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(Puerto Rico)


February 26, 1977--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez

1.Kangaroos (Don Kent and Al Costello)
Billed as champions when they arrived in WWC.

2.Carlos Colon and Jose Rivera
03/12/77-Caguas, PR

10/29/77-Caguas, PR

4.Jose Rivera and Invader I (Jose Gonzales)
12/17/77-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between Rivera and Invader vs. Kangaroos, 01/14/78, Caguas, PR.

5.Jose Rivera and Invader I [2]
02/04/78-San Juan, PR

6.Huracan Castillo, Sr. and Pierre Martel (Frenchy Martin)
05/06/78-Bayamon, PR

7.Jose Rivera and Invader I [3]
05/27/78-Bayamon, PR

8.Kendo Kimura and Hiro Sasaki
10/23/78-Caguas, PR

9.Invaders I and II
11/11/78-Caguas, PR

10.Dory Funk, Jr. and Terry Funk
04/06/79-San Juan, PR

11.Invaders I and II [2]
11/24/79-Bayamon, PR

12.Dory Funk, Jr. and Terry Funk [2]
12/22/79-Bayamon, PR

13.Kangaroos: Don Kent and Johnny Heffernan
05/01/82-San Juan, PR

14.Invader I and Pierre Martel
06/26/82-San Juan, PR

15.Moondogs: Rex and Spot
07/24/82-San Juan, PR

16.Pierre Martel and Gino de la Serra
10/16/82-San Juan, PR

11/20/82-Bayamon, PR

18.Gran Apollo and Pierre Martel
01/23/83-Ponce, PR

19.Scorpio and Mr. Tempest
02/12/83-Bayamon, PR

Scorpio leaves WWC

20.Carlos Colon and Pedro Morales
04/30/83-San Juan, PR
Defeat Medics

21.Medics I and II
09/10/83-Morovis, PR

22.Super Medicos
Medics changed their name

23.Hercules Ayala and King Tonga
01/06/84-San Juan, PR

24.Super Medicos [2]
01/28/84-Guaynabo, PR

25.Invaders I and III
04/25/84-San Juan, PR

26.Super Medicos I and III
08/04/84-San Juan, PR

10/08/84-Bayamon, PR
Super Medic III (Don Kent) loses his mask.

27.Invaders I and III [2]
11/22/84-Bayamon, PR
Defeat Super Medico and Black Gordman

28.Super Medico I and Black Gordman
12/08/84-Guaynabo, PR

29.Al Perez and Joe Savoldi
01/06/85-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between Savoldi and Perez and Fidel Sierra Mexican Angel, 03/23/85, San Juan, PR.

30.Fidel Sierra (David Sierra) and Mexican Angel
04/06/85-San Juan, PR

Mexican Angel leaves WWC

31.Rock and Roll RPM's: Mike Davis and Tommy Lane
06/29/86-San Juan, PR
Defeat Eric Embry and Crusher in tournament final.

32.Pastores (Sheepherders): Luke Williams and Butch Miller
08/03/86 Bayamon, PR

33.Rock and Roll RPM's [2]
09/21/86-San Juan, PR

34.Chicky Starr (Jose Laureano) and Ron Starr
10/04/86-Caguas, PR

35.Mark and Chris Youngblood
01/06/87-San Juan, PR

36.Pastores [2]
04/04/87-Caguas, PR

37.Mark and Chris Youngblood [2]
05/10/87-San Juan, PR

38.Mr. Pogo and TNT (Juan Rivera)
07/11/87-Caguas, PR

39.Mark and Chris Youngblood [3]

40.Hunters: Dale Veasey and Bob Brown
08/26/87-TRINIDAD and TOBAGO

41.Mark and Chris Youngblood [4]
09/20/87-Ponce, PR

42.Kendo Nagasaki and Mr. Pogo
10/17/87-Caguas, PR

43.Invaders I and III [3]
01/06/88-San Juan, PR

44.Kendo Nagasaki and Mr. Pogo [2]
01/16/88-Guaynabo, PR
Title held up after a match between Nagasaki and Pogo and Mark and Chris Youngblood, 03/19/88, Caguas, PR.

