl Pierre Oulette)-The Quebecers
09/13/93-New York, NY-Monday Night Raw
managed by Johnny Polo (Scott Levy)
The Quebecers defeated The Steiner Brothers by disqualification to win the titles under special Quebec Province Rules.

58.Marty Jannetty and The 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman)
01/10/94-Richmond, Virignia-Monday Night Raw

59.The Quebecers [2]
01/17/94-New York, NY-Monday Night Raw
managed by Johnny Polo [2]

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60.Mo (Bobby Horne) and Mable (Nelson Frazier)-Men On A Mission
03/29/94-London, ENGLAND
managed by Oscar

61.The Quebecers [3]
03/31/94-Sheffield, ENGLAND
managed by Johnny Polo [3]

62.Fatu (Solafa Fatu) and Samu (Samula Anoia)-The Headshrinkers
04/26/94-Burlington, VT-Monday Night Raw
managed by "Captain" Lou Albano [20] and Afa

63."The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels (Michael S. Hickenbottom) and "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel (Kevin Nash)
08/28/94-Indianapolis, IN

Diesel held the following title in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title:

64.The 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly (Robert Howard)
01/22/95-Tampa, FL (The Sun Dome)-The Royal Rumble
The 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (Scott Bigelow) and Tatanka (Chris Chavis) in the final of an eight man tournament to crown new champions.

65.Billy Gunn (Monte Sopp) and Bart Gunn (Michael Plotchik)-The Smokin' Gunns
01/23/95-Palmetto, FL-Monday Night Raw

66.Owen Hart and Yokozuna (Rodney Anoia)
04/02/95-Hartford, CT (Hartford Civic Center)-Wrestlemania XI
Managed by Mr. Fuji [2] and Jim Cornette

67."The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel-Dudes With Attitudes [2]
09/24/95-Saginaw, MI-In Your House III
Owen Hart was replaced by Davey Boy Smith when Hart no showed the event. During the match, Hart arrived and was pinned by Diesel for the win. The Title was returned to Hart and Yokozuna on 09/25/95 when it was realized that Hart was not part of the tag team champions when he was pinned by Diesel.

Michaels and Diesel held the following titles in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title:

68.Owen Hart and Yokozuna [2]
00:00:00 managed by Mr. Fuji [3] and Jim Cornette [2]

69.The Smokin' Gunns [2]
09/25/95- Grand Rapids, MI-Monday Night Raw
The Smokin' Gunns vacated the title on February 15, 1996 when Billy had to have neck surgery.

70.Skip (Chris Candido) and Zip (Tom Prichard)-The Body Donnas
-03/31/96-Anaheim, CA-Wrestlemania XII
managed by Sunny (Noreen Tamara Fytch)
The Body Donnas defeated Henry O. Godwinn (Mark Canterbury) and Phinneus I. Godwinn (Dennis Knight)-The Godwinn Brothers-in the finals of an eight team tournament to crown the new champions.

71.The Godwinn Brothers
05/19/96-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
managed by Sunny [2] and Hillbilly Jim (Jim Morris)

72.The Smokin' Gunns [3]
05/26/96-Florence, South Carolina-In Your House 8
managed by Sunny [3]

73.Owen Hart and "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith
09/22/96-Philadelphia, PA -In Your House X
managed by Clarence Mason
Clarence Mason was fired during February of 1997.

Smith and Hart held the following titles in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title:

74."The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and "Stonecold" Steve Austin (Steve Williams)
05/26/97- Evansville, IN-Monday Night Raw
Michaels was forced out of action due to an "injury" shortly after he and Steve Austin won the title. Rather than stripping the title, the WWF set up an eight team tournament. The winners of the tournament would face Austin and his choice of a partner due to Michaels' injury. Austin left it up to the WWF to pick his partner. Hart and Smith won the tournament.

75."Stonecold" Steve Austin and Dude Love (Michael Foley)
07/14/97-San Antonio, Texas-Monday Night Raw
Austin and Dude Love defeated Hart and Smith to win the titles.

Austin held the following title in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title:

76.Mosh and Thrasher-The Headbangers
09/07/97-Louisville, Kentucky-In Your House XVI
To fill the vacant title, a Fatal Four Way Match took place. It was a four corner, single elimination tag match. The Legion of Doom were eliminated by disqualification. The Godwinn Brothers were eliminated by The Headbangers. Smith and Hart were eliminated by The Headbangers for The WWF Tag Team Title.

