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(Puerto Rico)


July 21, 1982--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez

1.Abdullah The Butcher
billed as WWC World Champion on arrival
According to one account, Abdullah The Butcher won the WWC World Title by defeating Antonio Inoki on June 20, 1982 in Japan

2.Carlos Colon
07/24/82-San Juan, PR

3.Ox Baker
04/23/83-San Juan, PR

4.Carlos Colon [2]
05/14/83-San Juan, PR
Carlos Colon faced NWA World Champion Ric Flair in a match for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title. This match is widely known as being the birth of the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship
Steel cage, No DQ, No Time Limit and there must be a winner. Colon won the match and since then, the WWC has recognized theWWC Universal Heavyweight Championship.

5.Dory Funk, Jr.
02/27/85-Bangor, ME
Title held up after a match between Dory Funk, Jr. and Carlos Colon, 05/18/85, Bayamon, PR.

6.Carlos Colon [2]
06/15/85-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between Colon and Abdullah the Butcher, 09/21/85, San Juan, PR.

7.Carlos Colon [3]
10/19/85-Bayamon, PR

Colon was stripped in an eyes injury angle.

8.Carlos Colon [4]
09/21/86-San Juan, PR
Defeats Terry Funk in tournament final.

9.Hercules Ayala
07/18/87-San Juan, PR

10.Carlos Colon [5]
09/20/87-Ponce, PR

11.Hercules Ayala [2]
02/13/88-San Juan, PR

12.Carlos Colon [6]
04/09/88-Caguas, PR

13.Hercules Ayala [3]
07/23/88-Arecibo, PR

Ayala stripped after attacking Carlos Colon's wife during a banquet

14.Ron Garvin
11/24/88-Carolina, PR
Defeats Carlos Colon in tournament final.

15.Carlos Colon [7]
12/18/88-San Juan, PR

16.Steve Strong
05/27/89-Caguas, PR

17.Carlos Colon [8]
10/07/89-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after a match between Colon and Steve Strong, 10/28/89, Bayamon, PR.

18.Carlos Colon [9]
11/23/89-Bayamon, PR

19.Leo Burke
12/17/89-Mayaguez, PR

20.TNT (Juan Rivera)
02/09/90-Caguas, PR

21.Abdullah the Butcher
03/24/90-San Juan, PR

22.Carlos Colon [10]
03/31/90-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between Colon and Greg Valentine, 12/15/90 in Bayamon, PR

23.Carlos Colon [11]
02/02/91-Bayamon, PR
Defeats Valentine in rematch.
Title held up after match between Colon and Dino Bravo, 10/05/91 in Carolina. PR

24.Carlos Colon [12]
11/02/91-Carolina, PR
Defeats Bravo in rematch.

25.Ron Garvin [2]
02/01/92-Caguas, PR

26.Carlos Colon [13]
04/04/92-Caguas, PR

27.Invader I (Jose Gonzales)
08/08/92-Bayamon, PR

28.Abdullah the Butcher [2]
09/19/92-Carolina, PR

29.Invader I [2]
Awarded title when decision of 09/19/92 was overturned. Abdullah left WWC for Japan and since Dick Murdoch interfered, they explained the reason that way
Title held up after a match between Invader I and Dick Murdoch, 10/10/92, Ponce, PR.

30.Dick Murdoch
10/25/92-Bayamon, PR

31.Carlos Colon [14]
11/28/92-Manati, PR

Colon retires

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32.Greg Valentine
08/08/93-Bayamon, PR<
Defeats Invader I in tournament final.

33.Ray Gonzalez (Ramon Gonzalez)
04/24/94-Caguas, PR

34.Dutch Mantel
06/22/94-Tola Alta, PR

35.Carlos Colon [15]
Title held up after a match between Colon and Mabel, 12/16/95, Bayamon, PR.

36.Carlos Colon [16]
01/06/96-Caguas, PR
Defeats Mabel in rematch.

37.Mabel (Nelson Frazier)
01/07/96-San German, PR

38.Abdullah the Butcher [3]
02/10/96-Caguas, PR

39.El Bronco (Ramon Alvarez)
03/23/96-Caguas, PR

40.Carlos Colon [17]
04/20/96-Caguas, PR
Title held up after a match between Colon and Mr. Hughes, 05/25/96, Caguas, PR.

