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March 4,1992--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Trevor Adonis and Dr. X
03/04/92-Hammond, IN
Wins tournament final to become the first champions.

2.The Jammes Gang (Jesse and Frank)
04/13/92-Portage, IN

3.Trevor Adonis and Dr. X [2]
06/04/92-Peru, IN

4.The Jammes Gang [2]
09/08/92-South Bend, IN

5.Paul Roma and Repo Man
02/04/93-Warsaw, IN

6.Brian "The Crippler" Costello and The Iron Sheik
07/24/93-South Bend, IN

7.The Texas Hangmen (Psycho and Killer)
12/04/93-Ft. Wayne, IN

8.Brian "The Crippler" Costello and The Iron Sheik [2]
02/15/94-Kalamazoo, MI

9.Trevor Adonis and Steve "Mr. Electricity" Regal
06/04/94-Laporte, IN

10.The Texas Hangmen [2]
07/23/94-Mishawaka, IN

11.Paul Roma and Hercules
08/25/95-Pittsburgh, PA

12.Brian "The Crippler" Costello and The Iron Sheik [3]
02/03/96-Toledo, OH

13.The Texas Hangmen [3]
06/28/96-Niles, MI

14.Typhoon and Demolition Ax (Bill Eady)
08/24/96-Erie, PA

15.The Texas Hangmen [4]
12/19/96-Ft. Wayne, IN

16.Typhoon and Demolition Ax [2]
02/04/97-South Bend, IN

17.The Bounty Hunters (JJ and Johnny)
08/02/98-Toledo, OH

18.Full Force (Andy Chene and Bobo Brazil, Jr.)
10/21/98-Ft. Wayne, IN

19.The Bounty Hunters [2]
12/24/98-Adrian, MI

20.Paul Roma and Alex Roma
09/11/99-South Bend, IN

21.The Bounty Hunters [3]
12/03/99-Marksville, LA

22.Brian "The Crippler" Costello and The Ripper
11/11/2000-Adrian, MI

[Records unclear]

23.Brian "The Crippler" Costello and Nasty Nick

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