77.The Godwinn Brothers [2]
10/05/97-St. Louis, Missouri (Kiel Center)-In Your House XVII
managed by Uncle Cletus

78.The Legion of Doom [2]
10/07/97-Topeka, KS (Landon Arena/The Kansas Expocentre)- Monday Night Raw
00:08:48 (+ commercial time)

79."Badass" Billy Gunn and "The Road Dog" Jesse James (Brian James) (The New Age Outlaws)
11/24/97-Fayetville, North Carolina-Raw is War
00:05:33 (+ commercial time)
The original referee was rendered unconcious and Tim White entered the ring for the pinfall.

80.Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Terry Funk
03/29/98-Boston, MA
WrestleMania XIV
Dumpster Match

81.The New Age Outlaws [2]
03/30/98-Albany, NY
Monday Night RAW
Cage match was scheduled because of the claim that Funk and Foley had won the Titles using the wrong dumpster the night before. Degeneration-X interefered and caused the Title change.

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82.Mankind (Mick Foley) and Kane (Glenn Jacobs)
07/13/98-East Rutherford, NJ
Monday Night RAW

83.The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) and Stone Cold Steve Austin
07/26/98-Fresno, Califonia (Fresno Arena)
In Your House Fully Loaded PPV

84.Kane and Mankind [2]
08/10/98-Omaha, NB
Monday Night RAW (08/10/98 program)
Kane and Mankind win the titles in a Four Corners match vs. NAO, Owen Hart/Rocky Maivia and the Undertaker/Steve Austin

85.The New Age Outlaws [3]
08/30/98-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Mankind is forced by Kane's defection (and at McMahon's urging) to face the Outlaws in a handicap match

86.Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman (Ray Traylor) - The Corporate Team
12/14/98-Tacoma, WA
Members of the McMahon Corporation
Shawn Michaels weilds the Bossman's nightstick on Billy Gunn to give Shamrock the victory.

87.Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett
01/25/99-Phoenix, Arizona (Monday Night RAW)
The Blue Blazer (a black one) hits Ken Shamrock with Jarret's guitar to give Hart the pin

88.Kane and X-Pac (Sean Waltman)
4/5/99-Long Island, NY (Nassau Coliseum)
Monday Night RAW

89.The Acolytes: Faarooq (Ron Simmons) and (Justin Hawk) Bradshaw
05/25/99-Moline, IL
Monday Night RAW (May 31st program)

90.Jeff and Matt Hardy
06/29/99-Fayetteville, NC
Monday Night RAW (July 4th program)

Managed by Michael Hayes

91.The Acolytes [2]
07/25/99-Buffalo, NY (Marine Midlands Arena)
Fully Loaded PPV

92.Kane and X-Pac [2]
08/09/99-Chicago, IL
Monday Night RAW

93.The Big Show (Paul Wight) and The Undertaker
08/22/99-Minneapolis, MN
SummerSlam PPV

94.Mankind and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
08/30/99-Boston MA (Fleet Center)
Monday Night RAW
The Rock proposed a handicap non-title match but Mankind convinced him to take himself as his partner to go for the Tag Team Titles
The Undertaker was called away from ringside by Paul Bearer and left his partner to lose the titles

95.The Big Show and The Undertaker [2]
09/07/99-Albany, NY
SmackDown (September 9 program)
Defeated Rock and Mankind in Buried Alive match.

96.Mankind and Rocky Maivia [2]
09/20/99-Houston, TX
Monday Night RAW
Defeat Big Show, Mideon (Dennis Knight) and Viscera (Nelson Frazier) in "The Dark Side Rules" match which meant any of Undertaker's followers could be involved.

97.The New Age Outlaws [4]
09/21/99-Dallas, TX

98.Mankind and The Rock [3]
10/12/99-Birmingham, AL
SmackDown (October 21 program)

99.The Hollys (Bob and Crash)
10/18/99-Columbus, Ohio (Ohio State University
HHH (Jean Paul Levesque) Pedgreed the Rock to give the Hollys the win

100.Mankind and Al Snow
11/2/99-Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center)
WWF SmackDown (11/4 program)
Mankind pinned Crash with a double arm DDT

101.The New Age Outlaws [5]
11/08/99-PA State University
Monday Night RAW
Val Venis (Sean Morley) provided the distraction that costs Foley and Snow the match.

