October 11, 1998--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Brian Westcott

1.Romeo Valentino
10/11/98-Baltimore, MD
beat Cpl. Punishment in tournament final.

2.King Kong Bundy
12/04/98-Denton, MD

3.Romeo Valentino [2]
01/07/99-Glen Burnie, MD

4.Headbanger Mosh
04/08/99-Baltimore, MD

5.Tom Brandi
06/17/99-Baltimore, MD
Defeated Headbanger Mosh & Romeo Valentino in 3way match

6.The Bruiser
09/05/99-Baltimore, MD

7.Romeo Valentino [3]
10/27/99-Baltimore, MD

8.The Bruiser [2]
12/04/99-Olney, MD

9.Jimmy Cicero
07/19/2000-Glen Burnis, MD

10.Adam Flash
11/17/2000-Ft. Meade, MD
Defeats Jimmy Cicero & Gillberg in a Three Way match.

11.Jimmy Cicero [2]
12/6/2000-Glen Burnis, MD

12.Adam Flash
05/18/2001-Wye Mills, MD

13.The Bruiser
11/2/2001-Chestertown, MD (Washington College Cain Athletic Center)

14.Jerry "The King" Lawler

11/2/2001-Chestertown, MD (Washington College Cain Athletic Center)
Divested the Bruiser of the newly-won Maryland Championship Wrestling heavyweight title when he pinned Bruiser after a pile driver on the same program

15.The Bruiser [4]
11/10/2001-Hampstead, MD

16.Orlando Jordan
02/09/2002-Lexington, KY

17.The Bruiser [5]
02/16/2002-Harrington, Delaware

18.Danny Doring
01/29/2003-Glen Burnie, MD (Michael's Eighth Avenue)
MCW and MEWF Heavyweight Title unified on 07/16/03 when Danny Doring defeated Romeo Valentino and Chris Chetti for in Glen Burnie, MD


19.Julio Dinero
03/26/2006-Dundalk, MD
Defeated Genesis in a tournament final to win vacant title.

21.Adam Flash [3]
07/09/2006-Dundalk, MD
Pinned Julio Dinero in an Ultimate Jeopardy match where if anyone pinned Dinero, they won the title. Other participants included Jason Static, Scott Fowler, Bruiser, Genesis, & Danny Jaxx.
MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup VI

22.Christian York
12/26/2007-Glen Burnie, MD

02/21/2009-Dundalk, MD

24.Kent Brink
11/06/2009-Dundalk, MD

25.Ryan McBride
07/31/2010-Dundalk, MD (The New Green Room)
MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 2010

26.Tyler Hilton
02/26/2011-Dundalk, MD

05/19/2011-Dundalk, MD

28.Ronnie Zukko
09/30/2011-Severn, MD

29.Tyler Hilton [2]
12/30/2011-Severn, MD

30.Nui Tofiga
09/30/2011-Severn, MD

Title Vacant
Nui Tofiga vacates due to injury.

31.Ryan McBride
10/27/2012-Dundalk, MD
Defeated Drolix, Ricky Reyes, and Ruckus in tournament 4-way elimination final.

32.Christian York [2]
02/22/2013-Dundalk, MD

05/03/2014-Waldorf, MD
Won the title from Christian York.

34.Matt Hardy
05/03/2014-Waldorf, MD

35.Drolix [2]
10/04/2014-Dundalk, MD

36.The Bruiser
02/07/2015-Joppa, MD

37.Ryan McBride [2]
10/24/2015-Windber, PA

38.Drolix [3]
09/24/2016-Joppa, MD

39.Sean Studd
01/28/2017-Joppa, MD

40.The Bruiser [2]
09/30/2017-Joppa, MD

41.Joey Matthews [2]
09/30/2017-Joppa, MD

42.The Bruiser [3]
12/01/2017-Joppa, MD

43.Joey Matthews [3]
03/24/2018-Joppa, MD

44.The Bruiser [4]
04/14/2018-Hollywood, MD

45.Dante Caballero
07/14/2018-Joppa, MD

46.Rhett Titus
09/21/2019-Joppa, MD
Defeated Dante Caballero*, Joe Keys, Ken Dixon, Austin Gunn, Brian Johnson, and Greg Excellent in a 7-way match.

01/17/2020-Joppa, MD
Defeats Rhett Titus* and Brandon Scott in a 3-way elimination match.

48.The Bruiser [5]
The Bruiser passed away on 11/16/2020, title awarded posthumously by Kekoa

Title Declared Vacant on the same day

49.Brian Johnson
09/17/2021-Joppa, MD
Won battle royal

50.Ken Dixon
12/302021-Joppa, MD

51.Brian Johnson [2]
09/10/2022-Joppa, MD
Won an 11-man rumble in which Ken Dixon also particiates.

52.Action Andretti
10/15/2022-Joppa, MD

53.Ken Dixon [2]
12/30/2022-Joppa, MD
Defeated Andretti, Robert Locke, and The Mecca in a 4-way match.

54.Robert Locke
02/03/2023-Joppa, MD

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