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January 2, 1988--1990

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will

1.Gary Young and Max Pain (Daryl Peterson)
02/01/88-Memphis, TN
Defeat Manny Fernandez and Jeff Jarrett in tournament final.

2.Bruise Brothers (Ron Harris and Don Harris)
02/29/88-Memphis, TN

3.Gary Young and Max Pain [2]
03/07/88-Memphis, TN

4.Bruise Brothers [2]
03/28/88-Memphis, TN

5.Cuban Choir Boys
05/02/88-Memphis, TN

6.Scott Steiner and Bill Travis
05/29/88-Memphis, TN

7.Gary Young and Don Bass
06/06/88-Memphis, TN

8.Scott Steiner and Bill Travis [2]
06/27/88-Memphis, TN

9.RPMs (Mike Davis and Tommy Lane)
08/15/88-Memphis, TN

Title Vacant
10/20/88-Lewisburg, TN.
After a match against Bill Dundee and Todd Morton

10.Gary Young and Cactus Jack Foley
10/23/88-Memphis, TN
Defeat Bill Dundee and Todd Morton.

11.Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden
11/07/88-Memphis, TN

12.Scott Steiner and Jed Grundy
02/18/89-Memphis, TN

13.Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden [2]
02/25/89-Memphis, TN
Vacant in
03 when Golden quits.

14.Tracy Smothers and John Paul
03/13/89-Memphis, TN
Defeat Robert Fuller and Perry Jackson.

15.Robert Fuller and Brian Lee
05/04/89-Morristown, KY

16.Billy Travis and Action Jackson
06/05/89-Memphis, TN

Title Held-Up
07/03/89-Memphis, TN.
After a match with Wildside

17.Wildside (Chris Champion and Mark Starr)
07/10/89-Memphis, TN
Defeat Travis and Jackson in rematch.

18.Rock'n'Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)
09/11/89-Memphis, TN
Title Vacant
Gibson leaves the promotion.

19.Ricky Morton and Todd Morton
12/04/89-Memphis, TN
Win 4-team tournament

Title abandoned and replaced with USWA World Tag Team Title in 1990.

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