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December 20, 1997--Present

Compiled by Eric Shaffer, Ben Ziek, John Lazarsky, Mark Clemson and Sam Cesare

1.Bam Bam Bigelow
Listed as Top Rope Heavyweight Champion in World Star Wrestling Federation magazines.

2.Hungarian Barbarian
Identified as newly crowned WSWF World Heavyweight Champion, possibly having beaten The Mad Russian

3.Jak Molsonn
01/10/98 Freeland, PA

4.Jake Molsonn
04/09/98-Hazleton, PA
Wins Weapons match.

5.John Rambo
08/27/98-Harrisburg, PA
Won a Ladder match

Between the 11/7/98 and 11/28/98 shows, WSWF became World Xtreme Wrestling

Rambo is stripped of title after failing to defend in 30-day period.

Defeats Mad Russian in a Top Contenders match to win vacant title.

7.Hungarian Barbarian
09/18/99-Hazleton, PA

8.Jake Daniels (formerly Molsonn) [2]
10/06/99-Hazleton, PA

9.Jak Molsonn [2]
10/30/99-Hazleton, PA
Defeats Oxx Hogg (substituting for Jake Daniels) and Hungarian Barbarian in a Three Way match.

10.Chicago Heat
01/04/2000-Plymouth, PA

10.Jak Molsonn [3]
01/22/2000-Hazleton, PA

02/19/2000-Hazleton, PA
Defeats Jak Molsonn, Inferno Kid & L.A. Smooth in a Four Way Ladder match.

13."Showtime" Shane Black
06/02/2000-Hazleton, PA
Unifies WXW World Heavyweight Title and WXW Cruiserweight Title.
Titles are held up after reviewing controversial ending. Showtime is recognized as a former champion

14.Sugaa [2]
06/03/2000-Allentown, PA
Defeats "Showtime" Shane Black to win held-up unified titles.
Sugaa remains WXW World Heavyweight Champion but relinquishes the WXW Cruiserweight Title due to exceeding weight limit, 07/06/2000.

15.Salvatore Bellomo
09/16/2000-Hazleton, PA
Defeats Sugaa & Hungarian Barbarian in a Three Way match.

16.Samu [2]
01/09/2001-Allentown, PA

17.Dylan Dean
05/27/2001-Allentown, PA (Days Inn Conference Center)

18.Metal Maniac
06/17/2001-Allentown, PA *Dylan Dean hands the title to Metal Maniac.

19.Samu [3]
06/17/2001-Allentown, PA (Days Inn Conference Center)

Title Vacant
10/21/2001-Allentown, PA (Live WXW TV Taping)
Commissioner Lotto Money stripped Samu of the WXW Heavyweight Title, stating that his reason of stripping the title from Samu is that he pinned the Metal Maniac to win the title, but Maniac was NOT the champion, Dylan Dean was. So with that, Dylan Dean was given the title back.

20.Samu [4]
10/21/2001-Allentown, PA

21.Sugaa [3]
03/02/2002-Hazleton, PA
Fans bring the weapons match

23."Samoan Storm" Afa, Jr.
06/22/2002-Hazleton, PA

07/11/2003-Allentown, PA
Afa, Jr. vacates the title due to the fact he is going to college.

24.Billy Dream
07/11/2003-Allentown, PA
Won battle royal, eliminating Manu to win vacant title.

25.Gene Snisky
10/19/2003-Sciota, PA
Wins Last Man Standing match

26.Mana the Polynesian Warrior
03/28/2004-Mountainville, PA

27.Rapid Fire Maldonado
05/29/2004-Sciota, PA

28.Mana the Polynesian Warrior [2]
07/09/2004-Allentown, PA
WXW SportsFest 2004

29.Sinister X
10/29/2004-Sciota, PA
Defeats Mana and LA Smooth in a Three Way match.

30.Jeff "The Future" Coleman
11/26/2004-Sciota, PA

31.Rockin Rebel
05/29/2005-Bushkill, PA
Defeated Bison Bravado for title

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