45.Kendo Nagasaki and Mr. Pogo [3]
04/12/88-San Juan, PR

46.Mark and Chris Youngblood [5]
05/14/88-Caguas, PR

47.Kendo Nagasaki and Mr. Pogo [4]
07/23/88-Arecibo, PR
Youngbloods leave the promotion after the murder of Bruiser Brody.

48.Batten Twins: Bart Batten and Brad Batten
08/06/88-San Juan, PR

49.Chicky Starr and Ron Starr [2]
10/16/88-Aguadilla, PR

50.Batten Twins [2]
11/12/88-Caguas, PR

51.Dan Kroffat and Tama the Islander
01/06/89-San Juan, PR

52.Batten Twins [3]
03/04/89-Bayamon, PR

53.Jason the Terrible and Steve Strong
03/11/89-Caguas, PR

54.Carlos Colon and Invader I
04/07/89 Juncos, PR
Win by forfeit when Jason injured his knee

55.Rip Rogers and Abudda Dein
05/17/89 Vega Alta, PR

56.Miguelito Perez and Hurricane Castillo, Jr. (Jesus Daniel Castillo) 07/16/89-Mayaguez, PR

57.Rip Rogers and Abudda Dein [2]

58.Mark and Chris Youngblood [6]
10/07/89-Bayamon, PR

59.Mercenaries: Ron Starr and Cuban Assassin (Angel Acevedo)
02/04/90-Aguadilla, PR

60.Super Medics I and III (Jose Estrada and Jose Estarada, Sr.)
03/31/90-San Juan, PR

61.Lance Idol and Rick Valentine (Kerry Brown)
08/04/90-Caguas, PR

62.Super Medics I and III [2]
09/15/90-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after a match between Super Medics and Texas Hangmen, 09/19/90, Catano, PR.

63.Super Medics I and III [3]
09/22/90-Caguas, PR

64.Texas Hangmen: Psycho and Killer (Mike Moran and Tom Beninghaus)
09/29/90-Carolina, PR

65.El Bronco (Ramon Alvarez) and Invader I
02/03/91-Bayamon, PR

66.Texas Hangmen [3]
02/10/91-Hormigueros, PR

67.El Bronco and Invader I [2]
03/02/91-Bayamon, PR

68.Billy Travis and El Gran Mendoza
05/22/91-San Juan, PR

69.Miguelito Perez and Huracan Castillo, Jr. [2]
06/12/91-San Juan, PR

70.El Bronco and Invader I [3]
07/20/91-Carolina, PR
Castillo turned heel on Perez

71.Heartbreakers: Wendell Cooley and Frankie Lancaster
managed by Kevin Casey.

72.Rex King and Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz)
12/25/91-San Juan, PR

73.Heartbreakers [2]
01/06/92-San Juan, PR

74.Rex King and Ricky Santana [2]
02/29/92-Caguas, PR

75.Heartbreakers [3]
03/01/92-Mayaguez, PR

76.Heartbreaker Adonis and Doug Masters
Awarded when Heartbreaker Apollo leaves WWC.

77.Bronco and Ciclon Salvadoreo
03/21/92-Humacao, PR

78.Ron Starr and Doug Masters
04/11/92-Caguas, PR
Title held up after a match between Starr and Masters and Santana and King, 05/16/92, Caguas, PR.

79.Ron Starr and Doug Masters [2]
05/24/92-San German, PR
Win by forfeit when Santana no-showed.

80.Southern Rockers: Rex King and Steve Doll
06/24/92-Dorado, PR

Title held up after a match between Southern Rockers and Solid Gold, 08/01/92.
Steve Doll leaves the promotion after the title was held up.

Title still held up after a match between Ray Gonzalez and Rex King vs. Solid Gold to crown new champs, at Bayamon, PR on 09/05/92.
One week later, on 09/12/92 at Carolina, PR, a rematch ended with a double pin, so the title remained held up.

83.Ray Gonzolez and Rex King
09/19/92-Carolina, PR
Defeat Solid Gold in rematch.

81.Mohammad Hussein (Lou Fabbiano) and El Vigilante

82.Ray Gonzalez and Ricky Santana
02/21/93-Bayamon, PR

83.Batten Twins [4]

Batten Twins jump to AWF.

