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October 20, 2002--August 16, 2010

Compiled by Earl Oliver with additional information from Mario Pulsone and Michael Urbanavage

1.Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle
10/20/2002-Little Rock, Arkansas (The AllTell Arena)
WWE No Mercy PPV
Defeated Edge and Rey Misterio in a tournament final
Referee was Jim Korderas

2.Rey Misterio (Oscar Gonzales) and Edge (Adam Copeland)
11/05/2002-Manchester, NH (Verizon Wireless Arena)
SmackDown TV taping
Edge and Rey Mysterio won the tag team titles in a Best 2-Out-of-3 Falls match - 1st Fall Edge/Misterio@5:59, 2nd Fall Angle/Benoit@9:26, 3rd Fall Edge/Mysterio@28:39
Referee was Brian Hebner

3.Eddie and Chavo Guerrero
11/17/2002-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Survivor Series PPV
Guerreros win a Triple Threat match featuring Edge/Misterio and Angle/Benoit
Referee was Brian Hebner

4.Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
02/04/2003-Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

5.Eddie Guerrero and Yoshihiro Tajiri
05/18/2003-Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Coliseum)
WWE Judgment Day PPV
Won a Ladder match.
Referee was Brian Hebner

6.Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas [2]
07/01/2003-Rochester, New York (BCA Arena)
WWE Smackdown TV Tapings
Referee was Brian Hebner

7.Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. [2]
09/16/2003-Raleigh, NC (RBC Center)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

8.Doug Basham and Dan Basham (Danny Holliday)
10/21/2003-Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping
Managed by Shaniqua {Linda Miles}
Referee was Nick Patrick

9.Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty
02/03/2004-Cleveland, OH (Gund Arena)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

10.Rico and Charlie Haas
04/20/2004-Kelowna, BC (Prospera Place)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

11.The Dudley Boyz
06/15/2004-Chicago, IL
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

12.Paul London and Billy Kidman
07/06/2004-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

13.Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree
09/07/2004-Tulsa, OK
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

14.Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
12/07/2004-Greenville, SC
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

15.Doug Basham & Danny Basham [2]
01/11/2005-Tampa, FL
Defeat Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Booker T., and Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak in a Four Way match.
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

16.Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerreror
02/20/2005-Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena)
WWE No Way Out PPV

17.MNM (Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro {John Hennigan})
04/18/2005-New York, NY

18.Road Warrior Animal and John Heidenreich
07/24/2005-Buffalo, NY (HSBC Arena)
WWE The Great American Bash PPV

19.MNM [2]
10/25/2005-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
Defeated Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich, William Regal & Paul Burchill, and Psicosis & Super Crazy in a Four Way match.
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

20.Batista and Rey Mysterio
12/13/2005-Springfield, MA
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

21.MNM [3]
12/27/2005-Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Casino)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

22.Paul London and Brian Kendrick
05/21/2006-Phoenix, AZ
WWE Judgment Day PPV

23.Duece and Domino
04/18/2007-Milan, Italy
SmackDown TV taping

24.Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) and Matt Hardy
08/28/2007-Albany, NY

25.John Morrison (John Hennigan) and The Miz (Mike Mizanin)
11/16/2007-Wichita, KS
WWE SmackDown broadcast

26.Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder (Brian Myers and Matthew Cardona)
07/20/2008-Nassau, NY (Nassau Coliseum)
Fatal Fourway match including The Miz and John Morrison (c) vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Jesse and Festus
Great American Bash

27.Carlito and Primo Colon
09/21/2008-Columbus, OH
WWE Smackdown TV Taping
The Colon's also held the following titles concurrently with the WWE Tag Team Titles

  • The WWE World Tag Team Titles won on April 6, 2009 in Houston, TX at the WrestleMania XXV PPV
    Titles are now referred too as the Unified Tag Team Titles

    28.Edge and Chris Jericho (Christopher Keith Irvine)
    06/28/2009-Sacramento, CA
    Defeated Carlito Colon/Primo Colon (c) and Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes for titles

    29.Chris Jericho and Big Show
    Jericho chooses Show as new partner when Edge is injured.

    30.Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H)
    12/13/2009-San Antonio, TX (AT&T Center)
    Tables Ladders & Chairs match
    Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV

    31.The Miz and the Big Show
    02/09/2010-Lafayette, LA
    One a Triple Threat Tag Team match against Degeneration X (C) and The Straight Edge Society
    Mondy Night RAW Live Broadcast

    32.Hart Dynasty [David Hart Smith (Harry Smith) and Tyson Kidd (Theodore James Wilson)]
    04/26/2010-Richmond, VA
    WWE Extreme Rules PPV

    Titles renamed the WWE Tag Team Titles
    08/16/2010-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
    WWE Monday Night RAW broadcast

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