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October 19, 2001--May 5, 2003

Compiled by Richard Palma

1."Road Dogg" Jesse James {Brian James}*
10/19/2001-Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the first champion.

Title Vacant
Title vacated prior to New South Wales show to make it available for a tournament
*Note: There is some dispute regarding who was the first champion. Several reporters at the time claimed that Brian James won the title initially in matches with Jeff Jarrett on more than one occasion only to have the wins voided before first WWA PPV on October 26, 2001. Besides the October 19 card listed above, there is evidence of an October 23 event with a similar outcome.

2.Jeff Jarrett
10/26/2001-Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Defeated Jesse James at the end of a 7 Deadly Sins Tournament

3.Nathan Jones
04/07/2002-Sydney, AUSTRALIA (Sydney Entertainment Centre)
Defeated Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner (Scott Reichsteiner)and Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher) in a Four Way Dance.

4.Scott Steiner
04/12/2002-Melborne, Australia
WWA Eruption PPV

Scott Steiner signs with WWE.

5.Lex Luger (Larry Pfohl)
12/06/2002-Glasgow, Scotland, UK (WWAS Retribution PPV)
Defeats Sting to win vacant title
Jeff Jarrett hit Sting with his guitar twice to give the win to Luger

6.Sting (Steve Borden)
12/13/2002-Zurich, Switzerland
Defeated Lex Luger and Malice {Jerry Tuite} in a 3 way dance

7.Jeff Jarrett [2]
05/25/2003-Auckland, NEW ZEALAND (North Shore Events Centre)
WWAS The Reckoning PPV
This match unified the WWAS World Title with the NWA World Heavyweight Title

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