84.Ray Gonzalez and Ricky Santana [2]

85.Mohammad Hussein and Dusty Wolfe
06/19/93-Bayamon, PR
Mohammad Hussein selected Doug Sanders to replace Wolfe after Wolfe left WWC because of personal problems in October 1993
Wolfe returned in November 1993 and rejoined the team

86.Bronco 1 and Ray Gonzalez
12/93-Trujillo Alto, PR

87.Mohammad Hussein and Hurricane Castillo, Jr.

Title Vacated
06/94-Trujillo Alto, PR
Castillo turned babyface

88.Mohammad Hussein and Tahitian Warrior (Lloyd Anoia)
06/25/94-Caguas, PR
Defeat El Bronco and El Pulgarcito.

89.Ray Gonzalez and El Bronco [2]
07/06/94-Tola Alta, PR

90.The Wildcats (Tiger Mike Anthony and Dobby Gillies)
?/94-Toa Alta

91.Fidel Sierra and Mohamed Hussein
?/94-Toa Alta, PR

92.Ray Gonzalez and Bronco

93.Mohammed Huseein and Tahitian Warrior
08/13/94-Trujillo Alto
Gonzalez lost by forfeit when Bronco no showed as he was beginning his heel turn

94.The Wildcats (Tiger Mike Anthony and Lion Dobby Gillies)
08/24/1994-Toa Alta, PR

95.Tahitian Warrior and Mohammed Hussein [3]

96.Ray Gonzalez and Huracane Castillo Jr.

97.Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana

98.Ray Gonzalez and Huracan Castillo Jr.

99.Canadian Glamour Boys (Sean 'Morley" and Shane "Sewell")

100.Huracane Castillo, Jr. and Invader I 1995

101.Kevin Quinn and Christopher Daniels
10/22/95-San German, PR

102.Canadian Glamour Boys: Sean Morley and Rex King

103.Ray Gonzalez and Huracane Castillo, Jr.

104.Canadian Glamour Boys: Sean Morley and Shane Sewell [2]

105.Ray Gonzalez and Ricky Santana [3]

106.Texas Hangmen [4]

100.Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz) and La Ley (Jorge W. de Leon)
03/01/97-Cayey, PR
Defeat Texas Hangmen: Killer and Skull Von Crush (subbing for Psycho)
Psycho had left the promotion in February 1997 over a money dispute and took both of the Title belts with him.

107.Islanders: Tahiti and Kuhio (Lloyd Anoia and Matthew Anoia)
06/22/97-Bayamon, PR

108.Mark and Chris Youngblood [7]
08/16/97-Bayamon, PR
Win by forfeit. The title change was never acknowledged on TV.

During the 2/18/98 TV taping, El Profe (Angel Pantojas) announced that the title had been declared VACATED, because The TEXAS HANGMEN haven't defended the title in so long"

109.Shane Sewell and Ricky Santana
03/22/98-Caguas, PR
Defeat Mark and Chris Youngblood in an 8 team tournament final.

In February 1999 WWC produced new title belts to replace those taken away by Psycho in 1997

110.Chicky Starr and Victor The Bodyguard
02/28/99-Cabo Rojo, PR

111.Invader 1 and Maelo Huertas (The Huertas Brothers)
10/09/99-Guaynabo, PR

112.Victor The Bodyguard and Bouncer Bruno (Daniel Gonalez)
12/11/99-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Invader 1 and Maelo Huertas for title
On March 4, 2000, the two teams had a rematch which ended in a controversial double pin. The Championship Committee President, Luis Davila, gave the belts to Bruno and Victor because the heel legal man had pinned the babyface legal man.

Victor appears in IWA on 03/09/2000 (program taped on March 4)

110.Black Boy (Julio Casar Lopez) and Jose Rivera, Jr.
03/11/2000-Guaynabo, PR
Since Victor jumped that same week, without notice, on the March 11, 2000 television program, they showed a video clip in which Black Boy and Rivera were awarded the titles
The title belts were actually taken by Victor because (according to him) WWC owed him about $1,000.

113.Dutch Mantell and Bouncer Bruno
04/08/2000-Guaynabo, PR

114.Thunder and Lightning
04/29/2000-Carolina, PR

115.Barry and Kendall Windham
09/02/2000-Carolina, PR

116.Thunder and Lightning [2]
12/16/2000-Carolina, PR

117."Evil" Eddie Watts and Rico Suave
03/03/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum) 12:33

116. Thunder and Lightning [3]
04/28/2001-Cayey, PR

118.Rico Suave and Ricky Santana
06/09/2001-Cayey, PR (Luis Rael Colon Coliseum)

118.Rastamen (Rastaman and Mustafa Saed)
06/30/2001-Arecibo, PR

120.Thunder and Lightning [4]
07/14/2001-Cayey, PR (Luis Rael Colon Coliseum)
Thunder applied a chokeslam to Rasta after Barrabas, the new Thunder and Lightning manager, broke a cane on Rasta's back time.

