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December 2, 1999--Present

Compiled by David Crane

1.Ballard Brothers (Shane Ballard/Shannon Ballard)
12/02/99-Hollywood, CA
Won title in battle royal

2.Team Hardcore (Hardkore Kid/Justin-Sane)
03/2000-Santa Ana, CA

3.Ballard Brothers [2]
03/28/2000-Santa Ana, CA

4.Jobbers-R-Us (Funky Billy Kim/Troubled Youth)
04/19/2000-Santa Ana, CA

5.Los Cubanitos (Rocky Romero/Ricky Reyes)
04/27/2000-San Diego, CA

6.Ballard Brothers [3]
05/24/2000-Santa Ana, Ca

7.Team Hardkore [2]
07/2001/2000-Huntington Beach, CA
Titles were announced as being won in a match on 07/2001/2000 that never happened. Team Hardkore defended the titles on 07/12/2000

8.Ballard Brothers [4]
07/15/2000-Huntington Beach, CA
Awarded. Announced as having won match on 07/15/2000
Stripped of titles by Big Schwag on 01/31/2001

9.Frankie Kazarian/Nova (Evolution)
05/30/2001-Santa Ana, CA
Won tournament

10.Ballard Brothers [5]
05/08/02-Santa Ana, CA

11.B-Boy and Funky Billy Kim
01/08/2003-Santa Ana, CA (Galaxy Theater)

12.Ballard Brothers [6]
03/15/2003-Laughlin, NV

13.Hardkore Inc. (Hardkore Kidd and Al Katrazz)
04/25/2003-Anaheim, CA

14.The Ballard Brothers [7]
02/20/2004-Anaheim, CA

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