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Classic Wrestling Images from World Class Championship Wrestling

World Class Championship Wrestling was a Dallas, Texas based independent promotion (affiliated with the NWA) started by Fritz Von Eric (Jack Addkisson) in 1966 and run by him until the promotion folded in 1989. Many wrestling fans would maintain that the WCCW, with its wild six-man tag matches and devastating feuds, was the ECW of its day.

Here are some WCCW stills from my wrestling tapes of the early 1980's to the present along with other vintage photos The images are presented one at a time to speed loading. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page after each viewing. Enjoy.

The original "Bam Bam" Terry Gordy was one of the founding members of the Fabuelous Freebirds with Michael "PS" Hayes and Buddy Roberts. The Oriental Spike, (put on Kerry Von Eric in this scene from World Class Championship Wrestling) was one of his favorite finishers.

Here is a very young Jake "the Snake" Roberts taking the measure of his opponent, Mike Gallagher in this shot from WCCW.

One of the great Native American stars, "Chief" Jules Strongbow was a member of the famous wrestling family. Here he lays a double chop on "Wild Bill" Irwin.

Nowadays we see"Rock & Roll" Buck Zumholf jobbing in the WWF. He was a superstar during the mid-eighties in the WCCW promotion. Here he grounds Bill Irwin in a headlock as "Wild Bill's" brother Scott "Hogg" Irwin looks on in the background.

The One Man Gang and Bruiser Brody were two of the biggest men in the sport. Brody has passed on but The Gang still wrestles, currently in WCW. Here he is taking on the late Kerry Von Eric in a World Class match.

"Iceman" King Parson was one of the most popular atheletes in the World Class area when this match took place. Later he turned heel and had a legendary feud with the Von Erics.

"Maniac" Mark Lewin was a star in several leagues. Here he takes on the "Iceman" in a World Class match.

The Missing Link (real name Dewey Robertson) was truely bizarre. His signature move was a headbutt which he guided to the target by grasping his hairy topknot!

"Wild Bill" Irwin, was one half of the Irwin Brothers with his real life sibling HREF="irwins.jpg">Scott "Hogg" (seen here in the WCCW). They were known as "the Longriders" in the AWA and pretty much invented the idea of "biker" wrestlers later used by the Road Warriors and Hulk Hogan. Bill irwin now appears in the WWF as "the Goon". Scott is deceased.

Here is a rare shot of "The Heartbreak Kid" with his fellow Texan, the late Kerry Von Eric. (This shot courtesy of R.S.P.W.'s LetitBe.)

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