102.The Dudley Boyz (D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley)
02/27/2000-Hartford, CT (No Way Out PPV)

103.Edge and Christian (Adam Copeland and Jay Reso)
04/02/2000-Anaheim, CA (The Pond)
WrestleMania 2000
Triangle Tables, Ladders, Chairs match featuring the Dudleys and the Hardys as opponents

104.Too Cool (Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher)
05/29/2000-Vancouver, BC, Canada
Monday Night RAW
Rap Star "Joe C" attacked Edge with a hockey stick to give Too Cool the victory

105.Edge and Christian [2]
06/25/2000-Boston, MA (King of the Ring PPV)
Defeated Too Cool, T&A (Test and Albert) and The Hardy Boyz in a Four Way match

106.The Hardy Boyz [2]
09/24/2000-Philadelphia, PA (Unforgiven PPV)
Defeat Edge and Christian in a cage match

107.Los Conquistadores (Edge and Christian) [3]
10/22/2000-Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena)
No Mercy PPV

108.Hardy Boyz [3]
10/23/2000-Hartford, CT (Monday Night RAW)
The Hardy Boyz, dressed as Los Conquistadores, beat Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag Team titles. Commissoner Mick Foley let the victory stand as Edge and Christian had swerved the Hardy's the night before at the PPV.

109.RTC (Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather)
11/6/2000-Houston, TX (Compaq Center)
Monday Night RAW
Steven Richards interfered to give his team the win

110. Edge and Christian [4]
12/10/2000-Birmingham, AL (Armageddon PPV)
Edge and Christian regained the titles in a four corners match against the Dudleys, Road Dogg and K-Kwik (Ron Killings) and RTC when Christian pinned Bubba Ray Dudley.

111.The Rock and the Undertaker
12/18/2000-Greenville, SC (BI-LO Center)
Monday Night RAW

112.Edge and Christian [5]
12/19/2000-Charlotte, NC
Kurt Angle was the special referee and executed an Olympic Slam on the Rock then rolled Edge on top of him for the pin.

113.The Dudley Boyz [2]
01/21/2001-New Orleans, LA (Royal Rumble)

114.The Hardy Boyz [4]
03/04/2001-Washington DC (MCI Center)
Christian interfered to give the Hardeys the win

115.Edge and Christian [6]
03/19/2001-Albany NY
Rhyno speared Jeff Hardy to give EandC the win

116.The Dudley Boys [3]
03/19/2001-Albany NY
Spike Dudley hit the acid drop on Christian to give his "brothers" the win

117.Edge and Christian [7]
04/01/2001-Houston Texas (Astrodome)
WrestleMania X7 card
Defeat The Dudley Boys and The Hardy Boyz in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

118.The Undertaker and Kane
04/17/2001-Nashville, TN
SmackDown taping for 4/19 program

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119.Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Jean Paul Levesque)
04/29/2001-Chicago IL (Allstate Arena)
Back Lash PPV
Defeated the Undertaker and Kane in a match wherein all titles were on the line.
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley also held the following title in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Titles

120.Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho (Christopher Keith Irvine)
05/21/2001-San Jose, CA (Compaq Center)
Monday Night RAW

121.The Dudley Boyz [4]
06/19/2001-Orlando, FL
Smackdown TV taping for 6/21 program.

122.Acolytes Protection Agency (APA) [3]
07/09/2001-Atlanta, GA (Philips Arena)
Monday Night RAW

123.Diamond Dallas Page (Paige Falkenburg) and Chris Kanyon
08/07/2001-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
SmackDown taping (August 9 program)
Chris Kanyon also held the following titles in conjunction with theWWF Tag Team Title

124.The Undertaker and Kane [2]
08/19/2001-San Jose, CA (The Pond)
WWF SummerSlam PPV
The Undertaker and Kane also held the following titles in conjunction with theWWF Tag Team Titles

125.The Dudley Boyz [5]
09/17/2001-Nashville, TN (Gaylord Entertainment Complex)
Monday Night RAW
Stevie Richards and Kronik interfered to give the Dudleys the win

