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August 12, 1992--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka and Earl Oliver and Joe Dean

1.Johnny Hot Body
08/12/92-Philadelphia, PA
Johnny Hot Body defeated Larry Winters to become the first champion
vacant on 09/12/92 when Hot Body broke his ankle in title victory.

2.Glenn Osbourne
09/30/92-Philadelphia, PA
Glenn Osbourne defeated The Sandman in tournament final to win the title;
vacant in 93/02.

3.Jimmy Snuka {James Reiher}
03/12/92-Radnor, PA
Jimmy Snuka defeated Osbourne in tournament final to win the title.
managed by Paul E. Dangerously {Paul Heymann Jr.}
Member of The Dangerous Alliance

4.Terry Funk
10/01/93-Philadelphia, PA (NWA Bloodfest Pt.1)

5.Sabu {Denny Brunk}
11/13/93-Philadelphia, PA (November to Remember)
Sabu pinned Terry Funk in a tag team match that featured Sabu/Hawk vs. Funk/King Kong Bundy where the TV Title could change hands.

6.The Tazmaniac
03/06/94-Philadelphia, PA

7.J.T. Smith
03/06/94-Philadelphia, PA

8.The Pit Bull
04/16/94-Philadelphia, PA (When worlds Collide)

9.Mikey Whipwreck {Mike Watson}
05/13/94-Philadelphia, PA

10.Jason {Jason Knight}
08/13/94-Philadelphia, PA

11.Too Cold Scorpio {Charles Skaggs}
11/04/94-Hamburg, PA

12.Dean Malenko {Dean Simon}
11/04/94-Hamburg, PA

13.Too Cold Scorpio (2)
03/18/95-Philadelphia, PA

14.Eddie Guerrero
04/08/95-Philadelphia, PA (Three Way Dance)

15.Dean Malenko (2)
07/21/95-Tampa, FL

16.Eddie Guerrero (2)
07/28/95-Middletown, NY

17.Too Cold Scorpio (3)
08/25/95-Jim Thorpe, PA

18.Mikey Whipwreck (2)
12/29/95-New York, NY (Lost Battalion Hall)
Holiday Hell

19.Too Cold Scorpio (4)
01/05/96-Philadelphia, PA

20.Shane Douglas {Troy Martin}
05/11/96-Philadelphia, PA (A Matter of Respect)

21.Pit Bull #2
06/01/96-Philadelphia, PA (Fight the Power)

22.Chris Jericho {Chris Irvine}
06/22/96-Philadelphia, PA (Hardcore Heaven)

23.Shane Douglas (2)
07/13/96-Philadelphia, PA (Heatwave)
Shane Douglas defeated Chris Jericho, Pit Bull #2, and Too Cold Scorpio in a four man elimination match.

24.Taz (2)
06/07/97-Philadelphia, PA (Wrestlepalooza)

25.Bam Bam Bigelow
03/01/98-Asbury Park, NJ

26.Rob Van Dam
04/04/98-Buffalo, NY

03/04/2000-Philadelphia, PA
Rob Van Dam vacates the title due to injury.

27.Super Crazy
03/12/2000-Danbury, CT
Defeats Rhino in tournament final to win vacant title.

28.Yoshihiro Tajiri
04/08/2000-Buffalo, NY
Defeats Super Crazy & Little Guido in a Three Way Dance.

04/22/2000-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

30.Kid Kash
08/26/2000-New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)

31.Rhino [2]
09/09/2000-Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Rhyno also held the following titles in conjunction with the ECW World Television Title

Since Rhyno held the TV Title at the time he won the World Title, the two titles were consolidated as the ECW Unified World Heavyweight Title

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