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April 25, 1964--April 16, 1989

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will

1.Wilbur Snyder and Dick the Bruiser
First champions.

2.Nicoli Volkoff and Angelo Poffo
Won by countout.

3.Wilbur Snyder and Dick the Bruiser [2]

4.Kurt Van Brauner and Karl Van Brauner
10/64/65 -Memphis, TN

5.Nicoli Volkoff and Boris Volkoff
05/17/65-Memphis, TN

6.Assassins (Guy Mitchell and Joe Tomasso)
07/17/65-Indianapolis, IN

7.Wilbur Snyder and Moose Cholak
12/25/65-Indianapolis, IN

8.Assassins [2]
03/66-Ft. Wayne, IN

9.Wilbur Snyder and Dick the Bruiser [3]

10.Assassins [3]

11.Wilbur Snyder and Luis Martinez
07/23/66-Indianapolis, IN

13.Devil's Duo (Angelo Poffo and Chris Markoff)

14.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher

15.Devil's Duo [2]

16.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher [2]
07/15/67-Indianapolis, IN

17.Mitsu Arakawa and Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata)
10/13/67-Indianapolis, IN

18.Wilbur SnyderA and Pat O'Connor
09/24/68-Indianapolis, IN

19.Mitsu Arakawa and Dr. Moto [2]
10/26/68-Elkhark, IN

20.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher [3]
12/28/68-Chicago, IL

21.Chain Gang (Jack Dillinger and Frank Dillinger)
06/20/69-Indianapolis, IN
Vacant in 09 after Frank Mack (Frank Dillinger) is shot in Chicago, IL.

22.Chain Gang (Jack Dillinger and Jim Dillinger)
11/27/69-Indianapolis, IN
Defeat Dick the Bruiser and Moose Cholak.

23.Dick the Bruiser and Bill Miller
06/26/70-Indianapolis, IN

24.Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Colstello and Don Kent)
07/17/70-Indianapolis, IN

25.Wilbur Snyder and Moose Cholak [2]
12/26/70-Indianapolis, IN

26.Fabulous Kangaroos [2]
06/18/71-Indianapolis, IN

27.Wilbur Snyder and Paul Christy
08/21/71-Indianapolis, IN

28.Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan
11/26/71-Detroit, MI

29.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher [4]
12/09/72-Chicago, IL

30.Baron Von Raschke and Ernie Ladd
02/24/73-Detroit, MI

31.Dick the Bruiser and Bruno Sammartino
07/21/73-Detroit, MI

32.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant
01/05/74-Indianapolis, IN
Title held up on 01/25 after a match against Dick the Bruiser and Bruno Sammartino.

33.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant [2]
Defeat Bruiser and Sammartino in rematch.

34.Wilbur Snyder and Pepper Gomez
05/04/74-Indianapolis, IN

35.Legionnaires (Sgt. Jacques Goulet and Pvt. Don Fargo)
09/21/74-Indianapolis, IN

36.Legionnaires (Sgt. Jacques Goulet and Soldier Zarinoff LeBeouf) 75/04/74

37.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher [5]
09/20/75-Indianapolis, IN

38.Ox Baker and Chuck O'Connor (John Studd)
03/13/76-Indianapolis, IN

39.Dick the Bruiser and Crusher [6]
05/01/76-Indianapolis, IN

40.Bounty Hunters (David Novak and Johnny Novak)
08/14/76-Indianapolis, IN

41.Moose Cholak and Paul Christy
02/12/77-Indianapolis, IN

42.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant [3]
06/18/77-Indianapolis, IN

43.Wilbur Snyder and Dominic Denucci
03/04/78-Indianapolis, IN

44.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant [4]
07/22/78-Indianapolis, IN

45.Wilbur Snyder and Pepper Gomez [2]
12/02/78-Indianapolis, IN

46.Roger Kirby and Igor Volkoff
04/01/79-Indianapolis, IN
Vacant in 05 when Volkoff leaves the area.

47.Roger Kirby and Paul Christy
06/09/79-Indianapolis, IN

48.Dick the Bruiser and Spike Huber
10/07/79-Indianapolis, IN

49.Roger Kirby and Jerry Valiant (Guy Mitchell)
04/27/80-Indianapolis, IN

50.Wilbur Snyder and Spike Huber
08/16/80-Indianapolis, IN

51.Kelly Twins (Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly)
06/13/81-Indianapolis, IN

52.Wilbur Snyder and Spike Huber [2]
Awarded when Kelly Twins leave the area.

53.Sheik Ali Hassan and Abdullah the Great
06/05/82-Indianapolis, IN

54.Spike Huber and Steve Regal
Awarded when Abdullah leaves the area.

55.New York Dolls (Rick McGraw and Dream Machine)
09/25/82-Memphis, TN

56.Spike Huber and Steve Regal [2]

57.Jerry Valiant and Abdullah the Great

58.Dick the Bruiser and Jeff Van Kamp
01/07/84-Indianapolis, IN

59.Wild Warriors (Mad Maxx and Super Maxx)

61.Dick the Bruiser and Bobby Colt

62.Wild Hoggs (J.R. Hoggs and King Harley Hogg)

63.Chris Carter and Stormy Granzig

64.Don Kent and Jerry Graham Jr.

65.Chris Carter and Bobo Brazil

66.Don Kent and Jerry Graham Jr. [2]

67.Chris Carter and Calypso Jim ?/86

68.Polynesian Wildman and Prince Mama Mohammad ?/86
Vacant in '86 when Mohammad injured by Dick the Bruiser.

69.Chris Carter and Denny Kass ?/86
Defeat Polynesian Wildman and Golden Lion.
[records unclear]

70.Chris Carter and Mohammad Saad

71.Scott Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner) and Jerry Graham Jr.

72.Don Kent and Chris Carter
12/06/87-Toledo, OH
Vacant in 12 when Kent and Carter split.

73.Chris Carter and Calypso Jim [2]
02/14/88-Toledo, OH
Defeat Don Kent and Jerry Graham Jr..

74.Mortor City Hitmen (Mickey Doyle and Al Snow)
04/16/89-Toledo, OH

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