126.Chris Jericho and The Rock
10/22/2001-KS City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Monday Night RAW
Chris Jericho also held the following titles in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title

127.Booker T. (Booker Huffman) and Test (Andrew Martin)
10/30/2001-Cincinnati, OH
WWF Smackdown TV Taping (11/1 program
Test held the following titles in conjunction with the WWF Tag Team Title

128.The Hardy Boyz [5]
11/12/2001-Boston, MA (Fleet Center)

129.The Dudley Boyz [6]
11/18/2001-Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum)
Survivor Series PPV
The Dudley Boyz defeated the Hardey Boyz in a unification cage match
The WCW World Tag Team Title was unified with the WWF Tag Team Title
WCW was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match
With World Championship Wrestling no longer in business, the Dudleys continue as the Unified WWF Tag Team Champions

130.Tazz and Spike Dudley
01/07/2002-Washington DC
Monday Night RAW

131.Billy and Chuck (Kip Sop and Chuck Palumbo)
02/19/2002-Rockford, IL (MetroCentre)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping
managed by Rico (Rico Constantino)

The World Wrestling Federation changes it's name to World Wrestling Entertainment after losing a trademark suit to the World Wildlife Fund. Henceforth, all WWF Titles will be known as WWE Titles

132.Rikishi and Rico
05/19/2002-Nashville, TN (Gaylord Entertainment Center)
WWE Judgment Day PPV

133.Chuck and Billy [2]
06/04/2002-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Cox Convention Center)
SmackDown! taping
Elimination rules match
Managed by Rico

134.Hulk Hogan and Edge (Terry Bollea and Adam Copeland)
07/02/2002-Boston, MA (Fleet Center)

135.The UnAmericans (Christian and Lance Storm)
07/21/2002-Detroit, MI (Joe Louis Arena)
Vengeance PPV

136.Kane and the Hurricane (Gregory Helms)
09/23/2002-Anaheim, CA (Arrowhead Pond)
Monday Night RAW

137.Chris Jericho and Christian
10/14/2002-Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Bell Centre)
Monday Night RAW

138.Booker T and Goldust
12/15/2002-Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Office Depot Center)
WWE Armegeddon PPV
Defeated Jericho/Christian, The Dudleys and Lance Storm/William Regal in a Four Way Elimination match.

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139.William Regal (Steven Regal) and Lance Storm
01/06/2003-Phoenix, AZ (America West Arena)
Monday Night RAW

140.The Dudleys [7]
01/19/2003-Boston, MA (FleetCenter)
The Royal Rumble PPV

141.William Regal and Lance Storm [2]
01/20/2003-Providence, Rhode Island (Dunkin' Donuts Center)
Monday Night RAW
Chief of staff Sean Morley set the Dudleys up to be punked by Regal and Storm, then ordered a title rematch to start while Bubba was still unconscious. Regal pinned him immediately.

Title Vacant
03/24/2003-Sacramento, CA
Chief Sean Morley vacated the titles because Storm and Regal failed to defend them within thirty days due to Regal's illness

142.Shawn Morley and Lance Storm
03/24/2003-Sacramento, CA (ARCO Arena)
Monday Night RAW
Morley appointed himself and Storm to fill the vacant titles.

143.Kane and Rob Van Dam
03/31/2003-San Jose, CA (HP Pavilion)
Monday Night RAW
Defeated the Dudley Boyz and Lance Storm/Sean Morley in a three way elimination match.

144.La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rene Dupree)
06/15/2003-Houston Texas (Compaq Center)
Bad Blood PPV

145.The Dudley Boys [8]
09/21/2003-Hershey, PA (GIANT Center)
WWE Unforgiven PPV
Defeated La Resistance and Rob Conway in a Handicap Tables Match

146.Batista and Ric Flair
12/14/2003-Orlando, FL (TK Waterhouse Centre)
WWE Armageddon PPV

147.Booker T (Booker Huffman) and Rob Van Dam
02/16/2004-Bakersfield, CA (Centennial Garden Arena)
Monday Night RAW
Mick Foley attacked Randy Orton at ringside and neutralized him so that Booker could pin Flair

148.Batista and Ric Flair [2]
03/22/2004-Detroit, MI (Joe Louis Arena)
Monday Night RAW

