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November 17, 1994--November 20, 2004

Compiled by Matt Benaka and Brian Westcott

1.Jimmy Cicero/Brian Perry-The Rat Pack
11/17/94-Raleigh, NC
Jimmy Cicero and Brian Perry-The Rat Pack- won a one-night tournament to win the first title.

2.Billy Simmons and Sean Powers-The Dream Team
03/25/95-Durham, NC

3.The Rat Pack (2)
04/22/95-Valdese, NC

4.Guido Falcone and Jimmie Torture-The Cowboys From Hell
04/20/96-Durham, NC
Guido Falcone and Jimmy Torture-The Cowboys From Hell defeated Brian
Perry and Sean Powers. Powers substituted for Jimmy Cicero.

5.Pat Anderson and C.W. Anderson
05/18/96-Durham, NC
Pat Anderson and C.W. Anderson defeated Jimmie Torture and David Dawson.
Dawson was substituting for Guido Falcone.

6.Frank Parker and Roger Anderson-Death and Destruction
06/14/97-Buttner, NC
Frank Parker and Roger Anderson-Death and Destruction defeated C.W. Anderson and Dawson.
Dawson was substituting for Pat Anderson.

7.C.W. Anderson (2)and Cueball Carmichael
11/22/97-Louisburg, NC
The title was declared vacant when C.W. Anderson was kicked out of The Gambini Family.

8.C.W. Anderson and Christian York
C.W. Anderson gave his half of the tag titles to Christian York so he could team with his brother Pat.

9.Pat and C.W. Anderson
01/17/98-Butner, NC

10.Club Security
09/19/98-Henderson, NC

Club Security stripped for not defending their titles.

11.Mike Maverick and Shane Helms
02/20/99 Louisberg, NC
Defeat C.W. Anderson and Toad in tournament final.

12.Bo Dupp and Jack Dupp
Shane Helms left SCW and gave his half of the tag titles to Otto Schwanz.
Mike Maverick and Otto changed their names t Bo and Jack Dupp.

Bo and Jack Dupp leave SCW for ECW.

13.Big Slam and King
10/28/99-Raleigh, NC
Defeat Krash and Bryan Wayne in a tournament final.

14.Big Slam and Dewey Cheatum
King left SCW for unknown reasons and Big Slam chose Dewey Cheatum as his tag team partner.

15.Big Slam and King [2]
03/30/2000-Raleigh, NC
Big Slam "fired" Dewey Cheatum as his tag team partner when King returned to SCW.

16.Stratus and Aldo De Gama
07/21/2000-Raleigh, NC
This was a Three Way Dance also involving Dewey Cheatum and Mervin Snead
Phenom was subbing for an injured King in this match.

17.Bo Dupp and Jack Dupp [2]
08/31/2000-Raleigh, NC

The Dupps were forced to vacate the titles when they left for the WWF.

18.Stratus and Aldo De Gama [2]
09/28/2000-Raleigh, NC
Defeat Scab and Kross in tournament final.

19.The Gargoyles
11/30/2000-Raleigh, NC

20.Brad Hunter and Sean Thomas
02/22/2001-Raleigh, NC

21.Psychos For Hire (Bam Bam and Crazyman)
04/26/2001-Raleigh, NC

Title Vacant
Psychos for Hire were stripped of titles for no showing

22.Natrone Steele and Too Damn Badd
9/27/01-Raleigh, NC
Defeated Scab and Dewey Cheatum in a tournament final

23.Brad Hunter and Shawn Alexander
01/31/2002-Raleigh, NC

24.Natrone Steele and Scab
03/28/2002-Raleigh, NC

Title Vacant

.25.C.W. Anderson & Dewey Cheatum
08/29/2002-Raleigh, NC
Defeated Scab/Natrone Steele and Brad Hunter/Shawn Alexander to capture vacant title.

26.Zack Lee and Ben Black
10/30/2002-Raleigh, NC


27.Shawn Alexander and Brad Hunter
07/12/2003-Burlington, NC
Defeated Trailer Park Heat and Seymour Snott to win vacant title.

28.Seymour Snott & Dexter Poindexter
11/07/2004-Butner, NC

29.Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander [2]
11/20/2004-Durham, NC

PROMOTION CLOSES 11/20/2004-Durham, NC

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