41.Carlos Colon [18]
06/15/96-Caguas, PR

42.Hurricane Castillo, Jr. (Jesus Daniel Castillo)
10/19/96-Humacao, PR

43.Carlos Colon [19]
Awarded by official decision.

44.El Nene (Milton Adorno)
02/22/97-Ponce, PR

45.Carlos Colon [20]
03/09/97-Humacao, PR
Title held up after a match between Colon and Jungle Jim Steele, 03/22/97, Yabucoa, PR.

46.Carlos Colon [21]
04/05/97-Caguas, PR

05/11/97-Cabo Rojo, PR
Colon vacates title.

47.Ray Gonzalez [2]
08/13/97-Humacao, PR
Defeats Tom Brandi in tournament final.
Title held up after a match between Gonzalez and Fidel Sierra, 02/01/98, Manati, PR.

48.Ray Gonzalez [3]
02/14/98-Caguas, PR

49.Nene [2]
03/29/98-Gurabo, PR

50.Ray Gonzalez [4]
Awarded by official decision, when Nene quits promotion after money dispute he had with promoter Victor Jovica the same day. Given the title because of a TV angle where the Commission stripped Nene for using a foreign object.

51.Carlos Colon [22]
08/01/98-San Juan, PR

52.Ray Gonzalez [5]
08/02/98-Mayaguez, PR

53.Glamour Boy Shane (Shane Sewell)
11/26/98-Bayamon, PR

54.Ray Gonzalez [6]
11/28/98-Guaynabo, PR

55.Carlos Colon [23]
01/06/99-Caguas, PR

56.Ray Gonzalez [7]
Awarded by official decision. Commissioners stripped Colon because he used an illegal object against the referee and against Gonzalez to win the match. The strip segment was actually recorded on 01/07/99 at WWC Studios in San Juan, PR.

Title held up after title vs. title match between champion Ray Gonzalez and Pierroth, Jr.,
03/27/99-Guaynabo, PR.

57.Ray Gonzalez [8]
04/03/99-Guaynabo, PR
Defeats Pierroth, Jr. in rematch

58.Pierroth Jr
04/04/99-San German, PR
won in a match with 2 falls, rematch from prior day.

59.Ray Gonzalez [9]
04/17/99-Guaynabo, PR

60.Carlos Colon
08/14/99-Caguas, PR

Title held up
11/13/99-Naguabo, PR.
Problems with match between Carlos Colon and Ray Gonzalez

61.Carlos Colon [21]
11/27/99-Guaynabo, PR
Defeated Ray Gonzalesz for held up title

62.Ray Gonzalez [10]
01/08/2000-Fajardo, PR

63.Carly Colon (Carlos Colon, Jr.)
01/29/2000-Carolina, PR

64.Ray Gonzalez [11]
02/19/2000-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Colon using a spinning neck breaker

65.Carly Colon (Carlos Colon, Jr.) [2]
07/16/2000-Caguas, PR (Ydelfonso Sola Morales Stadium)
Curt Hennig may have won the title on 09/30/00 in Carolina, PR, but he was never recognized as Champion.

Title held up

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66.Carly Colon [3]
11/25/2000-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

67.Jerry Flynn
02/17/2001-Manati, PR
El Nene was the special guest referee and used a fast count to give Flynn the victory

68.El Bronco [2]
03/03/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

69.Ray Gonzalez [12]
04/01/2001-Carolina, PR
Ray used a knuckles to knock out Bronco to win the match.

Title Held Up
06/16/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
The Universal Title was declarated HELD UP after a match between Ray Gonzalez and Super Gladiador
Final segment of the match saw Super Gladiador holding Ray Gonzalez in a full nelson after Ray knocked down the referee, who saw him with a brass knuckles. Ray kicked a second referee while in the hold and the first referee woke up and disqualified both wrestlers and ordered the title to be held up
Match lasted 12:28.