149.Edge and Chris Benoit
04/19/2004-Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Pengrowth Saddledome)
Monday Night RAW
Chris Benoit held the following titles concurrently with the WWE World Tag Team Title:

150.La Resistance [2]
05/21/2004-Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Monday Night RAW

151.Chris Benoit and Edge
10/19/2004-Milwaukee, WI (The Bradley Center)
WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV
Benoit won the belts by himself after Edge walked out on him

152.La Resistance [3]
11/01/2004-Peoria, IL

153.William Regal and Eugene (Nick Dinsmore)
11/15/2004-Indianapolis, IN (Conseco Fieldhouse)

154.La Resistance [4]
01/16/2005-Winnipeg, MB
Defeated Regal and Jonathan Coachman, subbing for injured Eugene

155.Yoshihiro Tajiri and William Regal
02/04/2005-Saitama, JAPAN (Saitama Super Arena)

156.The Hurricane and Rosey
05/01/2005-Manchester, NH (Verizon Wireless Arena)
Defeated La Resistance: Robert Conway and Sylvian Grenier in the final Gauntlet match to win the title. Other teams were: William Regal and Tajiri, The Heart Throbs: Romeo Roselli and Antonio Thomas, and Maven and Simon Dean.
WWE Backlash PPV

157.Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
09/18/2005-Oklahoma City, OK
WWE Unforgiven PPV

158.The Big Show (Paul Wight) and Kane
11/01/2005-San Diego, CA (Ipay Center)
WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV

159.Spirit Squad (Kenny and Mikey)
04/06/2006-Chicago, IL

160.Ric Flair and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
11/05/2006-Cincinnati, OH (First Bank Arena)
WWE Cyber Sunday PPV

161.Edge and Randy Orton
11/13/2006-Manchester, England, United Kingdom

162.Shawn Michaels and John Cena
01/29/2007-Dallas, TX

163.The Hardys [6]
04/02/2007-Chicago. IL
Michaels and Cena were forced to defend their titles in two 20-man tag team battle royals back to back, involving pretty much everyone on the roster. They won the first one, but were eliminated during the second when Michaels deliberately took himself out of the match, which the Hardys eventually won by eliminated Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.
Live RAW broadcast

164.Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch [2]
06/04/2007-Tampa, FL
The night after losing his ECW World Title at the One Night Stand PPV, Vince McMahon forced the Hardys to compete dispite their injuries from their own Title Ladder Match the night before

165.Paul London and Brian Kendrick
09/05/2007-Capetown, SOUTH AFRICA
RAW House Show

166.Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch [3]
09/08/2007-Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
RAW House Show

167.Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels)
12/10/2007-Bridgeport, CN
RAW 15th Anniversary show

168.Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes
06/29/2008-Dallas, TX
Defeated Hardcore Holly in a handicap match to win the titles when Rhodes turned on Holly
Night of Champion

169.Batista (David Bautista) and John Cena
08/04/2008-Knoxville, TN

170.Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes [2]
08/11/2008-Richmond, VA

171.CM Punk and Kofi Kingston
10/27/2008-Tuscon, AZ

172.John Morrison (John Hennigan) and The Miz (Mike Mizanin)
12/13/2008-Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

173.Carlito and Primo Colon
04/05/2009-Houton, TX (Reliant Stadium)
Defeated Morrison and the Miz to unify the WWE Tag Team Titles with the WWE World Tag Team Titles
WrestleMania XXV

174.Edge and Chris Jericho
06/28/2009-Sacramento, CA
Defeated Carlito Colon/Primo Colon (c) and Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes for titles
Titles are now referred too as the Unified Tag Team Titles

175.Chris Jericho and Big Show
Jericho chooses Show as new partner when Edge is injured.

