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August 4, 1989--October 1997

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

1.Scott Braddock and Cactus Jack
08/04/89 Dallas, TX
Defeated Jeff Jarrett and Matt Borne for WCWA World Tag Team Title

Title renamed USWA World Tag Team Title

2.Jeff Jarrett and Matt Borne
08/11/89 Dallas, TX

3.Sheik Braddock and Ron Starr
09/15/89 Dallas, TX
Title held-up with Jeff Jarrett and Matt Borne on 09/22/89 in Dallas, TX.

4.Jeff Jarrett and Matt Borne [2]
09/29/89 Dallas, TX
Defeated Braddock and Starr in rematch

Vacated in 1989 when Borne lost a loser-leaves-USWA match.

5.Robert Fuller and Brian Lee
12/01/89 Dallas, TX
Defeated Jarrett and Borne in finals of tournament.

6.Rex King and Steve Doll
02/03/90-Memphis, TN

7.Robert Fuller and Brian Lee [2]
02/06/90 Louisville, KY

8.Rex King and Steve Doll [2]
02/12/90-Memphis, TN

9.Brickhouse Brown and Sweet Daddy Falcone 04/28/90-Memphis, TN

10.Rex King and Steve Doll [3]
05/21/90-Memphis, TN

11.Tony Anthony and Tom Burton
06/02/90-Memphis, TN

12.Rex King and Joey Maggs
06/23/90-Memphis, TN

13.Brian Lee and Don Harris
08/11/90-Memphis, TN

14.Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Gaylord
09/03/90-Memphis, TN
Defeated Lee and Chuck Casey.

15.Brian Lee and Don Harris [2]
09/10/90-Memphis, TN

16.Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Gaylord [2]
09/17/90-Memphis, TN

17.Tony Anthony and Doug Gilbert
10/06/90-Memphis, TN

18.Jeff Jarrett and Cody Michaels
11/24/90 Jonesboro, AR

19.Tony Anthony and Doug Gilbert [2]
12/08/90-Memphis, TN

20.Fabulous Ones
01/07/91-Memphis, TN
Title held-up with Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler on 01/28/91 in Memphis, TN.

21.Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett
02/04/91-Memphis, TN
Defeated Fabulous Ones in rematch.

22.The Texas Hangmen
03/26/91 Louisville, KY
Defeated Jarrett and Eddie Gilbert.

23.Robert Fuller and Jeff Jarrett
05/13/91-Memphis, TN
Defeated Samu and Judge Dredd on 06/24/91 in Memphis, TN to unify the Western States tag team title.

24.Barroom Brawlers
07/08/91-Memphis, TN

25.Robert Fuller and Jeff Jarrett [2]
07/15/91-Memphis, TN

26.Texas Outlaws (Barroom Brawlers) [2]
09/28/91-Memphis, TN

27.Robert Fuller and Jeff Jarrett [3]
10/07/91-Memphis, TN

28.Doug Masters and Bart Sawyer
11/04/91-Memphis, TN

29.Robert Fuller and Mike Mitchell
11/25/91-Memphis, TN

30.Moondogs (Spot and Spike)
11/30/91-Memphis, TN
Defeated Robert Fuller when Young Gun (Mike Mitchell) no-showed

31.Moondogs [2] Apr.,'92

32.Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett [2]
06/29/92-Memphis, TN

33.Moondogs (Spot and Cujo)
07/06/92-Memphis, TN

34.Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett [2]
07/20/92-Memphis, TN

35.Moondogs (Spot and Cujo) [2]
08/10/92-Memphis, TN

36.Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett [3]
08/17/92-Memphis, TN

37.Moondogs (Spot and Spike) [3]
10/03/92-Memphis, TN
Defeateds Lawler when Jarrett has "car trouble" (with WWF).

38.Ron and Don Harris
12/28/92-Memphis, TN

39.Moondogs (Spot and Spike) [4]
01/11/93-Memphis, TN
Vadated on 01/18/93 when Spike leaves the USWA.

40.Ron and Don Harris [2]
01/25/93-Memphis, TN
Defeated Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett in tournament final.

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41.Moondogs (Spot and Splat)
02/01/93-Memphis, TN

42.Ron and Don Harris [3]
02/15/93-Memphis, TN

43.Moondogs (Spot and Splat) [2]
02/22/93-Memphis, TN

44.Brian Christopher and Big Black Dog
03/08/93-Memphis, TN

45.Moondogs (Spot and Splat) [3]
03/15/93-Memphis, TN

46.Brian Christopher and Scotty Flamingo
03/22/93-Memphis, TN

47.Moondogs (Spot and Splat) [4]
03/29/93-Memphis, TN

48.Rex King and Steve Doll [4]
04/12/93-Memphis, TN

49.Home Boy and New Jack
06/21/93-Memphis, TN

50.C.W. Bergstrom and Melvin Penrod Jr.
07/05/93-Memphis, TN

51.Moondogs (Spike and Cujo)
08/02/93-Memphis, TN

52.Dog Catchers
08/16/93-Memphis, TN

53.Moondogs (Spike and Cujo) [2]
09/06/93-Memphis, TN

54.Dog Catchers [2]
09/13/93-Memphis, TN

55.Moondog Spike and Mike Anthony
10/04/93-Memphis, TN
Vadated on October 16, 1993 after Spike attacked Anthony when he refused to turn over his share of the title to Splat.

56.Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher
10/25/93-Memphis, TN
Defeated Jerry Lawler and Red Knight in tournament final.