Titles Held up
10/20/2001-Caguas, PR (Hector Solis Bezares)
Titles held up after a controversial match with Bronco and Super Gladiator ended in a double pin at 11:57

121.Super Gladiador and Bronco
11/03/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Thunder and Lightning in a match for the held up Tag Team Title

122.Thunder and Lightning [5]
11/24/2001-Caguas, PR

123.Eddie Colon and Carly Colon
03/16/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Solis Bezares Coliseum)

124.Thunder and Lightning [6]
03/17/2002-Yauco, PR (Rael 'Pipote' Oliveras Coliseum)
Bronco interefered to give the team the victory

125.Konnan and Carly Colon
05/26/2002-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares)

126.Thunder and Lightning [7]
08/10/2002-Humacao, PR (Emilio Huyke Coliseum)

127.The Tahitians (Tahitian Prince and Tahitian Warrior)
12/07/2002-Coamo, PR (Pedro Caratini Stadium)

128.Thunder and Lightning [8]
03/30/2003-Salinas, PR
Defeated The Tahitians to win the WWC Tag Team Title when Lightning pinned Tahitian Prince after Carly Colon interfered and stunned Tahitian Prince

Title Held Up
5/03/2003-Guayama, PR (Dr. Roque Nido Stella Coliseum)
Title Comitteee president Luis Davila decided to hold up the title after a controversial finish in a match against Bronco 2 and Bronco 3.

129.Bronco 2 and Bronco 3
05/10/2003-V, PR (Jose Aponte Coliseum)
Defeated Thunder and Lightning to win held-up title

130.Thunder and Lightning [9]
05/18/2003-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Special Referee: Carlos Colon

131.Los Broncos 2 and 3 [2]
06/07/2003-Cayey (Luis Rael Colon Coliseum)
Defeated Thunder and Lightning in a steel cage match to win the title

132.Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra
07/19/2003-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Won the title in an Elimination match

133.Bronco 2 and Bronco 3 [3]
08/10/2003-Caguas, PR (Hector Zola Bezares Coliseum)

134.Brent Dail and Ricky Santana
08/16/2003-Naguabo, PR

135.Bronco 2 and Bronco 3 [4]
08/23/2003-Caguas, PR (Yldefonso Solis Morales Stadium Morales)

136.Thunder and Lightning [10]

137.Super Gladiador and Vengador Boricua

138.Agente Bruno and Rico Suave
04/03/2004-Naguabo, PR (Harry Carillo Coliseum)
Defeated Gladiator and Dail (substituting for Vegador)

139.Alex Montalvo and Chris Joe
05/08/2004-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendoza Coliseum)

140.Rico Suave and El Diabolico
06/05/2004-Caguas, PR

141.Alex Montalvo and Chris Joel [2]
07/13/2004-San Juan, PR

142.Delta Force (Viper and Cannon)
08/21/2004-Caguas, PR

143.Delta Force (Viper and El Rebelde)
11/25/2004-Caguas, PR
Due to Delta Force Cannon no showing, Eli Rodriguez, Delta's manager was forced to pick a man to defend the titles. He handpicked Rebelde.

144.Starr Corporation (Huracan Castillo and Chicky Starr)
11/25/2004-Caguas, PR

145.Vangador Boricua and Super Gladiador
01/06/2004-Manatis, PR
Defeated Rico Suave and Agente Bruno in final of tournament for Vacant Titles

146.Delta Force Viper and Tahitian Warrior
12/11/2004-Caguas, PR

147.Starr Corporation [2]
01/06/2005-Caguas, PR

148.Diabolico and Rico Suave
01/22/2005-Caguas, PR (Roger L. Mendoza Coliseum)

149.Starr Corporation [3]
01/29/2005--Caguas, PR (Roger L. Mendoza Coliseum)

150.El Diamante and Diamante Dominicano
02/05/2005-Caguas, PR (Roger L. Mendoza Coliseum)