176.Degeneration X [Shawn Michaels (Michael Shawn James Hickenbottom) and Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque)]
12/13/2009-San Antonio, TX (AT&T Center)
Tables Ladders & Chairs match
Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV

177.The Miz and the Big Show
02/09/2010-Lafayette, LA
One a Triple Threat Tag Team match against Degeneration X (C) and The Straight Edge Society
Mondy Night RAW Live Broadcast

178.Hart Dynasty [David Hart Smith (Harry Smith) and Tyson Kidd (Theodore James Wilson)]
04/26/2010-Richmond, VA
WWE Extreme Rules PPV

Titles renamed the WWE Tag Team Titles
08/16/2010-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
WWE Monday Night RAW broadcast

179.Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre
09/19/2010-Rosemont, IL
Defeated the Hart Dynasty (c), Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, and Evan Bourne and Mark Henry in a "Tag Team Turmoil".
WWE Night of Champions PPV

180.Nexus (David Otunga and John Cena)
10/24/2010-Minneapolis, MN
WWE Bragging Rights PPV

181.Nexus (Heath Slater [Heath Miller] and Justin Gabriel [Paul Lloyd Jr.])
10/25/2010-Green Bay, WI
WWE Raw broadcast

182.Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) and Vlidimir Kozlov (Olyeg Olyeksandrovich Prudius)
12/06/2010-Louisville, Ky
Monday Night RAW broadcast

183.Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater [2]
02/20/2011-Oakland, CA
WWE Elimination Chamber PPV

184.John Cena and The Miz [2]
02/21/2011-Fresno, CA
WWE RAW broadcast

185.Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater [3]
02/21/2011-Fresno, CA
Gabriel and Slater invoked their rematch clause immediately following their defeat, then won the match because the Miz sabotaged his partner.
WWE RAW broadcast

186.Kane and The Big Show [2]
04/19/2011-London, England
SmackDown taping for broadcast April 22nd.

187.New Nexus (Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga)
05/23/2011-Portland, OR.
Monday Night RAW broadcast

188.Evan Bourne(Matthew Joseph Korklan) and Kofi Kingston (Kofi Sarkodie-Mensa)
08/22/2011-Edmonton, AB
Monday Night RAW broadcast

189.Primo (Edwin Carlos Col�n) and Epico (Orlando Col�n)
01/15/2012-Oakland, CA

190.R-Truth (Ron Killings) and Kofi Kingston
04/30/2012-Dayton, OH
Monday Night RAW

191.Daniel Bryan and Kane
09/16/2012-Boston, MA
WWE Night of Champions PPV

192.The Shield (Roman Reigns [Joe Anoa'i] & Seth Rollins [Tyler Black])
05/19/2013-St. Louis, MO
WWE Extreme Rules PPV

193.Cody Rhodes and Goldust (Dustin Runnels)
10/14/2013-St. Louis, MO
Mondy Night RAW
No DQ match vs. The Shield

194.New Age Outlaws [6]
01/26/2014-Pittsburgh, PA
Won the title from Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

194.The Usos (Jimmy Uso [Jonathan Solofa Fatu] and Jey Uso [Joshua Samuel Fatu])
3/3/2014-Rosemont, IL
Monday Night Raw

195.Gold & Stardust (Dustin and Cody Runnels) [2]
09/21/2014-Nashville, TN
WWE Night of Champions

196.The Miz and Damien Mizdow (Aaron Steven Haddad)
11/23/2014-St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Center)
Won a Four Way tag team title match against Gold and Stardust (C), The Usos, and Los Matadores.
Survivor Series PPV

197.The Usos [2]
12/29/2014-Washington, DC
Monday Night Raw

198.Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) and Tyson Kidd
2/22/2015-Memphis, TN
WWE Fastlane

199.The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Bigg E [Ettore Ewen])
04/26/2015-Rosemont, IL
Extreme Rules PPV

200.The Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil [Thaddeus Bullard] and Darren Young [Frederick Rosser])
06/14/2015-Columbus, OH
WWE Money in the Bank

201.The New Day (2)
09/23/2015-Brooklyn, NY
SummerSlam PPV
Defeated The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores, and The Lucha Dragons in a four way tag team match.

202.Cesaro and Sheamus (Stephen Farrelly)
12/18/2016-Pittsburgh, PA
WWE Roadblock PPV

203.Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
01/29/2017-San Antonio, TX
WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Kick-Off Show

204.Matt and Jeff Hardy [7]
04/02/2017-Orlando, FL (Camping World Stadium)
WrestleMania 33

205.Cesaro and Sheamus [2]
06/04/2017-Baltimore, MD (Royal Farms Arena)
Won a Tag Team Cage Match
WWE Extreme Rules PPV

206.Dean Ambrose (Jonathan David Good) and Seth Rollins (Colby Daniel Lopez)
08/20/2017-Brooklyn, NY (The Barclays Center)
WWE SummerSlam 2017

207.Cesaro and Sheamus [3]
11/06/2017-Manchester, England

208.Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (Nathan Everhart)
12/25/2017-Rosemont, IL
WWE Monday Night Raw

208.Cesaro and Sheamus [4]
01/28/2018-Philadelphia, PA
WWE Royal Rumble

209.Braun Strowman (Adam Joseph Scherr) and Nicholas
04/08/2018-New Orleans, LA (Mercedes-Benz Superdome)
Strowman selected 10-year-old Nicholas from out of the crowd at ringside, then instructed him to stay on the apron while he fought the match against the Bar.