70.Rey Gonzalez [13]
07/07/2001-Carolina, PR
Defeated Super Gladiador to win held-up title

71.Carly Colon [4]
12/01/2001-Caguas, PR (H ctor Sol Bezares Coliseum)

03/30/2002-Caguas, PR
Title held up after match with Vampiro

Carly Colon surrendered the belt to Vampiro at a TV taping

04/06/2002-Caguas (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)
Final moment of the match saw Carly crashing into the referee. Vampiro continued his attack and a second referee came to officiate the match. Both wrestlers were so tired that the referee counted both wrestlers with each pinning the other. A Commissioner came and declared the belt HELD UP.

73.Carly Colon
04/13/2002-Fajardo, PR (Tom s Dones Coliseum)
Defeated Vampiro to win the held up Universal Title

11/02/2002-San Sebast an, PR
Defeated Carly Colon with help from Chicky Starr

75.Carly Colon [6]
11/23/2002-Las Piedras, PR

01/11/2003-Morovis. PR
After a match vs. Chicky Starr. Chicky Starr was announced as winning the title, but then referees reversed the decision after viewing a video of the match.

76.Chicky Starr
01/18/2003-Sam Lorenzo, PR (Crist bal 'Cag itas' Colon Stadium)

77.Carly Colon [7]
02/01/2003-Humacao, PR (Emilio Huyke Coliseum)

03/16/2003-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

79.Carly Colon [8]
05/31/2003-Carolina (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

Title Held Up
06/07/2003-Cayey, PR (Luis Raul Colon Coliseum)
Bronco #1 wrestled Carly Colon to a double pin so the Universal Title ended being held up

80.Carly Colon [9]
06/14/2003-Cata o, PR (Pedro Rodr guez Gay Coliseum)
Defeated El Bronco to capture held-up title

Title Vacant
Carly Colon jumped to WWE

07/18/2003-Guayama, PR (Dr. Roque Nido Stella Coliseum)
Defeats Eddie Colon in a 6-man tournament final to win vacant title.
Participants were Lightning, Eddie Colon, Mike Awesome, Carlos Colon, Thunder and Bronco

82.Dominican Boy
09/13/2003-Yabucoa, PR
In the final moments of the match Ely Rodriguez (Dominican Boy s manager) interfered in the match distracting the referee and knocking out Lighting with a foreign object.

83.Carly Colon [10]
12/20/2003-Caguas, PR (Roger Mendez Arena)

84.Abdullah The Butcher
01/03/2003-Bayam n, PR (Juan Ram n Loubriel Stadium)

Title Vacant
Abdullah The Butcher unable to defend the title in Puerto Rico

09/25/2004-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)
Defeated Huracan Castillo to win the Universal Title in the finals of a tournament
Participants were; Bronco, Eddie Colon, El Nene, David Young, Abyss, El Nene, Big Vito and a Mysterious Wrestler (who was supposed to be Vampiro and Vampiro turned down jumping to WWC from IWA and mysterious wrestler turned to be Angel Rodriguez)

86.Eddie Colon
11/06/2004-Guaynabo, PR

Title Held Up
Caguas, PR
After a match with Titus (aka Ryan Wilson)

87.Eddie Colon [2]
01/06/2005-Caguas, PR (Hector Zola Bezares Coliseum)
Defeated Titus to win back the held up title

04/16/2005-Caguas,PR (Yldefonso Sol Morales)
Defeated Shane

89.El Diamante
05/28/2005-Gurabo, PR
Defeated Eddie Colon for title
Diamante AKA Black Boy, Dominican Boy

90.Eddie Colon [3]
07/16/2005-Bayam n, PR (Juan Ram n Loubriel)

91.Titulo Congelado
09/09/2005-Manati, PR

09/11/2005-Sabana Grande, PR

93.Glamour Boy Shane
11/06/2005-Mayaguez, PR

[Records unclear]

94.Black Pain
03/26/2006-Carolina, PR
Defeated Lance Hoyt in tournament final

[Records unclear]

05/12/2007-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Alofa the Samoan Tank

96.Eddie Colon
05/19/2007-Manati, PR
Defeated Apollo and Alofa the Samoan Tank

97.Apollo [2]
06/10/2007-Yauco, PR

98.Scott Hall
07/14/2007-Mayaguez, PR
Defeated Apollo & Carly Colon for title

99.Biggie Size

Title Vacant

07/19/2008-San Juan, PR
Defeated Orlando Colon in tournament final for vacant title

Title Vacant
Noriega leaves WWC

101.Ray Gonzalez [14]
09/21/2008-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Glamour Boy Shane for vacant title

102.Steve Corino
02/08/2009-Naguabo, PR

07/11/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Steve Corino for title.