57.Koko B. Ware and Rex Hargrove
11/01/93-Memphis, TN

58.Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher [2]
11/08/93-Memphis, TN

11/27/93-Memphis, TN

60.Jeff Gaylord and Mike Anthony
11/29/93-Memphis, TN

61.War Machines
12/06/93-Memphis, TN

62.Far 2 Wild (Todd Morton and Chris Michaels)
12/15/93 Evansville, IN
Title held-up with PG-13 on 01/03/94 in Memphis, TN.

63.Far 2 Wild [2]
01/08/94-Memphis, TN
Defeated PG-13 in rematch.

64.Ron and Don Harris [4]
01/10/94-Memphis, TN

65.Rock 'n' Roll Express
01/23/94 Morristown, TN *

66.Moondogs (Spot and Rex)
01/31/94-Memphis, TN
Vadated on 04/18/94.

67.Eddie Gilbert and Brian Christopher
04/23/94 Jonesboro, AR
Defeated Eliminators in tournament final.

68.The Eliminators
05/02/94-Memphis, TN

69.PG-13 [2]
06/13/94-Memphis, TN
Title held-up with Great Mephisto and Dante on 08/08/94 in Memphis, TN.

70.Dante and Great Mephisto
08/15/94-Memphis, TN
Defeated PG-13 in rematch.

71.PG-13 [3]
08/29/94-Memphis, TN

72.The Phantoms
10/18/94-Louisville, KY

73.Moondogs (Spot and Rex) [2]
10/24/94-Memphis, TN
Title held-up after a match against Beauty and The Beast (Jim Harris and Ron Harris) on November 14, 1994 in Memphis, TN.

74.Moondogs (Spot and Rex) [3]
11/21/94-Memphis, TN
Defeated Beauty and The Beast in a rematch

75.Jimmy Harris and Ron Harris
12/26/94-Memphis, TN

76.PG-13 [4]
12/26/94-Memphis, TN

77.Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert
01/09/95-Memphis, TN

78.PG-13 [5]
01/09/95-Memphis, TN

79.Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert [2]
01/14/95-Memphis, TN

80.PG-13 [6]
03/13/95-Memphis, TN

81.Brickhouse Brown and The Gambler
04/15/95-Memphis, TN

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82.PG-13 [7]
05/01/95-Memphis, TN
Title held-up after match against NWA champs Rock 'n' Roll Express on June 26, 1995 in Memphis, TN.

83.Rock and Roll Express [2]
07/03/95-Memphis, TN
Defeated PG-13 in rematch.

84.PG-13 [8]
07/10/95-Memphis, TN

85.Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Rey)
09/07/95-Memphis, TN
Title held up on August 21, 1995

86.PG-13 [9]
08/28/95-Memphis, TN
Defeated Tracy Smothers and Terry Gordy in an 8 team tournament final

87.Tracy Smothers and Jesse James Armstrong
10/28/95-Memphis, TN

88.Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert [3]
01/03/96-Memphis, TN

89.PG-13 [10]
01/13/96-Memphis, TN

90.Tracey Smothers and Jesse James Armstrong [2] 02/14/96-Memphis, TN

91.PG-13 [11]
02/17/96-Memphis, TN

92.Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert [4]
02/28/96-Memphis, TN

93.The CyberPunks (PG-13 under masks) [12] 03/25/96-Memphis, TN

94.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
05/18/96-Memphis, TN
Vadated in June,'96.

95.Flex Kavana and Bart Sawyer
06/17/96-Memphis, TN
Defeateded Brickhouse Brown and Reggie B. Fine in a tournament final

96.Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee [2]
07/01/96-MemphisMemphis, TN

97.Flex Kavana and Bart Sawyer [2]
07/08/96-Memphis, TN

98.Reggie B. Fine and Brickhouse Brown
07/15/96-Memphis, TN

99.The Moondogs (Spot and Rover)
08/05/96-Memphis, TN

100.Bill Dundee and Jamie Dundee
09/03/96 Louisville, KY
Help up after a match against Brian Christopher and Wolfie D on 10/12/96 in Memphis, TN.

101.Wolfie D and Brian Christopher
10/21/96-Memphis, TN
Defeated Bill and Jamie Dundee in rematch.

102.The Grim Twins (Ron and Don Harris) [5]
11/09/96-Memphis, TN

103.Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn
11/23/96-Memphis, TN
Title help-up after a match against Mike Samples and Vic The Bruiser as a non-contest on 12/27/96 in Memphis, TN.

104.Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn [2]
01/09/97-Memphis, TN
Defeated Mike Samples and Sir Mo.

105.Wolfie D and Jamie Dundee [13]
01/18/97-Memphis, TN

106.Billy Travis and Flash Flanagan
03/01/97-Memphis, TN

107.The Truth Commission (Recon and Interrogator) 03/22/97-Memphis, TN

108.Flash Flanagan and Billy Travis [2]
03/29/97-Memphis, TN

109.The Shooting Stars
04/12/97-Memphis, TN

110.The Truth Commission [2]
04/19/97-Memphis, TN

111.Steven Dunn and Paul Diamond
05/14/97-West Helena, AR

112.The Truth Commission [3]
05/28/97-West Helena, AR
Nick Dinsmore and Flash Flanagan Defeated The Truth Commission (Tank and Recon) to win the belts on 06/14/97 in Memphis, TN
USWA commissioner Elliot Pollock rules that the titles are held up since the tag champs are Recon and Interrogator.

113.PG-13 [14]
07/13/97-Memphis, TN
Defeated Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn to win the held up title.

114.Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn [3]
08/08/97-Memphis, TN

115.PG-13 [15]
08/31/97-Memphis, TN
Promotion closes in October 1997

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