Title Vacant
Braun Strowman relinquished the titles
Monday Night RAW

210.Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt
04/26/2018-Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Defeated Cesaro and Sheamus for the vacant title.
Greatest Royal Rumble PPV

211.The B Team (Bo Dallas {Taylor Michael Rotunda} and Curtis Axel {Joseph Curtis Hennig})
07/15/2018-Pittsburgh, PA (PPG Paints Arena)
WWE Extreme Rules PPV

212.Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre
09/03/2018-Columbus, OH
WWE Monday Night RAW

213.Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins [2]
10/22/2018-Providence, RI
Monday Night RAW
Following their win, Ambrose suddenly turned on Rollins and beat him to a pulp.

214.Authors of Pain (Akam [Sunny Dhinsa] and Rezar [Gzim Selmani ]) 11/055/2018-Manchester, England
Defeated Seth Rollins in a handicap match.
WWE RAW broadcast

215.Bobby Roode and Chad Gable (Charles Betts)
12/10/2018-San Diego, CA
This was a 2-on-3 handicap match also involving AOP's manager, Drake Maverick. Roode pinned Maverick to win the titles.
WWE Monday Night RAW

216.The Revival (Dash Wilder [Daniel Marshall Wheeler] and Scott Dawson [David Michael Harwood])
02/11/2019-Grand Rapids, MI
WWE Monday Night RAW

217.Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder (Brian Myers and Matthew Cardona)
04/07/2019-East Rutherford, NJ (MetLife Stadium)
WWE WrestleMania 35

218.The Revival [2]
06/10/2019-San Jose, CA.
This was a triple threat tag team match, also involving The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso).

219.Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson [2]
07/29/2019-Little Rock, AR
This was a triple threat tag team match, also involving The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso).

220.Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins
08/19/2019-St. Paul, MN

221.Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode
09/15/2019-Charlotte, NC
WWE Clash of Champions

222.The Viking Raiders (Ivar [Raymond Rowe] and Eric [Todd Smith])
10/14/2019-Denver, CO

223.Seth Rawlins (Colby Lopez) and Buddy Murphy (Mathew Adams)
01/20/2020-Wichita, KS

224.The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)
03/02/2020-Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Owens interfered in the match to hand the Street Prophets the titles.

225,The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) [3]
10/12/2020 Orlando, FL (WWE Thunderdome)
The New Day were drafted to RAW and the Street Profits were drafted to SmackDown - so they exchanged title belts. Then New Day successfully defended their titles against Dolph Zeigler and Robert Roode.

230.The Hurt Business (Sheldon Benjamin and Cedric Alexander)
12/20/2020-Tampa FL (WWE ThunderDome)

231.The New Day [4]
03/15/2021-Tampa FL (WWE ThunderDome)

232.AJ Styles (Allen Neal Jones) and Omos (Jordan Omogbehin)
04/10/2021-Tampa Bay, FL (Raymond James Stadium)
First live non-virtual audience in over a year.
WWE WestleMania 37

233.RK Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle)
08/21/2021-Las Vegas, NV (Allegiant Stadium)
WWE SummerSlam PPV

234.The Alpha Academy (Chad Gable [Charles Betts] and Otis [Nikola Bogojevic])
01/10/2022-Philadelphia, PA

233.RK Bro [2]
03/07/2022-Cleveland, OH
RK Bo won a triple threat tag team match, also involving the teams of Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Kevin Owens and The Alpha Academy..

234.The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)
05./20/2022-Grand Rapids, MI
This match was billed as a championship unification match, where The Usos' SmackDown Tag Team Championship were also on the line. However, after the match, both titles remained independently active with The Usos being called the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions..

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