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May 13, 2007--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Earl Oliver

See the NWA World Heavyweight Title
Vacated 05/14/2007

1.Kurt Angle
06/17/2007-Nashville, TN (Nashville Municipal Auditorium)
Defeated Chris Harris, A.J. Styles, Christian Cage, and Samoa Joe in a "King of the Mountain" match.

2.Sting (Steve Bordon)
10/14/2007-Atlanta, GA
Bound for Glory PPV

3.Kurt Angle [2]
10/16/2007-Orlando, FL
Won on Impact!, aired October 25

4.Samoa Joe (Nuufolau Joel Seanoa)
04/13/2008-Lowell, MA

5.Sting [2]
10/12/2008-Chicago, IL (Sears Center)
TNA Bound for Glory PPV

6.Mick Foley
04/19/2009-Philadelphia, PA
TNA Lockdown PPV (Liacouras Center)

7.Kurt Angle [3]
06/21/2009-Auburn Hills, MI (The Palace of Auburn Hills)
King of the Mountain match

8.A.J. Styles (Allen Jones)
09/20/2009-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
Defeated Kurt Angle, Hernandez, Sting, and Matt Morgan in Five Way match.
TNA No Surrender 2009 PPV

9.Rob Van Dam (Robert Szatkowski)
04/19/2010-Orlando, FL
TNA Impact Broadcast

Title Vacant
Stripped "due to injury" when RVD takes time off.

10.Jeff Hardy
10/10/2010-Daytona Beach, FL
Defeated Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson in a tournament 3-way final.
TNA Bound For Glory PPV

11.Mr. Anderson (Kenneth Anderson)
01/09/2011-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
TNA Genesis PPV

12.Jeff Hardy [2]
02/13/2011-Orlando, FL

13.Sting [3]
02/24/2011-Fayetteville, NC
TNA Impact broadcast taping

14.Mr. Anderson [2]
06/12/2011-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
TNA Slammiversary IX PPV

15.Sting [4]
07/11/2011-Orlando, FL
TNA Impact taping

16.Kurt Angle [5]
08/07/2011-Orlando FL
TNA Hardcore Justice 2011

17.James Storm (James Allen Cox)
10/18/2011-Orlando FL
TNA Impact taping

18.Bobby Roode
10/26/2011-Macon, GA

19.Austin Aries (Daniel Healy Solwold Jr.)
07/08/2012-Orlando, FL
TNA Destination X PPV

20.Jeff Hardy [3]
10/14/2012-Phoenix, AZ (Grand Canyon University)
TNA Bound for Glory PPV

21.Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco)
03/102013-San Antonio, TX

22.Chris Sabin
07/18/2013-Louisville, KY

23.Bully Ray [2]
08/15/2013-Norfolk, VA

24.A.J. Styles [2]
10/20/2013-San Diego, CA
TNA Bound for Glory PPV

Title Vacant
A.J. Syles, stripped due to to "a contract dispute", continued to defend the title outside the United States

25.Magnus (Nick Aldis)
12/03/2013-Orlando, FL
Defeated Jeff Hardy in tournament final
Magnus defeated Styles on 12/05/2013 in Orlando, FL to become the undisputed champion.

26.Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz)
04/10/2014-Orlando, FL
Impact Wrestling broadcast

27.Bobby Lashley (Franklin Roberto Lashley)
06/19/2014-Bethlehem, PA
Impact Wrestling broadcast

28.Bobby Roode [2]
09/18/2014-Bethlehem, PA

29.Bobby Lashley [2]
01/07.2015-New York, NY

30.Kurt Angle [5]
01/31/2015-London, UK

31.Ethan Carter III (Michael Hutter)
06/25/2015-Orlando, FL

32.Matt Hardy
10/04/2015-Concord, NC
Bound for Glory (2015)

Title Vacant
The Title was vacated due to a legal injunction filed by EC3 as part of the storyline.

33.Ethan Carter III [2]
01/05/2016-Bethlehem, PA

34.Matt Hardy [2]
01/08-2016-Bethlehem, PA

35.Drew Galloway
03/15/2016-Orlando, FL
Galloway cashed in his "Feast or Fired" contract.

36.Lashley [3]
06/12/2016-Orlando, FL

37.Eddie Edwards
10/06/2016-Orlando, FL
Lashley was given the choice of who to face and thought he chose the easiest match.

38.Lashley [4]
01/08/2017-Orlando, FL

Promotion rebrands to GFW Impact Wrestling
Alberto El Patron appeared to have defeated Lashley in title match on March 2, 2017. However, the next day (set to air March 16), the championship was returned to Lashley.

39.Alberto El Patron (Jose Alberto Rodriguez)
07/06/2017-Orlando, FL
Unification match for the Impact Wrestling and GFW World Heavyweight Championships
Slammiversary XV

Title Vacant
Alberto el Patron stripped of the title on due to anegative publicity from an altercation with Paige at a Florida airport in July 2017.

40.Eli Drake (Shaun Ricker)
08/172017-Orlando, FL
Won a 20-man gauntlet match.

41.Austin Aries [2]
01/10/2018-Orlando, FL
Aries showed up unannounced and challenged Drake to a title match. Drake attacked Aries and then called for a referee. Aries won the match in under 2 minutes.

42.Pentagon Jr.
04/22/2018-Orlando, FL
This was a triple threat match also involving Fenix.
Redemption PPV

43.Austin Aries [3]
04/26/2018-Orlando, FL

44.Johnny Impact (John Hennigan)
10/14/2018-Astoria, New York
Bound for Glory

45.Brian Cage (Brian Christopher Button)
04/28/2019-Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

45.Sami Callihan (Samuel Johnston)
10/25/2019-Windsor, ON
This was a steel cage match. The episode aired on tape delay on October 29, 2019.

46.Tessa Blanchard
0112/2020-Dallas, TX
Blanchard became the first woman to hold the championship.
Hard to Kill PPV

Title Vacant
Blanchard's contract was terminated before it was set to expire on June 30; she was stripped of the Impact World Championship in the process.

47..Eddie Edwards [2]
07/18/2020-Nashville, TN
This was a Fatal five way elimination match also involving Ace Austin, Trey, Rich Swann, and Eric Young.

48.Eric Young [2]
08/15/2020-Nashville, TN

49.Rich Swann (Richard Allen Swann)
10/24/2020-Nashville, TN
Swann defeated Moose on March 13, 2021 at Sacrifice to unify the title with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, after which the Impact title was renamed the Impact Unified World Championship.

50.Kenny Omega (Tyson Smith)
04/25/2021-Nashville, TN
Winner Takes All match for the Impact World Championship and the AEW World Championship
Impact Rebellion PPV

51.Christian Cage (William Jason Reso)
08/13/2021-Pittsburgh, PN
AEW Rampage (1st Episode)

52.Josh Alexander
10/23/ 2021-Sunrise Manor, NV
Bound for Glory PPV 2021

10/23/ 2021-Sunrise Manor, NV
Moose cashed in his Call Your Shot trophy, which he won earlier in the show.
Bound for Glory PPV 2021

54.Josh Alexander [2]
04/23,2022-Poughkeepsie, NY
Impact Rebellion PPV

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