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April 14, 2000--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Andrew Anderson
04/14/2000-Garfield, NJ (VFW Hall)
Defeated "Strangler" Nick Maddux in a tournament final to become the first champion

Title Vacant
MOB retired

2.The Hit Squad
04/22/2000-Elmwood Park, NJ (Elmwood Park High School)
Defeated the Haas Brothers to win the vacant title

Titles Held Up
01/06/2001-Lodi, NJ (JCW Arena)
Battle of the Bulge card
After a split decision during a match against Moondogs 2000
Ref Hanson counted the one-two-three in favor of the Moondogs inside the ring, Steve Paradiso gave the Hit Squad the fall on the precisely the same moment. After the two officials couldn't reach an agreement, JCW Commissioner Chris Johnson decided to hold up the titles until a rematch could be held.

3.Moondogs 2000
01/14/2001-Teaneck, NJ (Teaneck High School)
Teaneck Turmoil card
Defeated the Hit Squad in the rematch

4.Mafia and Low Ki
04/04/2001-Lodi, NJ (JCW Arena)

Title Vacant

[Records unclear]

5.The Solution

6.Los Barriquas
12/29/2002-Paramus, NJ

7.Team Ethic (Dixie and Dave Greco)

.8.Hybrid (Inferno and Wenzel)
11/23/2003-Garfield, NJ

9.Matt Striker and Ace Darling
02/22/2004-Garfield, NJ

Title Vacant

10.Glitz and Glamour (Jarrett Foster and Steve Sterling)
06/13/2014-Long Branch, NJ
Defeated Rhett Titus and Joey Janela for the vacant title.

11.The Down Boyz (Tony and Steve)
0/24/2014-Union, NJ

12.The Playas Club (Damien Darling and Erik Andretti)

13.Joey Janela and Sean Waltman
05/08/2015-Brick, NJ

14.EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik)
05/16/2015-Asbury Park, NJ

15.Beast Squads (Kyle The Beast and Monsta Mack)
05/17/2015-Asbury Park, NJ

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