151.Delta Force

152.Vengador Boricua and Joe Bravo
07/09/2005-Salinas, PR (Angel Espada Coliseum)

153.Joe Bravo and Vengador Boricua
07/09/2005-Salinas, PR
Defeated Viper and Cannon for title

154.Rico Suave and Eric Alexander
09/17/2005-Salinas, PR

155.Derrick King and Stan Lee
10/08/2005-Bayamon, PR

[Records not clear]

156.Alex Montalvo and Chris Joel [3]
02/04/2006-Bayamon, PR
Won title in tournament final

157.James Storm and Cassidy Riley
03/25/2006-Carolina, PR

[Records unclear]

158.Noriega and Chris Joel
04/28/2007-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Black Pain and Hannibal

159.El Bronco and Rico Suave
05/12/2007-Bayamon, PR

160.Thunder & Lightning [11]
09/15/2007-Caguas, PR
Defeated Chris Joel & Noriega and Rico Suave and El Bronco

[Records unclear]

161.Thunder and Lightning [12]
03/22/2008-Bayamon, PR
Defeated The Texas Outlaws for title

162.Bad Boy Bradley and Todd Dean
02/16/2008-Bayamon, PR
Beat Thunder & Lightning for title

163.Thunder & Lightning [13]
03/01/2008-Toa Baja, PR

164.Bad Boy Bradley and Todd Dean [2]
03/15/2008-Lares, PR

165.Thunder & Lightning [14]
03/22/2008- Bayamon, PR T

166.Noriega and Chris Joel [3]
03/23/2008- Manati, PR

167.Thunder & Lightning [15]
04/20/2008-Quebradillas, PR

168.Bad Boy Bradley and Todd Dean [3]
04/26/2008-ayamon, PR

[Records unclear

169.D'Jour Twins
07/19/2008-San Juan, PR
Defeated Thunder & Lightning for title

170.Los Renegados del Infiernols
09/20/2008-Bayamon, PR

171.Thunder & Lighning [16]
10/11/2008-Pepin Cestero, PR

172.Huracan Castillo and Rico Suave
01/10/2009-Bayamon, PR

172.03/07/09 Thunder & Lightning [19] Bayamon, PR

173.Idol Stevens and Shawn Spears
08/15/2009-Bayamon, PR

174.Thunder and Lightning [20]
10/31/2009-Bayamon, PR

175.La Amenaza Illegal (Chicano and Bryan)
01/16/2010-San Juan, Puerto Rico

175.Chicano and Idol Stevens [2]

175.Thunder and Lightning [21]
3/13/2010-Caguas, Puerto Rico

175.The American Family (Idol .Stevens and King Tonga Jr.)
04/04/2010-Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

176.Los Aerios (Carlitos and Hiram Tua)
4/24/2010-Bayamon, Puerto Rico

177.Idol Stevens and Abbad
6/11/2010-Ponce, Puerto Rico

178.Thunder and Lightning [22]
7/11/2010-Bayam0n, Puerto Rico
This was a three-way match, also involving BJ and Chicano

179.BJ and Chicano [3]
9/25/2010-Bayam0n, Puerto Rico

180.Thunder & Lighting [23]
10/02/2010-Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Win in rematch where they exposed the masks

181.Los Rabiosos (Mr. Big and Blitz)

182.Thunder and Lighting [24]

183.Los Rabiosos [2]
01/222011-Bayamon, Puerto Rico
This was a Barbed Wire match

184.BJ and Joe Bravo
04/30/2011-Bayamon, Puerto Rico

185.Los Fugitivos de la Calle (Niche & Lynx)

186.Lynx and El Niche
03/17/2012-Bayamon, PR

187.Bolo The Red Bulldog & Diabolico
04/14/2012-Manati, PR

188.El Cuervo & Tommy Diablo
06/09/2012-Cataoo, PR

189.Angel and Diabolico
/07/14/2012-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Diablo in handicap match.

190.Thunder & Lightning [25]
12/09/2012-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Afa Jr. and L.A. Smooth.

191.Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. and L.A. Smooth)
02/09/2013-Cataeo, PR

192.Thunder & Lightning [26]
03/30/2013-Bayamon, PR

192.Andy Leavine and Samson Walker
04/21/2013-Cataeo, PR

193.Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. and L.A. Smooth) [2]
06/29/2013-Caguas, PR
Defeated Leavine and Walker and Thunder and Lightning in a 3-way match.