TITLE HELD-UP08/15/2009-Bayamon, PR
After a series of matches with BJ and Noriega

09/26/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated BJ for held-up title

105.Glamour Boy Shane
09/27/2009-Aguadilla, PR

106.Noriega [3]
11/28/2009-Bayamon, PR

107.B.J. [2]
01/16/2010-San Juan, PR

108.Rey Gonzalez [15]
03/13/2010-Caguas, PR
Defeated B.J. and Abbad in a 3-way match.

109.Shelton Benjamin
07/31/2010-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

110.Carlito Caribbean Cool [12] 2010/11/27 Bayamon, PR

111.El Mesias
01/08/2011-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
Mesias jumps to IWA Puerto Rico.

112.Steve Corino
04/23/2011-Bayamon, PR
Won a gauntlet match against Carlito, Gilbert, and Shane.

113.Carlito Caribbean Cool [13]
06/04/2011-Caguas, PR

03/04/2012-Bayamon, PR

06/30/2012-Bayamon, PR

116.Andy Leavine
09/08/2012-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Apolo (c) and Gilbert in 3-way match.

117.Ray Gonzalez [16]
10/28/2012-Bayamon, PR

118.Chris Angel
05/11/2013-Catano, PR

119.TNT [2]
11/16/2013-Bayamon, PR

120.Mighty Ursus
12/15/2013-Bayamon, PR
Defeated TNT (c) and Chris Angel in 3-way match.

121.TNT [3]
01/19/2014-Bayamon, PR

122. Ray Gonzalez [18]
03/08/2014-Bayamon, PR

123.Mighty Ursus
07/19/2014-Bayamon, PR

124.Carlito Caribbean Cool [14]
12/06/2014-Bayamon, PR

125.Ray Gonzolez [19]
01/04/2015-Mayagoez, PR

Title Vacant
Due to the controversy surrounding the way Ray Gonzolez won the title.

126.Carlito Caribbean Cool [15]
01/24/2015-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Mighty Ursus and Ray Gonzolez in 3-way match for the vacant title.

04/04/2015-Bayamon, PR

18.Mr. 450
08/01/2015-Bayamon, PR

19.Carlito Caribbean Cool [16]
03/06/2016-Bayamon, PR

20.Angel Fashion [2]
03/26/2016-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Sensacional Carlitos* in the first of 2-fall match with the stipulation that the title is on the line for the first fall and hair-vs-hair for the second fall.

Title Held up
09/17/2016-Bayamon, PR
After a match between Carlito Caribbean Cool and Mr. 450

21.Carlito Caribbean Cool [17]
09/18/2016-Isabela, PR
Won rematch.

Title Held up
After a match between Carlito Caribbean Cool* and Alberto el Patron in Carolina, PR.

22.Mr. 450 [2]
04/15/2017-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Ray Gonzolez for the vacant title.

04/16/2017-Arecibo, PR
Defeats Mr. 450, Ray Gonzolez, and Apolo in 4-way match.

24.Ray Gonzolez [21]
05/27/2017-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant
Declared vacant by WWC president Victor Jovica after Ray Gonzolez* teams with Ray Gonzolez Jr. & Gilbert and loses to WWC World Tag Team Champions Khaos & Abaddon in a 3-on-2 handicap match with a stipulation that Gonzolez would be stripped of his title if his team loses.

25.Mighty Ursus [3]
04/29/2018-Dorado, PR
Defeated Thunder for the vacant title.

26.Xix Xavant
09/15/2018-Guaynabo, PR

27.Gilbert [3]
03/30/2019-Morovis, PR

28.Orlando Colon
08/17/2019-Guaynabo, PR

29.Gilbert [4]
02/20/2021-San Juan, PR

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