194.La Zona 101 (Chicano y Abbad)
09/21/2013-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. and L.A. Smooth) and Thunder andLightning in a 3-way match.

195.Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. and L.A. Smooth) [3]
11/16/2013-Bayamon, PR

196.Chicano and Xix Xavant
01/05/2014-Bayamon, PR

197.Los Templarios (Ash and William de la Vega)
04/19/2014-Bayamon, PR

198.Caribbean Express (Huracan Castillo and Miguel Perez Jr.)
06/21/2014-Bayamon, PR

Title Held Up
07/19/2014-Bayamon, PR.
Held Up after a match against Los Templarios.

199. Los Templarios [2]
08/16/2014-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Huracan Castillo and Miguel Perez Jr. in rematch for the held-up title.

200.Miguel Perez Jr. and Huracan Castillo Jr. [4]
12/06/2014-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
After a match between Miguel Perez Jr. and Huracan
Castillo Jr. (c) and La Revolucion ends with a double pinfall.

201.La Revolucion
03/14/2015-Bayamon, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches, wins rematch.

202.Mike Mendoza and Ray Gonzolez Jr.
08/15/2015-Bayamon, PR

203.La Revolucion [2]
09/05/2015-Cataoo, PR

204. Mike Mendoza and Cuervo
03/06/2016-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
Held up after a match between Mike Mendoza and Cuervo* and La Revolucion on 03/19/2016 in Bayamon, PR.

205.Mike Mendoza and Cuervo [2]
03/26/2016-Bayamon, PR
Won rematch.

206.La Revolucion [3]
04/30/2016- Bayamon, PR
Defeated Mike Mendoza and Cuervo, Thunder and Lightning, and the Bankers Club (Joe Bravo and Peter the Bad Romance) in 4-way match.

207.Juventud Extrema (Mike Mendoza and Cuervo) [3]
05/28/2016-Bayamon, PR

208.Thunder and Lightning [27]
12/03/2016-Carolina, PR

209.La Revolucion [6]
02/18/2017-Bayamon, PR
Teamed with Mike Mendoza and defeat La Artilleroa Pesada (Thunder & Lightning) in handicap match.

210.El Cuervo and Angel
05/27/2017-Bayamon, PR

211.La Revolucion [7]
07/15/2017-Bayamon, PR

212.Khaos and Abaddon
03/31/2018-Manato, PR

213.La Revolucion [8]
06/09/2018-Guaynabo, PR

214.Gilbert and Peter the Bad Romance
08/11/2018-Manato, PR

215.La Artilleria Pesada (Thunder and Lightning [29]
11/03/2018-Guaynabo, PR

216.La Revolucion [9]
03/30/2019-Morovis, PR
Defeated La Artilleria Pesada: Thunder and Lightning and Doom Patrol in a 3-way match.

217.Doom Patrol (Cold and Death Warrant)
05/18/2019-Toa Alta, PR

218.Chicano and Xix Xavant [2]
06/22/2019-Manato, PR

219.Doom Patrol (Cold and Death Warrant) [2]
07/13/2019-Toa Alta, PR

220.La Revolucion [10]
08/17/2019-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Doom Patrol, La Potencia, Steve Joel and Jay Velez, and Clan Freedom in a 5-way match.

221.Khaos and Abaddon [2]
12/07/2019-Bayamon, PR

222.La Formula (Jay Velez and Steve Joel)
02/07/2021-San Juan, PR

223.Doom Patrol (Cold and Death Warrant) [3]
03/13/2022-Manata, PR
Defeated Steve Joel in a handicap match when his partner Jay Velez no-shows for the title defense; ordered to defend the title immediAtely after the match.

224.Zcion RT1 and Julio Jimenez

Doom Patrol (Cold and Death Warrant) [3]
03/13/2022-Manata, PR
Defeated Steve Joel in a handicap match when his partner Jay Velez no-shows for the title defense; ordered to defend the title immediAtely after the match.

225.Zcion RT1 and Julio Jimenez
03/13/2022-Manata, PR

226.La Seguridad (Guevara and JP)
05/21/2022-Manatí, PR
Defeated Zcion RT1 in a handicap match when Julio Jimenez is injured.

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